Top ten most memorable mustaches

Whether you call it a soup strainer, trash stash, crumb catcher, push broom or nose bug, for centuries the moustache has been a badge of honor for many a manly man.... Continue Reading

Fire blurs lines between reality and fiction

The fictional novel written by Mima follows a band called Fire as they set out to make a name for themselves in the music industry.... Continue Reading

Artwork by Antonio Su

... Continue Reading

Classic cartoon character goes 3D

Hanna Barbera’s classic cartoon character Yogi bear, along with his loyal pal Boo Boo, will star in a 3D film produced by Warner Bros.... Continue Reading

Efron to play leading man

By Hayley Woodin [entertainment bureau chief] Zac Efron will star in a new romantic drama called “The Lucky One.” The teenage heartthrob will play the role of U.S. Marine Sergeant Logan Thibault, acting alongside Blythe Danner (“Meet the Parents,” “Meet the Fockers”) and Taylor Schilling in the screenplay based on the bestselling Nicholas Sparks novel... Continue Reading

Humanity Revisited

“Hey, Jane, can I ask you a question?” Kris asked. Jane offered a non-committal nod over her shoulder, her boots crunching the odd plant-like things underfoot. “What do you think of those things we discovered a few weeks ago?” he ventured. Jane shrugged and sneered at some dead thing.... Continue Reading

Exploring the worlds aquarium

For many people, sitting beside a pool drinking two-for-one margaritas and wearing a straw Corona hat is a completely satisfying vacation experience. For others ––like myself–– pool-hugging is nice for a day or two, but a week of it will induce hallucinations.... Continue Reading

Vanishing British Columbia: Port Douglas

The bow of the boat cut into the oncoming waves, smashing hard against them in the late August sunlight. Aboard my fathers boat, I made the two hour boat trip to the ghost town of Port Douglas at the northern tip of Harrison Lake.... Continue Reading

She and Him... and the rest of Vancouver

Zooey Deschanel may have yet to become a household name, but in some indie circles she is widely recognized as the spritely young triple-threat that sings lead vocals for the indie band, She and Him.... Continue Reading

Groat in the sack

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a few years. We have great sex and are very open with each other–but after years of role-playing, shower sex, dirty talking among other things that shall go nameless, we’re ready for a new challenge.... Continue Reading

The Hobbit set to soar in digital 3-D

As a new addition to the fantasy franchise, J. R. R. Tolkien’s novel “The Hobbit” will begin its long journey to the big screen, with filming to begin early next year. The prequel to the highly popular “Lord of the Rings” trilogy will be shown in two movies, but shot back-to-back beginning February 2011.... Continue Reading

Oderus from GWAR reawakens teen

Remember those things that you did as a teenage for the sake of pure rebellion? The water bottles filled with vodka or rolling the car out of the driveway in neutral so your parents wouldn’t wake up? Well, mine was listening to metal. And the pinnacle of my teenage angst was my love of hardcore shock-rockers, Gwar. ... Continue Reading

Synthetic Gods

started life as a time saving mechanism. Basically it was my duty to handle all of the immense calculations required to run a stellar empire. It’s funny, I guess; once you expand a species beyond the limits of their home system, the resources, censuses and factors even the most brilliant of organic minds couldn’t conceive become matters of mathematics too difficult for such minds to comprehend.... Continue Reading

Shifting Ice: Chapter 15

Vintis was the first home that night. It charged up the feeding lights as it cut fresh fruit, setting the table as it waited for Klezyp to return. It examined its credit coin as it sat and waited; it reported that the Pyryx had paid it overtime for its entire shift that day. Vintis sighed and ran the coin over the table’s reader, authorizing the extra funds for a local charity.... Continue Reading

Pumpkin Carving: Universally Fun

Recently international and exchange students at Kwantlen got to enjoy a unique taste of Canadian culture; the chance to carve pumpkins for Halloween.... Continue Reading