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Teaching assistants at Simon Fraser University remain on strike

Some SFU students have grades withheld amidst dispute At Simon Fraser University, the Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU) are currently on strike, and have been without contract since April 2014. The TSSU consist of teaching assistants, tutors, sessional instructors and ELC/ITP instructors. The TSSU consists of 2,000 members and has been active for 36 years.... Continue Reading

Solidarity in the Student Movement?

A (recent) history of the Canadian Federation of Students When you attend a rally for the Canadian Federation of Students, the first thing you’ll likely see are large orange and blue flags with the organization’s logo emblazoned upon them. The second thing you’ll see are hundreds of students, and you’ll hear them chanting one of... Continue Reading

Construction on KPU Design school has been delayed for the last year

Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design on hold amidst budget constraints For the last several months, a third of the Richmond campus parking lot has been a fenced-off dirt lot. In October of last year, The Runner interviewed Gordon Lee, then-vice-president of finance and administration, who said that construction hadn’t started due to being... Continue Reading
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KSA peer support diversifies students’ counselling options

Program to launch this fall The advent of the Kwantlen Student Association’s (KSA) peer support program aims to bridge that gap between hands in need and hands that can. The new program is poised to launch this Fall, and though it does connect students with personal support from approved, trained peer volunteers, the program also... Continue Reading

KPU begins pilot program to support youth-in-care

University wants to help a population of historically undercut citizens A person aging out of government care can take up to 10 years to simply get on their feet. Youth aging out of such care would have lived in foster homes, group homes, temporary receiving homes and the homes of relatives and independent living programs.... Continue Reading

Kwantlen to begin offering online medical marijuana course

The first university in the country to offer a marijuana class KPU has recently announced that they will be offering two online courses on medical marijuana. The program, announced Aug. 18, is one of the first of such courses in Canada. The courses will consist of four modules, each one priced at $1250. One will... Continue Reading

KSA to oppose Kinder Morgan MOU at Board of Governors

Some council members worried about impact on relationship with KPU A motion was submitted to the Kwantlen Student Association council meeting on Sept. 11 pertaining to Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s recent memorandum of understanding with Kinder Morgan. The motion, submitted by Aboriginal students’ representative Justin Bige, proposed that the KSA write a letter to the Board... Continue Reading

Kwantlen policy student runs for Green Party MP

Former KSA exec, KPIRG director, Board of Governors member looking at Ottawa Richard Hosein felt discontent in his proving days at KPU. Calling himself an observer, Hosein has always thought that many things could be made better. He says he’s been privileged to grow up in a racially and politically diverse family and it resulted... Continue Reading

Criminology event emphasises injustice on First Nations peoples

Crim class explores FN justice issues The Vancouver Art Gallery used to be a courthouse. But that was never a place where First Nations people often saw justice. In many cases they either saw jail or the gallows. Brandon Gabriel of the Kwantlen First Nation emphasized these injustices to the attendees of his talk at... Continue Reading

Bank separation law returns to American congress

The Return of Glass-Steagal comes from Democrats and Republicans Early last month in the United States, Republican John McCain and Democrat Elizabeth Warren announced that they were going to work together to pass a new version of the Glass-Steagall Act, otherwise known as the Banking Act of 1933. For the Americans, and the rest of... Continue Reading

Bank of Canada cuts key rate in the midst of a weak economy

Loonie drops to lows unseen since 2009 In July The Bank of Canada cut their target for the overnight rate to 0.5 per cent in a move to stimulate the economy amidst steady shrinkage and falling oil prices over the first half of the year. Call it a recession, and the BoC isn’t looking positive... Continue Reading

NoKM@KPU action group to continue efforts against memorandum in fall semester

Information sessions are on the table Kwantlen Polytechnic University president Alan Davis made it clear at a public forum early July that the memorandum he signed with pipeline firm Trans Mountain will, indeed, remain signed. But that’s not stopping KPU community efforts to keep the pressure on. The signed agreement that creates a $300,000 bursary... Continue Reading
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They Said No: What’s next for Surrey transit post-plebiscite?

Surrey Mayor to press ahead with transit improvements “I was of course disappointed, but not surprised,” Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner told The Runner while reflecting upon that the results of the Metro Vancouver transit plebiscite, which revealed that the people of her city were overwhelmingly against the “Yes” campaign. It was a setback for the... Continue Reading

Love in this Club: Cricket Returns to Kwantlen

Kwantlen Cricket Club to open for new semester With recent slashes made to the Kwantlen Polytechnic University athletics budget, it’s been something of a bleak summer for KPU athletes. Athletes looking to fill the gap left by the varsity teams may find their answer with KPU’s newest club, dedicated to the Commonwealth’s favorite sport. Having... Continue Reading
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Ninety minutes gone and one last season of extra time

Is this the final whistle for the KPU Eagles? When centre-defender Jessica Anderegg was a rookie in 2012 she received two calls on a Friday in September. The one in the morning, from her former KPU soccer coach Don Sparks, told her to be ready for Saturday’s game, assuming she’d be mostly a benchwarmer. Sparks... Continue Reading