Male Nurses Work Through Stigma to Provide Care for the Vulnerable

Recent Kwantlen Polytechnic University graduate Josheal Jessel made his decision to become a psychiatric nurse because he wanted to make a positive change in the lives of extremely vulnerable people. It was only after researching and deciding to pursue KPU’s psychiatric nursing program that the idea of being referred to as a “nurse” began to... Continue Reading

KSA Election 2018: Candidates for Campus Representatives

Surrey Campus Representative Vaibhav Agarwal Computer and Information Systems Major Why are you running for this position? When I just joined [KPU] I wanted to be in some position and I want to represent and do something. Why should students vote for you? I’m working in a restaurant right now and I’m the manager, so... Continue Reading

KSA Election 2018: Candidates for Constituency Representatives

Mature Students Representative Murdoch de Mooy Criminology Major Why are you running for this position? If I win, this will be my third year on Council. I’ve been around for a little while and I’ve done little bits for constituencies throughout my tenure, made it so people didn’t have to run by legal name, so... Continue Reading

KSA Election 2018: Candidates for Faculty Representatives

Arts Representative Natasha Farris General Arts Major Why are you running for this position? I love being on the KSA. I love trying to create a community at KPU. I’m the chair of the Student Life Committee and I love trying to get people engaged and getting out there, talking to people, and getting them... Continue Reading

Federation Of Post Secondary Educators Campaigns For “Precarious Profs”

For thousands of college and university instructors across the province, job security is far from guaranteed. In B.C., around 30 per cent of post-secondary faculty and staff are employed on a part-time or temporary basis. According to the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of British Columbia, the working conditions for these educators are not equal to... Continue Reading

The Runner’s Staff Picks

Video Game of the Year: Zero Escape: The Nonary Games By Melanie Tan, Production Manager I’m sure you’re confused as to why my game of the year isn’t Super Mario: Odyssey or Nier: Automata. While games like The Breath of the Wild threw me on a hang glider and swept me off my feet (or... Continue Reading

Drug Checking Saves Lives at Music Festivals

After five different tests were done to detect dangerous substances in his sugar cube—supposed to contain LSD—Marc Andrews knew to take the experience seriously. This was the 30-year-old’s first time at Shambhala Music Festival and his first time trying LSD, so he decided to take advantage of the drug checking that was offered there. As... Continue Reading

MacMillan House Offers A Place for Recovery amid Vancouver’s Opioid and Housing Crises

Rick Vickers has been in and out of recovery for most of his life. He says that he can’t stay clean without a safe place to live, but believes that he has now found that safe place at Surrey’s MacMillan House. MacMillan House is run by the Lookout Society which operates shelters, psychiatric facilities, safe... Continue Reading

Fixing an Unaffordable City

Imagine paying $700 per month to sleep in the living room of someone else’s home. It sounds absurd, but it’s becoming an increasingly common practice in Vancouver, where the price of renting or owning a place to live has been on the rise over the past 12 years. According to the Real Estate Board of... Continue Reading

KPU President Evaluates Vision 2018

In 2013, the Kwantlen Polytechnic University administration formed a committee to plan the goals they wanted the institution to achieve in the near future. Over the next nine months, the university devised and implemented a strategic plan they called Vision 2018. The plan primarily focuses on three themes for KPU to exemplify in the achievement... Continue Reading

Beyond Crime and Punishment: Alana Abramson’s Restorative Justice Story

The KPU professor who spent her adolescence on the streets was recently awarded for her work in the community At the age of 14, Kwantlen Polytechnic University criminology professor Alana Abramson began sleeping on the streets of Vancouver. She spent the year leading up to her 15th birthday using and selling drugs under the influence... Continue Reading

The Controversial Legacy of Che Guevara Lives on in Vancouver

Revolutionary thinkers gathered in East Van to observe the 50th anniversary of the death of the famous Marxist figure The radical leanings of Communism seem like an oddity in the sphere of contemporary Canadian politics. Ideals of revolution and extreme socialism sound anachronistic, but they have not disappeared entirely from modern discourse. The seventh annual... Continue Reading

Five Reasons to Be Proud (and Ashamed) of KPU

Imagine a classroom filled with students from each of British Columbia’s post-secondary institutions. The UBC student would probably represent the “top of the class,” with SFU and UVic trailing close behind. These would be the “A+” students—the ones who speak up in class, get their work in on time or early, and complete any and... Continue Reading

KPU Sports and Rec, the Peer Support Program, and the KSA Teach Students How to Thrive

October was Mental Health Awareness Month, so the KPU community came together in a series of events to let students know that support systems are out there College and university students who battle mental illnesses often feel like they’re alone in their fight. The organizers of Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Thrive Week sought to let those... Continue Reading

Summoning the Spirits of New Westminster

Peer into six of the most haunted places in the city As one of the oldest cities in Western Canada, it’s no surprise that New Westminster is home to a slew of ghost stories. The Great Fire, a blaze that nearly levelled the area in 1898, helped stoke the rumors that something lurks in the... Continue Reading