The Long Shadow of the CFS

Why the Federation has been rubbing student associations the wrong way for years There’s some bad blood between the Canadian Federation of Students and several of their members, KPU included. The two organizations have been to court a couple of times before—once in 2009 and again in 2015—so it isn’t surprising that tensions remain high.... Continue Reading

The Shocking! The Strange! The Weirdest Courses at KPU

At least you can say we’re one-of-a-kind Kwantlen Polytechnic University is anything but an “ordinary university.” And we wouldn’t have it any other way. KPU is known for its industry-ready programs—particularly for those meeting the demands of “niche” industries—in which the same level of training a student receives here is not likely to be found... Continue Reading

Where in the World is Kwinten the Eagle?

The new roles of a varsity mascot “Show me,” I say placidly, cooly concluding the coercion of my informant from the athletics department. He rises from the chair in his small Cedar building office and unlocks the door to a back room, where on the second-bottom shelf of a steel, five-by-five garage organization unit sits... Continue Reading

A Stroll Down KPU’s Hall of Fame

Studying the habits of highly successful KPU graduates Last year, Kwantlen Polytechnic University produced 2,990 graduates. At the end of May yet another class of Kwantlen Polytechnic University graduates will leave their institution behind. Some will be entering the workforce for perhaps the first time, others will already be employed in their chosen fields. Many... Continue Reading

Ready for the Runway

Graduating KPU Fashion students show off their wares At Kwantlen Polytechnic University, it could be the fashion students who have the most extravagant graduation ceremony. Early last month, fourth-year students of the KPU Chip and Shannon Wilson design school showed off their final projects with a runway show at the Imperial Vancouver on Main St.... Continue Reading

Sparks Fly in the Electric Vehicles Market

EVs’ popularity rises as new models and incentives are made available One-sixth of every barrel of oil is used to fuel passenger vehicles, according to Peter Tertzakian, chief energy economist at ARC Financial. But even if one-million electric vehicles were sold within a year, it would only displace 50,000 barrels of oil a day. That... Continue Reading

Changing Chinatown

Like the Downtown Eastside adjacent to it, Chinatown is a community that finds itself in a strange situation. A neighbourhood known for low income levels and a specific cultural character is finding its own residents slowly being pushed out by economic forces. Seniors who have lived in the area their whole lives are finding their... Continue Reading

Lost in Transition

As Birch room renovations begin, student organizations are getting all turned around Obtaining adequate space at Kwantlen Polytechnic University isn’t a new issue for many of the institution’s most prominent student groups. The Kwantlen Gaming Guild, one of the largest and most successful clubs on campus, was recently moved out of the Social Justice Space... Continue Reading

Making the Leap Towards Climate Justice

Naomi Klein and her team create plan, suggest fifteen steps towards a brighter future “The Leap Manifesto is an unashamedly radical plan to convert the world to 100 per cent renewable energy, fast,” says world-famous activist and author, Naomi Klein. “And you can be a part of it.” Klein drafted the Manifesto during a meeting... Continue Reading

A day in the life of a KSA executive

VP Student Services discusses losing sleep and gaining confidence Allison Gonzalez needed to get special permission from the design school faculty to become a Kwantlen Student Association executive. “I’m not a political person, I’m just a design student. And for a design student who isn’t really interested in playing politics, I just saw an opportunity... Continue Reading

Pour Some Sugar on Me, Baby

Some online dating sites offer new opportunities for aspiring sugar babies   It’s 2016, and most of us are familiar with the concept of the online dating scene. The premise is simple: you pick a site, create an online profile with a description (perhaps slightly embellished) and a picture of yourself, then you search through... Continue Reading

Japan Needs Feminism

While quality-of-life is second to none, life isn’t easy for Japanese women I suppose to someone who’s never been to Japan, it might appear, at least on the surface, to be a wonderful place to live. The trains are always on time, the food is amazing regardless of the price you pay, the music is... Continue Reading

A Day in the Life of a KSA Politician

Outgoing arts representative Simon Massey discusses life in student office, offers advice for new councillors Student councillors have several reasons for taking breaks at Kwantlen Student Association council meetings. Most of the time, the reason is lunch. Other times, the reason is head-butting. The student association and the university have a generally great relationship, great... Continue Reading

Tastes of the Season

Inspiration for your Harvest Box vegetables The Harvest Box program, which delivers approximately 10 pounds of produce twice a week to Kwantlen Polytechnic University students, is an excellent way to have access to healthy, local fruits and vegetables—all at a price that won’t deprive you of that coffee that gets you through the last 90... Continue Reading

Preliminary 2016 KSA results announced

The preliminary results of the 2016 Kwantlen Student Association have been announced. Of the four KSA representatives who were running for re-election to council, two (Alex McGowan and Tanvir Singh) were successful. Once the election results have been ratified, the elected candidates will take office on April 1. So far, one official complaint has been... Continue Reading