"Dis-con-nect" by Roxanne Charles

Surreyalists launch the Psychologically There exhibition in Gastown

The Surreyalists prove medium-bending but undeniable talent.... Continue Reading

Latincouver branches into the city's mainstream

The Latin culture in Vancouver no is longer restricted to frozen taquitos.... Continue Reading
Dropkick Murphys vocalist Al Barr may have got spat on at the Commodore Ballroom on Saturday night, but that was about all the insulted Vancouverites could muster up the energy for. Photo by Mitch Thompson.

Dropkick Murphys serve Vancouverites some verbal abuse

If the combination of beer, sweat, angry punk-rock and verbal abuse don’t get you riled up, nothing will. ... Continue Reading
The Dominican Republic is filled with luscious fruit, bright blue skies and the most beautiful beaches. Photo by Katrina Pederson.

Eat, drink and shop in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a great place for cuisine and relaxation.... Continue Reading

Vinyl Dust-off: Budgie's In For The Kill

Lliam Easterbrook brings you his latest finds from excursions into ancient record bins.... Continue Reading
Kari Michaels is one of the three founders of WOOW, and a prominent female figure at Kwantlen and in the KSA.Photo by Kyle Benning

WOOW poised to smash glass ceilings

Kwantlen students found the Women Organizing Opportunities for Women club to battle sexism.... Continue Reading

Prostitution and the F-Word

Three Kwantlen instructors and Dr. Leslie Ann Jeffrey – author of Sex Workers in the Maritimes Talk Back – sound off on the sex-trade, women’s rights and what it means to be a feminist.... Continue Reading
A denim shirt over a cute summer dress is a quick fashion fox when heading to the beach. Photo by Rachelle Nienkaemper.

Denim is back and blue

Denim’s back in style, from shirts to purses.... Continue Reading

X-Men First Class is in

X-Men receives a B+ for its relatable stories and strong cast.... Continue Reading

Guatemala never ceases to impress

Guatemala’s rich culture, history and natural beauty exceed the country’s reputation.... Continue Reading

Pirates return with no flounders

Writer Mike Shames gives Stranger Tides an A+ in a review of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean flick.... Continue Reading

How to Live a Life Without Love

An original poem by Connor Doyle.... Continue Reading

Vinyl Dust-Off: The Cave Singers’ No Witch

This week’s Vinyl Dust-Off features The Cave Singers’ latest album, No Witch.... Continue Reading


An original short-story by Jared Vaillancourt... Continue Reading

Kwantlen's got talent: Anthropology of Love

Anthropology of Love wants to add a bus-load of gypsies to its lineup.... Continue Reading