Meet Your KSA Candidates: Faculty, Business Representatives

  Rawan Ramini Running for Re-election Currently VP Finance & Operations You’re running again, do you want your exec position again? Yes, that is the plan. What have you been doing in your past year as a councilor and as a member of the executive team? It has been a great experience, first of all.... Continue Reading

Canada’s Biggest Pipelines

CORRECTION: We initially reported the quoted value of the Woodfibre LNG Limited pipeline as $11.4 billion. The actual figure is 1.6 billion. We apologize for the error.   Developments from the 2000’s to-date The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association has laid claim to approximately 119,000 kilometres of pipeline—enough to circle the earth three times. Those projects... Continue Reading

Frustrations with the Canadian Federation of Students Remain Following Annual Meeting

The KSA remains dissatisfied, but will continue to attend meetings in good faith The Canadian Federation of Students has partially addressed a list of concerns put forward by a coalition of their members, including the Kwantlen Student Association, at their national general meeting last month. Some members feel dissatisfied with the outcome of the meeting... Continue Reading

Where to Study Abroad Next Year

KPU students can visit Japan, Germany, France, or Columbia for credit Every year, Kwantlen Polytechnic University students have the choice of going away for school. There are annual exchanges to destinations all over the world, and although they can be pricey, they’re always an option for those looking to globe trot while getting an education.... Continue Reading

What KPU Campus Would Best Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

Anthropology prof. Sam Migliore weighs in on how the walking dead would affect student life Alyssa Laube Staff Writer & Melissa Pomerleau Contributor   KPU anthropology instructor Dr. Sam Migliore discusses zombies—among many other preternatural things—in his second year anthropology course Religion, Magic and Witchcraft. Migliore’s interest in zombies came from his brother, an actor... Continue Reading

The Reynolds Legacy

Ryan has a special place in all our hearts, always and forever Staff Writer Alyssa Laube & Web Editor Joseph Keller What would the great institution of Kwantlen Polytechnic University be without Ryan Reynolds? In Vancouver he’s essentially a regional treasure. Every person in the city knew about Deadpool being filmed on the streets. We... Continue Reading

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them at KPU

Alyssa Laube, Staff Writer & Joseph Keller, Web Editor Although rare, the days that paws and claws touch KPU soil are often the happiest ones. There’s nothing like a fuzzy face to make nine hours of gruelling classwork a little easier to stomach, but both pets and wildlife can be tragically tough to find here.... Continue Reading

Haunted Happenings on Campus

This month’s most festive on-campus events Alyssa Laube, Staff Writer & Joseph Keller, Web Editor Pumpkins are being picked, slasher flicks are being watched, and KPU is gearing up for a hair-raising Halloween. There’s enough going on during October this year to get any student ready for the 31st, both in body and in spirit. And... Continue Reading

Where Can a KPU Student Get a Bite to Eat?

Your guide to food on the Surrey Campus Joseph Keller, Web Editor & Melissa Pomerleau, Contributor   Students at KPU may have noticed that the food situation on and around the Surrey campus is lacking something. The surrounding area features an A&W, a McDonald’s, a Tim Hortons, several pubs and small family-owned eaterys—all just out... Continue Reading

The Runner's Interviews with the Candidates Running in the KSA By-Election

Running for Students of Colour Representative  (1 seat available) Zahid Dossa Candidate Statement: My name is Zahid Dossa and I want to become your Students of Colour Representative.  I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Policy Studies.  As your Students of Colour Representative, I will strive to put an... Continue Reading

Safe Spaces 101

Just before the fall semester began, a letter addressed to students in the class of 2020 from the University of Chicago’s Dean of Students, John Ellison, went viral. In the letter, Ellison says that the university’s commitment to academic freedom means they cannot support trigger warnings for subjects in their classes, which may prove controversial... Continue Reading

Making Room for Student Housing in B.C.

The fight for on-campus residencies pits student unions against the provincial government “Student housing houses everyone,” reads a tagline from the Alliance of BC Students’ recently-launched campaign to get student residences constructed across the province. The campaign asks a simple question—where’s the housing? A high number of students in Metro Vancouver help to clog an... Continue Reading

Canada’s First Generation of Truly Professional Soccer Players

Major League Soccer youth academies offer the resources needed to turn kids into tomorrow’s athletes   People tend to talk about Canada’s lack of success in the world of soccer as if it’s some big mystery. Hundreds of thousands of kids grow up playing the sport in Canada, so why can’t we field a decent... Continue Reading

The History of KPU

A timeline documenting the good, the bad, and the ugly It wasn’t long ago that Kwantlen Polytechnic University wasn’t a university at all. Our humble institution has come a long way since it cleaved itself from Douglas College in 1981, and since then the history of KPU has been somewhat of a mixed bag. Through... Continue Reading

Where Does Your Money Go?

Breaking down the various student fees you pay, and what they pay for Understanding how your student fees are spent is a great way to help get the most out of your education. According to the Kwantlen Student Association Vice President Finance and Operations Rawan Ramini, “It’s [the students’] right to know where their money... Continue Reading