B.C. Park Quality Suffers, Budget Stays the Same

Infrastructure and service within the province’s parks is in poor condition, according to citizens and CPAWS The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) believes that the underfunding of parks in British Columbia is unacceptable. The province’s Minister of Environment, Mary Polak, says there is no underfunding to speak of. “Have we seen some sort of... Continue Reading

By-Election to be Held for Council Members this Fall

KSA aims to fill ten empty seats by the end of October Since the elections in February, a number of Kwantlen Student Association council seats have been left cold. Due to a lack candidates seeking election for the positions, no one is currently representing students who attend the Cloverdale campus, who are enrolled in the... Continue Reading

Memorandum of Understanding Signed Between KPU and BUCM

The Beijing University of Chinese Medicine partners with KPU for continuation of acupuncture KPU President Alan Davis was photographed in China this month, grinning next to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Xu Anlong, president of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. By being there, Davis officiated a memorandum of understanding between KPU and BUCM—an agreement intended... Continue Reading

New KSA Policy Allows for Dismissal of Absent Committee Members

Policy will make committees more efficient, less dramatic A new policy passed by the Kwantlen Student Association last month will ensure that any committee members who miss over three meetings per term can be officially asked to resign. The Chair of the committee must consult with the Vice President, the appointments committee, and Council before... Continue Reading

KSA to Write New Policy on Sexual Assault, Open On-Campus Women’s Centre

Women’s Rep and VP Student Life Natasha Lopes is creating safe spaces at KPU, one step at a time As a survivor of sexual assault, Natasha Lopes recognizes the importance of having policy to address and prevent it, while also being able to help other survivors. As Vice President Student Life and Women’s Representative for... Continue Reading

KPU Student Senate Representatives Announced After Delay

Sonja Kreuzkamp, Kimberley McMartin, Caitlin McCutchen, and Allison Gonzalez elected After a delay of several months, four brand new student senate representatives to the KPU Senate have been announced. The student representatives were elected during the springtime, with official results originally scheduled to be announced on April 11. In actuality, they were not released until... Continue Reading

KPU Hoping for Horticultural Project Partnership with Beijing University Following MOU

Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s recently launched diploma program in acupuncture has led to the signing of a memorandum of understanding between KPU and the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. The hope with the memorandum is that students striving to gain a degree after graduation in B.C. will transfer to Beijing to further their education. This month,... Continue Reading

KSA Pushes for “National Coming Out Day” Event

Student association hopes to establish visible support for KPU’s LGBTQ+ community The Kwantlen Student Association is putting forward plans to encourage visible support for KPU’s LGBTQ+ community by submitting a “National Coming Out Day” event. The proposal will be brought to the constituency committee in early September for final approval. If approved, the event could... Continue Reading

KPU Graduate Holds City Hall on Cannabis

Small meeting in Fernie, B.C. one of many discussions on marijuana legalization This Spring, when Canadian Health Minister Jane Philpott publicly announced that federal marijuana legislation will be introduced next year, KPU graduate Sarah-Jane Nelson decided to take action. Having graduated from the university’s acclaimed Professional Management of Marijuana program, Nelson knows a fair deal... Continue Reading

KPIRG Director of Anti-Oppression Steps Down

Ryot “R” Jey—who has been working as the Director of Anti-Oppression for the Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group since April—stepped down this month to focus on his well-being and his position as Queer Representative for the KSA. As detailed in a job description posted on KPIRG’s website, the Director of Anti-Oppression is expected to “provide... Continue Reading

Will Alan Davis Stick Around for Another Term?

President of KPU says he hopes he can stay, but awaits Board decision On Aug. 31 of next year, the current President of KPU’s first term will come to an end. Whether or not Alan Davis will get to keep the position beyond this point—a position he will have occupied for five years—is currently unknown.... Continue Reading

KSA Executives SUDS up

President Alex McGowan says the Student Union Development Summit improves the whole team The Kwantlen Student Association’s four executives—Tanvir Singh, Rawan Ramini, Alex McGowan, and Natasha Lopes—attended the Student Union Development Summit from Aug. 11-14 this year to learn how to keep their union in tip-top shape. Every year, the Summit aims to “bring together... Continue Reading

Understanding the Future of Peacekeeping with Harjit Sajjan

Canada’s Defense Minister discusses his upcoming fact-finding mission to Africa Peacekeeping has long been a key component of both Canadian identities and our reputation abroad, yet it has been scaled back in recent years. The modern idea of peacekeeping—put simply, the maintenance of peace conditions in conflict areas by international non-combatant forces—is largely credited to... Continue Reading

How effective is math education in Canada?

Canadian organisation WISEMath is critical of the way math is taught in our schools According to a movement of parents and educators around the country, the way math has commonly been taught in Canada in recent years is fundamentally flawed. “We have concerns about the math curriculum across western Canada,” says Anna Stokke, professor at... Continue Reading

The Disappearance of the Cantonese Language

UBC linguistics researcher details the complex, worrying trend of Cantonese “cultural genocide” The language with the most native speakers in the world, Mandarin, is threatening to overtake the traditional Cantonese language group of Southern and Southeastern China, including Hong Kong and Macau. Multilingualism proponent Zoe Lam, a University of British Columbia linguistics researcher and PhD... Continue Reading