From the Editors: Mental health must be taken as seriously as physical health

Could you imagine if you told one of your friends that you had a broken leg, and they told you that the problem was all in your head? While most people know that bandages are good for cuts, most people probably don’t know what the appropriate measure would be for those who’re experiencing short term... Continue Reading

Editorial: Meet Your New School, Same as the Old School

From the Editors As with all universities, your experience will be what you make of it. When I first came to Kwantlen Polytechnic University in 2012, I would do nothing but simply show up for class, take notes, and leave. I wasn’t making many friends, nor did I feel a strong connection to the school.... Continue Reading

From the Editors: News

It’s better than you think Lately the news appears to be much more depressing than usual. Shootings in the U.S. are constantly being reported, Turkey almost had a military junta, and there was another massacre in France. It would appear at first glance that the world is getting worse. I’m not the only one who’s... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Democracy

Democracy hurts, sometimes In most democracies, we elect politicians to make tough decisions on our behalf. Said politicians are—hopefully—elected due to them being of sound mind, and hold an ideology that matches that of the people who elect them. These people are paid a high sum to speak to their constituents and conduct research to... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Media

New media should be viewed as critically as old media For some time, I have been advised to take a closer look at Buzzfeed for their news content. Putting my biases out in the open, I’ve had a very hard time taking them seriously, and scoffing in The Runner office when I’m advised to look... Continue Reading

From the Editors: Parliament

A parliament of assholes I follow CBC Politics on Twitter. I don’t just get the headlines, I also get real-time updates about Question Period, often typed quickly and full of Twitter shortenings. I sometimes think about turning it off, because for the last month I kept reading about how the Conservatives have been grilling the... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Forming Opinions

There’s always more beneath the surface When I was in high school, my father would constantly give me trouble about my then-shitty opinions. “Tristan, don’t form opinions when you have less than one per cent of the information,” he’d say. This was something I heard every few days, and to this day my dad occasionally... Continue Reading

From the Editors: 2016 KSA Election

Another election, another middling turnout One more Kwantlen Student Association election has come and gone, and we find ourselves, barring only two people, with a completely refreshed council. Alex McGowan, currently vice-president external, has returned for his third year as an arts representative, and Tanvir Singh returns as Surrey representative from his previous position as... Continue Reading

From the Editors

In response to: “Refugees: At Home and Abroad” Let’s just get this out of the way: the homeless situation in Canada isn’t the same as what refugees are experiencing. Any inference that the experience of Canada’s homeless is somehow analogous with that of Syrian refugees is a simplification and strikes me as deeply problematic. Complex... Continue Reading

From the Editor: The Saudi arms deal

The Saudi arms deal—it’s much more complicated than that Along with financial and media literacy, I’m inclined to believe that international politics should be taught in high schools, especially when looking at the reactions to the Saudi-Canadian arms deal. It’s no secret that Saudi Arabia has a horrible human rights record, ranging from not allowing... Continue Reading
Geoffrey Nilson / The Runner

From the Editors: The Election

Finally… it is done It’s been a wild ride, friends. Given the way our production schedule works, you’ll be reading this after the election, knowing who won. But one thing that even I know, in my pre-results position writing this, is that this election was a weird one. While 2011 was the first election I... Continue Reading
Danielle George / The Runner

From the Editors: Please Vote

Where did I put that? Oh. Oct. 19 is voting day, and like many others on your Facebook feed, I am going to ask that you vote. I actually feel pretty patriotic when I go to the polls. Getting to change your government is something that many people immigrate to Canada for. In fact I... Continue Reading
John Lehmann / The Globe and Mail

From the Editor: The Economy Debate

No clear winner in recent economy debate While watching the Maclean’s debate last month, I thought that our politicians were incapable of letting each other speak. Watching the Globe and Mail debate two weeks ago, I thought that they bickered even more, and I could feel second-hand stress from David Walmsley. I think that a... Continue Reading

From the Editor

The Refugee Crisis in Europe and the Levant Why are so many Syrians and other refugees dying as they make their way to Europe? A plane ticket from Lebanon to London costs around $600 Canadian, which you might think is too expensive for them, but refugees and migrants that cross the Mediterranean by boat do... Continue Reading

From the editors

What does it mean to be a Kwantlen student? I have been coming to KPU for a few years now. I first arrived after changing majors from sciences at Langara, to journalism here. My goal was to earn my degree and get out, and on with my life. This hasn’t changed. I can’t even finish... Continue Reading