Radio Free Kwantlen is Still a Possibility

Kimberley McMartin is spearheading the push for a radio program at KPU Alyssa Laube, Associate Editor University radio is a beacon of student life on many campuses across the province, but so far in its history, KPU has not produced a program of its own. The idea of Radio Free Kwantlen was approved by the... Continue Reading

Holi Fest Brings Colour to KPU

The Hindu spring festival was celebrated on the Surrey campus Alyssa Laube, Associate Editor Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colors, is a celebration of new life, love, fertility, and joy. Every year, it occurs on the last full moon of the Hindu lunar month of Phalguna, falling on the 13th and 14th of March in... Continue Reading

Artist Spotlight: Jai Fajardo

Recovery through electronic sound Alyssa Laube, Associate Editor Jai Fajardo was born into the electronic music scene. Her parents met in a club her father owned, where her mother was working as a dancer and her uncle performed as a DJ. That club was still bustling while Fajardo was growing up, and she carried the... Continue Reading

Crim Department Hosts Conference to Break Silence on PTSD

Former 911 operator and KPU alumnus Rae-Lynn Dicks no longer suffers in silence Neil Bassan, Contributor Having been diagnosed with chronic post-traumatic stress disorder in 2002, Former 911 operator and KPU alumnus Rae-Lynn Dicks was invited to speak at the Connections in First Responder Mental Health conference on Feb. 23 and 24. The symposium was... Continue Reading

Student Groups Report Issues With Room Bookings

Events have had to be canceled or postponed due to higher frequency requests Alyssa Laube, Associate Editor Booking space has been difficult for KPU community members lately. Several events have either been postponed or cancelled due to complications with reserving rooms, and the Kwantlen Gaming Guild, Women Organizing Opportunities for Women, and KPU’s Creative Writing... Continue Reading

Jillian Christmas Performs on the Surrey Campus

Slam poet returns to KPU with verse and song Calvin Borghardt, Contributor KPU welcomed accomplished slam poet Jillian Christmas to the Surrey campus on Feb. 23, when she performed a blend of poetry and music. Christmas has earned numerous Poetry Slam Championship titles in Vancouver and has represented the city at the Women of the... Continue Reading

KSA Holds Panel to Address Violence Against Environmentalists

How do we protect the protectors of the environment? Joseph Keller, Web Editor The Kwantlen Students Association invited a panel of experts to discuss the worldwide issue of violence perpetrated against those fighting to protect the health of our planet. Environmentalists have been targeted all over the world because they threaten exiting power structures and... Continue Reading

KPU Langley Hosts Fraser Valley Guitar Festival

Performers include international musicians and KPU graduates Keely Rammage-Scott The 20th annual Fraser Valley Acoustic Guitar Festival, which is the largest festival of its kind in Canada, was hosted on KPU’s Langley campus on Feb. 25. The event’s feature performance showcased three different finger-style guitar players, American headliner Michael Chapdelaine, Israeli world music guitarist Itamar... Continue Reading

Surrey Museum Hosts Exhibit of Disney Memorabilia

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s Off to the Museum We Go! Kyrsten Downton, Contributor Walt Disney once said, “Money doesn’t excite me. Ideas excite me.” Disney’s drive to discover and create was one of the many reasons why he became a leading visionary in the film industry. Now, The Walt Disney Company is one of... Continue Reading

Trades Jobs On A Path To A Sustainable Future

Iron & Earth create platform to engage in renewable energy development issues Calvin Borghardt, Contributor The KPU Tech campus welcomed Lliam Hildebrand, the Founding Director of Iron & Earth, on Feb. 8 to speak to trades students about applying their skills to the renewable energy sector. A boilermaker by trade, Hildebrand chose to dedicate his... Continue Reading

KDocs Is About More Than Watching Movies

KPU’s documentary film fest exposes the community to important ideas and starts a conversation Neil Bassan, Contributor “Discussion is just as important as the film,” says Janice Morris, KDocs founder and festival director. She explains that rectifying the “dumbing-down of society through the power of images, moving images, and discussion with people you might not... Continue Reading

Department of Language and Cultures Hosts Mother Language Day Celebration

Performers showcase their native tongues at Bear Creek Park Pavilion. Joseph Keller, Web Editor In honor of International Mother Language Day, KPU’s Department of Language and Cultures put together a showcase of music and poetry featuring performers from all five of the department’s represented languages. The event was held at the pavilion at Bear Creek... Continue Reading

KPIRG Teams with Organizing for People Power

Community-based organization comes to KPU to ask “You down with OPP?” Alyssa Laube, Associate Editor “It’s an organization that is aimed at uniting sections of our society that are very disempowered, to find their strength and unity together, and demand fundamental changes to this society, starting locally in Newton,” says Tom Warren, about Organizing for... Continue Reading

KPU Students Look to Help Save the Bees Both In and Out of the Classroom

Solitary beehives will soon be buzzing on-campus In response to predictions that bees may face extinction due to a phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder, the KSA Special Committee of Environmental Sustainability is working to create beehives on KPU’s Surrey campus. Unlike most bees, however, the ones in these hives will prefer a little privacy.... Continue Reading

What’s KPU Reading? This Year It’s The Parcel

KPU reading series turns to Anosh Irani’s story of transgender sex work For its second year, KPU Reads has brought the community at Kwantlen Polytechnic University together to read an engrossing novel. While last year’s readers were united by Aislinn Hunter’s The World Before Us, which was set in London, this year they travel across... Continue Reading