Science Explained: Unsustainable Agriculture

Food for thought   When we think of climate change we tend to think about wasting power, taking long showers, landfills, oil drilling, fracking, and greenhouse gas emissions produced by transportation. There is a misconception that these practices constitute the most significant contributions to our warming planet. Animal agriculture is a controversial topic—the meat and... Continue Reading

KPU Withdraws from Memorandum of Understanding with Kinder Morgan

President cites relationship with Kwantlen First Nation as contributing factor Kwantlen Polytechnic University has withdrawn from the memorandum of understanding that the institution signed with Trans Mountain in June. The memorandum would have given KPU $300,000 towards student awards and partial operating funds for the university’s Environmental Protection Technical Lab. The financial contribution was contingent... Continue Reading

Pipelines: how do they work?

Tracking the dead dinosaur juice from Alberta to your gas tank Whether you plot to overthrow the warlock Kinder Morgan or you just want to guzzle the hell out of the dead dinosaurs in the Earth’s crust—because a meteor just wasn’t insulting enough—you gotta understand the infrastructure that’s causing all the fuss in the first... Continue Reading

Transition Network encouraging communities to be eco-friendly

Growing citizen movement looks to reduce greenhouse footprint at the local level.... Continue Reading

Survey on waste managment at Kwantlen

Give you feedback on solid waste management at Kwantlen. ... Continue Reading

Movies for the green-minded

The Green Screen International Film Festival wraps up this weekend in West Van.... Continue Reading

Making the environment S.A.F.E

Independent Kwantlen group focuses on environmental action at the community level.... Continue Reading
Killer whales in their natural habitat. Photo from Google Creative Commons.

Kwantlen students fight to protect B.C. orcas

Environmental Protection Technology students bring attention to threats to B.C. Orca habitat.... Continue Reading

History of Earth Day

A brief history of the day recognizing our earth.... Continue Reading

Environmental groups get ready to fight DFO appeal

Canadian environmental groups are vowing to fight a DFO Federal court court appeal.... Continue Reading

Jetsetting, not so jiggy

Nothing is a bigger middle finger to Mother Nature quite like a mammoth, 300,000 litre-fueled Airbus A380 debarking on 21 hour flight.... Continue Reading

Should you fake it?

Real or fake – which Christmas trees are better for the environment.... Continue Reading

Kwantlen’s cafeteria’s environmental?

For those that frequent Kwantlen’s cafeterias, you may have noticed the addition of steel cutlery accompanying the usual disposable wares. Embracing eco-friendliness seems to have seeped into Kwantlen; a garbage bin cheerfully encourages students to use ceramic mugs instead of Styrofoam cups which can live in a landfill for 500 years.... Continue Reading

The demise of the urban creek

The increase in urbanization in recent years has resulted in many challenges for local streams and rivers, including the destruction of delicate ecosystem. Despite the doom and gloom these rockbeds still have a fighting chance.... Continue Reading

Kwantlen harvesting a degree in Sustainable Agriculture

While the addictive nature of Facebook’s Farmville app may be to blame for a few failed quizzes, Kwantlen Polytechnic University students may finally have a chance to see if they have what it takes to bring in a harvest.... Continue Reading