Mise-en-Scène Celebrates its Third Anniversary

Mise-en-Scène, a peer-reviewed film studies journal founded and edited by Kwantlen Polytechnic University English instructor Greg Chan, has been publishing bi-annually for three years now. Since its conception in 2015 and the release of its first issue in 2016, Mise-en-Scène has engaged film buffs from all over the globe, accepting contributions from as far-ranged places... Continue Reading

Slamapalooza Crowns 2019 Champion, Assembles Team for National Festival

Note: The author of this article, Chelsea Franz—also known as Franz the Poet—is the new Slamapalooza Slam Master, and will be coaching the team throughout the upcoming year. KPU’s monthly poetry slam, Slamapalooza, held its final competitive slam of the 2018-19 year in the Surrey Conference Centre on May 15. The winner of the slam,... Continue Reading

KPU Takes First and Second Place in International Beer School Championship

Although there may be nothing quite as satisfying as cracking open a cold one with the boys, winning an international championship with the boys might come as a close second. Despite being the newest program in the competition, the KPU Brewing and Brewery Operations program took home two gold medals and a silver out of... Continue Reading

Verses Festival of Words Invites Poetry Lovers to Experience the Boundlessness of Storytelling

Verses Festival of Words is an annual poetry festival that just completed its ninth year celebrating Canada’s slam poetry scene. The 10-day event ran from April 25 to May 4 and was held in multiple locations in Vancouver, mainly along Commercial Drive. The festival kicked off with Hullabaloo, the youth poetry slam. Teams from all... Continue Reading

Creative Writing Guild’s Filipinx Poetry Night Features Talent from KPU and Beyond

As host Tawahum Bige pointed out at the beginning of the night, literary events are often dominated by white writers. There will occasionally be a few token BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) writers added to the lineup, but even then, they can end up burdened by the weight of representation. Rather than lumping all... Continue Reading

LitFest 2019 Features a Performance Workshop Hosted By KPU Students

As part of Litfest New West—an annual festival that brings together readers, writers, and community members from New Westminster and the surrounding area—a literary performance workshop called “You’re A Performer, But Also A Writer!” is being hosted by KPU students Chelsea Franz and Tawahum Bige. On Saturday, April 27, in Room 411 of Downtown New... Continue Reading

Guest Artist Spotlight: MOSAIKNIGHTS

MOSAIKNIGHTS is a rap group that crashed and burned at one of the greasiest underground venues in Vancouver. They were fresh off of their first show when Exy Terry, a member of the group, decided to act as his own promoter for their next performance. It was their second show, at the 333, when MOSAIKNIGHTS... Continue Reading

STICKY: A Post-It Note Art Show Makes Fine Art Accessible

STICKY: A Post-It Note Art Show was a free event in East Van that offered three-by-three-inch works of art at the accessible price of $20 a pop. Hosted by Hot Art Wet City on March 30, the night was inspired by a much larger event held at Giant Robot in Los Angeles, and the love... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Gaming Guild Hosts Sixth Annual Multiplayer Madness Event

The Kwantlen Gaming Guild’s sixth annual Multiplayer Madness lived up to the hype of previous events in the series by offering students a nostalgic trip through the games they grew up playing. All throughout the day on March 26 they poured in and out of the Cedar Conference Centre on KPU’s Surrey campus to challenge... Continue Reading

KPU hosts Fifth Annual Symposium on Cyber Security and Digital Forensics

For the fifth year in a row, Kwantlen Polytechnic University hosted the Symposium on Cyber Security and Digital Forensics with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Vancouver. Considering that nearly everyone has experienced data breaches, even with impacts as small as needing to reset their password, it’s hardly a surprise that such an event... Continue Reading

Study Finds that People Attracted to DILFs Seek Emotional Stability in Partners

The archetypal “Dad I’d Like to Fuck” might show up in searches on websites like PornHub and xHamster, but real, academic research into why DILFS have become a contemporary phenomenon is hard to find. The ORGASM Research Lab in the department of Psychology at Kwantlen Polytechnic University set out to fix this by creating a... Continue Reading

Unlearning Anti-Blackness Workshop Helps Allies Learn and Self-Criticize

A workshop focusing on Black history in Canada was led by best friend activist duo Cicely Blain and Ivan Leonce on March 28. Blain, founder of Black Lives Matter Vancouver, worked with Leonce to create a space conducive to honest conversation about the Black experience in both past and present-day Canada. The workshop, which took... Continue Reading

Documentary The Shadow of Gold Exposes How the New Wave of “Gold Fever” Affects Us All

With glasses of wine and bags of popcorn in hand, the audience in the Vancouver International Film Centre on March 11 were prepared to watch The Shadow of Gold, a documentary by Denis Delestrac, Robert Lang, and Sally Blake. The Shadow of Gold takes an intimate look into the impact of gold mining across the... Continue Reading

KPU Teams with SANSAD to Host Event Challenging Toxic Masculinity

In collaboration with the South Asian Network of Secularism and Democracy (SANSAD), KPU hosted an event on March 15 called “Challenging Toxic Masculinities: A dialogue to discuss socio-cultural representations of gender.” “It was raised in one of our [SANSAD] meetings that this is an issue that concerns young people, so last year we had organized... Continue Reading

“I Am a Tandoori Chicken, Swallow Me With a Glass of Alcohol” Addresses Bollywood’s Objectification of Women

Trigger warning: This article mentions physical and sexual violence against women. Bollywood is a massive industry. With over 300 films produced every year, there is little wonder that the industry is hugely successful in cinema. However, for all its glitz and glamour, there lies a dark underbelly to Bollywood’s history and success; one that comes... Continue Reading