Music Piracy: from Napster to bittorrents

By Christopher Poon [Media Editor] In this day and age, music piracy is as commonplace as student debt. Perhaps the two even have something to do with each other. Regardless, don’t pretend like you haven’t done it before. Hell, you’re probably doing it right now. Digital music is the the latest format to grace the... Continue Reading

Mind your manners

How to enjoy a casual concert and not look like a complete loser... Continue Reading

Vancouver musicians livening up Canadian music

Art of Dying, Incura and Marianas Trench discuss local music and getting started.... Continue Reading

Music piracy: Hurting creativity

By Adam Vincent [Creative Writing Bureau Chief] Music piracy takes money from all bands/ artists and can hurt up and coming bands. Downloading takes money out of the nearly empty pockets of up and coming bands.  It prevents many bands from being able to actively tour and put out new music. Independent bands put their... Continue Reading

Music makes the world go round

By Anastasia Kirk [Travel Bureau Chief] Music is not particular to any one country or culture. It crosses borders that sometimes human beings can’t even cross. It is the one true international connection between us all. It is something that is appreciated and held with high regard everywhere in the world, and nothing shows people’s... Continue Reading

Countless ounces to freedom

Five thousand km; $2,000; 1,500 cigarettes, 300 beers; 40 ounces to freedom; 20 tacos; eight tanks of gas; seven days; six states; five people; four decades; three shots of Tequila; two in the morning; two at night; two or more in the afternoon and one epic concert that would make us feel alright. The journey was long. The sun was hot. Our mouths were dry. The destination was Sublime.... Continue Reading

Fans found what they were looking for in U2

U2 rolled into Vancouver on Oct. 28 and performed for a sold-out crowd at BC Place Stadium. It was the biggest concert event of the year in the city. Having sold more than 145 million albums worldwide and winning 22 Grammy Awards, U2 ranks with the giants of rock and roll, and despite some unevenness throughout the performance, those who attended the concert did not leave disappointed.... Continue Reading

90s Tunes

Music from the 90’s is a strange beast. There are a few major movements worth mentioning, some more than others, some less than others. What follows is a list of a few of the bigger scenes in the 90’s, and like anything in music, the list is completely debatable.... Continue Reading

90s Movies

Perhaps you remember them, or maybe you’ve erased them permanently from your thoughts. Either way, let’s take a trip down memory lane and recall the top ten most disturbing animated childhood movies:... Continue Reading