Shifting Ice: Alas, Poor Jaxal...

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Shifting Ice: Secret Tensions

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Shifting Ice: Kapilo At Midnight

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Shifting Ice: Dark Premonitions

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Shifting Ice: Black Dawn

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In the mind of a speed dater

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The best things in life are free and entertaining

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Happy Birthday to us!

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Little Boots has big shoes to fill thanks to media pressure

Victoria Hesketh, better known as the English electro-pop sensation Little Boots, has been listening to a lot of ABBA lately. She says that’s what’s on her iPod right now. It’s not hard to discern where inspiration for her upbeat dance-synth style comes from. In a sense, she writes what she listens to. But when asked if she listens to her own music, she gave a resounding “no.”... Continue Reading

Sex through the ages: Genghis Khan to Ron Jeremy

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You’d be suprised what floats people’s boats

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So many dates, just enough time

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Good vibrations: Sex toys for the ladies

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Dear Steve: In response to the launch of the iPad

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Facebook is no longer in a relationship: Jeff Groat likes this

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