From The Editors

77 Days of Election CNN is the news channel of choice for my parents. I often suggest they watch CBC so that they can actually understand what’s happening in their own country, but they would still rather watch American politics. I think it’s because American politics is much, much more entertaining than whatever we could... Continue Reading

From the Editors: Doesn't Make Cents

As we’ve reported in November, KPU is grossly underfunded compared to other universities, with a operating capability that is half the provincial average. It means longer class waitlist times, fewer available courses and in theory, a slower march to graduation. Last year, the provincial government had this really super idea to cut adult basic education... Continue Reading

From the editors: Transit referendum - pinch your nose

On the tax boost for the sake of all-around better transit in Metro Vancouver, being a proponent of the “yes” side seemed like a no-brainer three months ago. But people have begun using their brains, and now it’s looking like “Ahhhhh no.” This new information perplexed me, for it seems logical to upgrade the system... Continue Reading

Editorial: These are my reflections

By Samantha Thompson [executive editor] This is going to be a bit of a different editorial. Usually our editorials take a critical perspective on a current event, but for this issue I’d like to borrow the space to reflect on the past semester at The Runner. This is our last issue for 2014, and I... Continue Reading

From the Editors

A new best friend for Harper. By Samantha Thompson [executive editor] Imagine my joy when Stephen Harper posted a selfie to Instagram on Nov. 15, that depicted him hugging a koala, with the caption, “With my new friend, Jumbelung the koala.” Harper seems to love animals, as he has also had his photo taken with... Continue Reading

From the Editors

The choice is in the vote. By Samantha Thompson [executive editor] In high school, I was that persistent kid that told everyone they needed to vote. All the time. My 18th birthday was a time to celebrated solely because it meant I could vote in my first election, and I was in fact annoyed that... Continue Reading

Spend your money wisely

CFS referendum at Capilano takes a turn for the worse.... Continue Reading

Legitimate democracy

Why the KSA election needs your vote.... Continue Reading

The cheque's in the mail

But is anyone paying attention to the KSA?... Continue Reading

Pro-rape sentiments blur lines for sexual consent on campuses

Chanting Halifax students oblivious to the real message.... Continue Reading

A society of George Zimmermans

Removal of racial profiling in Zimmerman case upholds discrimination.... Continue Reading

Strife begins at misconception

How pro-life group Protectores Vitae is using a straw man to promote their cause.... Continue Reading

Why blocking religious funding makes sense

Proposal to block KSA funding to external religious and political groups makes good sense. ... Continue Reading

KSA opts for more secrecy

Transparency should be more than a buzz word. ... Continue Reading

Which KSA candidates deserve your vote

The Runner’s editorial take on the best, the worst, and the rest.... Continue Reading