Identifying Anxiety

Mental wellness advocates from KPU and beyond offer a range of resources Neil Bassan, Contributor In the wake of four student suicides which occurred this past academic year at Ontario’s University of Guelph, community organizations throughout Canada are developing a renewed focus on meeting the needs of mental health challenges for students. Polly Guetta, development... Continue Reading

The Many Meanings of Intersectional Feminism

Alyssa Laube, Associate Editor Feminism has historically been dominated by privileged voices. Its first and second waves were largely a white, straight, cisgender, middle class woman’s game. Marginalized groups have been continually pushed to the wayside from the early days of women’s suffrage until now, and the pervasiveness of such exclusivity can be witnessed all... Continue Reading

The Complicated Relationship Between the KSA and KPIRG

A tale of two student organisations Joseph Keller, Web Editor The two major student societies at Kwantlen Polytechnic University have a complicated relationship. Kwantlen Student Association President Alex McGowan says that the KSA has always been open and receptive to working with the Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group. However, staff and students close to KPIRG... Continue Reading

The Hospital Revival of Greater Vancouver

Money is being put towards fixing past failures in the local health sector, but what does it mean for Vancouver citizens in need? Alyssa Laube, Associate Editor Canadians like to boast about health care. It’s a relief to walk into a hospital needing medical attention and leave unburdened by debt, but free care doesn’t guarantee... Continue Reading

Natasha Lopes Looks Back on Her Time with the KSA

“I’ve become the person I told my 16-year old self I would be,” says KSA executive Alyssa Laube, Associate Editor “I did not make this decision lightly,” says Natasha Lopes from the Kwantlen Student Association general office. After serving for nearly a year as the KSA’s women’s representative and vice-president student life, she has opted... Continue Reading

Meet Your KSA Candidates: Campus Representatives

Surrey Campus Representative (1)   Tanvir Singh Running for Re-election Currently VP Student Services/University Affairs No one’s running against you? I’m a little disappointed in the turnout, in general, for this round of KSA elections. I was expecting a couple more people at least, but it seems some people weren’t able to get their nomination... Continue Reading

Meet Your KSA Candidates: Constituency Representatives

Mature Students Representative (1)   Zahid Dossa Previously Students of Colour Rep. Major: Political Science, minor in Policy Students This is your first time running for Mature Students Rep, but you’ve served for a few months now as Students of Colour Rep. Why the change? I ran in the by-election [last October] uncontested, and won.... Continue Reading

Meet Your KSA Candidates: Faculty, Arts/Science and Horticulture Representatives

Science and Horticulture Representatives   Nick Young Running for Re-election What have you accomplished in your first term as Science and Horticulture Rep that you’d want to keep working on in your second term? Helping out with projects here and there, and attending meetings and committees. Any issues that have caught your attention? I want... Continue Reading

Meet Your KSA Candidates: Faculty, Business Representatives

  Rawan Ramini Running for Re-election Currently VP Finance & Operations You’re running again, do you want your exec position again? Yes, that is the plan. What have you been doing in your past year as a councilor and as a member of the executive team? It has been a great experience, first of all.... Continue Reading

Canada’s Biggest Pipelines

CORRECTION: We initially reported the quoted value of the Woodfibre LNG Limited pipeline as $11.4 billion. The actual figure is 1.6 billion. We apologize for the error.   Developments from the 2000’s to-date The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association has laid claim to approximately 119,000 kilometres of pipeline—enough to circle the earth three times. Those projects... Continue Reading

Frustrations with the Canadian Federation of Students Remain Following Annual Meeting

The KSA remains dissatisfied, but will continue to attend meetings in good faith The Canadian Federation of Students has partially addressed a list of concerns put forward by a coalition of their members, including the Kwantlen Student Association, at their national general meeting last month. Some members feel dissatisfied with the outcome of the meeting... Continue Reading

Where to Study Abroad Next Year

KPU students can visit Japan, Germany, France, or Columbia for credit Every year, Kwantlen Polytechnic University students have the choice of going away for school. There are annual exchanges to destinations all over the world, and although they can be pricey, they’re always an option for those looking to globe trot while getting an education.... Continue Reading

What KPU Campus Would Best Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

Anthropology prof. Sam Migliore weighs in on how the walking dead would affect student life Alyssa Laube Staff Writer & Melissa Pomerleau Contributor   KPU anthropology instructor Dr. Sam Migliore discusses zombies—among many other preternatural things—in his second year anthropology course Religion, Magic and Witchcraft. Migliore’s interest in zombies came from his brother, an actor... Continue Reading

The Reynolds Legacy

Ryan has a special place in all our hearts, always and forever Staff Writer Alyssa Laube & Web Editor Joseph Keller What would the great institution of Kwantlen Polytechnic University be without Ryan Reynolds? In Vancouver he’s essentially a regional treasure. Every person in the city knew about Deadpool being filmed on the streets. We... Continue Reading

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them at KPU

Alyssa Laube, Staff Writer & Joseph Keller, Web Editor Although rare, the days that paws and claws touch KPU soil are often the happiest ones. There’s nothing like a fuzzy face to make nine hours of gruelling classwork a little easier to stomach, but both pets and wildlife can be tragically tough to find here.... Continue Reading