Star Wars Episodes I-III: concentrated trash

By Jeff Groat [Entertainment Bureau Chief] In May, 1977, moviegoers were stunned with the release of George Lucas’ Star Wars and its beautiful characters, music, and storytelling, not to mention its special effects.  Years later, we would all find out that the first release of the series, Star Wars (later named Star Wars: A New... Continue Reading

Why Star Wars appeals to everyone

By Christopher Poon [Media Editor] For more than 30 years the Star Wars saga has been entertaining people all over the world. From the badass lightsaber fights to little fuzzy Ewoks to princesses in golden bikinis, Star Wars has something for everyone. Have you ever cheered as loudly as when Luke put some serious hurt... Continue Reading

What’s a Puscifer?

By Jeff Groat [Entertainment Bureau Chief] Puscifer, the latest project from Tool and A Perfect Circle front-man, Maynard James Keenan, hit Vancouver on Nov. 13. Puscifer is another one of Maynard’s multi-sided, impossible to categorize and extremely articulate projects—although it’s as far from Tool as you can possibly get. Maynard has described the project as... Continue Reading

Swollen Members' second-time success

By Luis Valdizon Nov 12, 2009. Swollen Members are performing in their hometown for the first time in months. You can almost taste the crowd’s anticipation in every breath taken inside the packed venue. The chants grow violently from young throats awaiting their idols. It’s time. Swollen Members are back, ready for war, and armed... Continue Reading

Seducing the ladies

This is Jeff Groat. He’s the Runner’s sex columnist. He has only one qualification for the job: his last name sounds like a dirty word. That’s good enough for us. ... Continue Reading

From Hell they came, Vancouver they rocked: The Misfits play Venue

By Melissa Frustaci As a long-time Misfits fan, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see such a legendary American horror-punk band play a live concert in my own backyard. The Misfits played a sold-out show at Venue, formerly the Plaza Club, on Nov. 10, to promote their new album, Land of the Dead. I had... Continue Reading

Some profs have students costs in mind

In recent interviews with several instructors across a number of faculties, The Runner learned the method behind textbook choices. ... Continue Reading

The Chase: Richmond band making it

By Matthew Van Deventer [Contributor] I would say the Chase is the greatest thing to come out of Steveston since Pajo’s fish and chips and multi-coloured fish windsocks. This five man band has come a long way from the days of playing for friends in backyards but The Chase is still on the boarder of... Continue Reading

Music Piracy: from Napster to bittorrents

By Christopher Poon [Media Editor] In this day and age, music piracy is as commonplace as student debt. Perhaps the two even have something to do with each other. Regardless, don’t pretend like you haven’t done it before. Hell, you’re probably doing it right now. Digital music is the the latest format to grace the... Continue Reading

Mind your manners

How to enjoy a casual concert and not look like a complete loser... Continue Reading

Vancouver musicians livening up Canadian music

Art of Dying, Incura and Marianas Trench discuss local music and getting started.... Continue Reading

Music piracy: Hurting creativity

By Adam Vincent [Creative Writing Bureau Chief] Music piracy takes money from all bands/ artists and can hurt up and coming bands. Downloading takes money out of the nearly empty pockets of up and coming bands.  It prevents many bands from being able to actively tour and put out new music. Independent bands put their... Continue Reading

Music makes the world go round

By Anastasia Kirk [Travel Bureau Chief] Music is not particular to any one country or culture. It crosses borders that sometimes human beings can’t even cross. It is the one true international connection between us all. It is something that is appreciated and held with high regard everywhere in the world, and nothing shows people’s... Continue Reading

Countless ounces to freedom

Five thousand km; $2,000; 1,500 cigarettes, 300 beers; 40 ounces to freedom; 20 tacos; eight tanks of gas; seven days; six states; five people; four decades; three shots of Tequila; two in the morning; two at night; two or more in the afternoon and one epic concert that would make us feel alright. The journey was long. The sun was hot. Our mouths were dry. The destination was Sublime.... Continue Reading

Fans found what they were looking for in U2

U2 rolled into Vancouver on Oct. 28 and performed for a sold-out crowd at BC Place Stadium. It was the biggest concert event of the year in the city. Having sold more than 145 million albums worldwide and winning 22 Grammy Awards, U2 ranks with the giants of rock and roll, and despite some unevenness throughout the performance, those who attended the concert did not leave disappointed.... Continue Reading