CAUT concludes Capilano University violated academic freedom

Remember that weird artwork in the library a few months ago? Perhaps you remember a strange sculpture that was in the Surrey library for a few months. It depicted a person wearing a cap and holding a poodle, draped in an American flag. The work, titled Margaux & the Monarch, is a satirical piece depicting... Continue Reading
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Oiling up the education machine

What else is behind Kinder Morgan’s $300,000 memorandum with KPU? At the end of June, Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Trans Mountain (under Kinder Morgan) signed a memorandum of understanding that would see KPU in receipt of $300,000. Despite criticisms of bribery, according to Lizette Parsons Bell, stakeholder management lead for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project,... Continue Reading

Out there in the great wide somewhere

No matter how far away they are, the stars have a way of bringing us together in wonder and awe. If the sky has taught us anything, it’s that we know relatively little about it.... Continue Reading

One province under real-time intelligence

Informally known as the new “crime-fighting centre,” the Real Time Intelligence Centre- B.C.’s official opening in Surrey was presented to the public via a live-streaming event held at B.C. RCMP headquarters. The press conference highlights the successes and benefits of the centre, although there are concerns over civil liberty, and critical evaluations of the opening of such a centre.... Continue Reading

Taming the 21st Century Tiger

A guide to handling exam stress. Ten-thousand years ago, your biggest source of stress as a human being would have been hunger, disease and tigers. Today, for those of us who are students in university, the source is exams and final projects. The world has changed, but our bodies are still calibrated to the brutality... Continue Reading

Campus Couture: KPU students introduce their spring style

As the cherry blossoms begin to bloom, what are students wearing to welcome spring? We asked students two questions: What is your favourite thing you’re wearing today? What do you like best about spring fashion? Ahmed Mansoory “My favourite thing here is this sweater, because my friend designed this himself. He has a poetry outlet... Continue Reading

A Call for Palestinian Justice

Nearly a month ago, on Feb. 17, the Stanford University 16th undergraduate senate voted to divest from corporations that were seen as complicit in human rights abuses in Israel and Palestine. This isn’t the first university to pass a resolution that called for a similar divestment. In fact, the University of California, Berkeley, Irvine, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles and Northwestern University have all passed resolutions calling for the university to divest in a similar manner. Loyola University Chicago passed a divestment resolution, but the student president, Pedro Guerrero, vetoed it. ... Continue Reading

Canada's subverted racism against Aboriginals

Ingrained racism needs to be addressed. Forgiveness for residential schools, disrespect of traditional lands and racism: These are a handful of the many issues facing aboriginal people in Canada today. While we hear a lot about the racism issues in America, we don’t hear as much about the problems faced by aboriginal people in Canada.... Continue Reading

What happens if we vote "no"?

Impact of transit plebiscite South of the Fraser. The last few months of dialogue regarding the TransLink plebiscite have shown that “no” voters are taking the lead by a wide margin. A March 16 Angus-Reid poll suggested that 27 per cent are voting “yes,” while 61 per cent are voting “no.” Sixty-nine per cent of... Continue Reading

Return to Roots

The agricultural landscape is one of the most recognizable features about the Lower Mainland and to many who resides here it is also a place juxtaposed with rapid development. British Columbia’s agricultural canvas is one where the developed bleeds into the rural, while at the same time offering a stark contrast in the form of abandoned plots and rusting machinery.... Continue Reading

Fifty Years of Civil Rights

Work of Malcolm X and King a start, but we have far to go Ilyasah Shabazz has spent a lifetime following in the footsteps of her father, Malcolm X. She was only two years old when her father was assassinated by former Nation of Islam members, and she has said in previous interviews that she... Continue Reading
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To Be Free

  KPU prof. Russel Ogden faces restrictions on academic freedom By Samantha Thompson [executive editor] & Kier-Christer Junos [coordinating editor] With files from: Awais Mushtaq [contributor] & Tristan Johnston [staff writer] A plethora of posters are taped against the window outside Greg Jenion’s office. A prominent one reads, “Where is Russel Ogden?”, while others provide... Continue Reading

WHAT1100: Principles of Basic Navigation

A guide to your KPU campuses. By Kier-Christer Junos [coordinating editor] You park your car at the campus and walk lethargically toward a pay station, heels dragging, face sagging. “Damn you, Impark,” you curse under your breath, whilst jamming quarters into the accursed meter. As you shuffle through the hall, you again realize that the... Continue Reading

New black spot for pirates in Canada

Updated copyright laws hope to address internet piracy. Yaunna Sommersby [social media specialist] By now, most people are likely familiar with the anti-piracy warning included on DVDs: “Piracy is not a victimless crime.” Despite its dire words, in 2012 a study of BitTorrent users found that Canadians had the fourth highest amount of unauthorized musical... Continue Reading

KSA makes cross-Canada excursions

Student association adds new conferences to 2014 roster. By Kier-Christer Junos [coordinating editor] & Tristan Johnston [staff writer] Members of the Kwantlen Student Association will pay a projected $1.3-million to the organization this year, according to the KSA’s budget. With these fees, the student association takes on a number of roles, including student services (like... Continue Reading