Will Alan Davis Stick Around for Another Term?

President of KPU says he hopes he can stay, but awaits Board decision On Aug. 31 of next year, the current President of KPU’s first term will come to an end. Whether or not Alan Davis will get to keep the position beyond this point—a position he will have occupied for five years—is currently unknown.... Continue Reading

KSA Executives SUDS up

President Alex McGowan says the Student Union Development Summit improves the whole team The Kwantlen Student Association’s four executives—Tanvir Singh, Rawan Ramini, Alex McGowan, and Natasha Lopes—attended the Student Union Development Summit from Aug. 11-14 this year to learn how to keep their union in tip-top shape. Every year, the Summit aims to “bring together... Continue Reading

Understanding the Future of Peacekeeping with Harjit Sajjan

Canada’s Defense Minister discusses his upcoming fact-finding mission to Africa Peacekeeping has long been a key component of both Canadian identities and our reputation abroad, yet it has been scaled back in recent years. The modern idea of peacekeeping—put simply, the maintenance of peace conditions in conflict areas by international non-combatant forces—is largely credited to... Continue Reading

How effective is math education in Canada?

Canadian organisation WISEMath is critical of the way math is taught in our schools According to a movement of parents and educators around the country, the way math has commonly been taught in Canada in recent years is fundamentally flawed. “We have concerns about the math curriculum across western Canada,” says Anna Stokke, professor at... Continue Reading

The Disappearance of the Cantonese Language

UBC linguistics researcher details the complex, worrying trend of Cantonese “cultural genocide” The language with the most native speakers in the world, Mandarin, is threatening to overtake the traditional Cantonese language group of Southern and Southeastern China, including Hong Kong and Macau. Multilingualism proponent Zoe Lam, a University of British Columbia linguistics researcher and PhD... Continue Reading

Fir 128’s Potential Future Facelift

Vice-president student services and vice-president finance & operations propose renovations As it is, room 128 in the Surrey campus’ Fir building is functioning as a theatre, but not to its full potential—at least, not according to vice-president student services Tanvir Singh and vice-president finance & operations Rawan Ramini.. After watching a play in Fir 128,... Continue Reading

KSA move to transfer $500 out of old account to help students

Throughout the past eight years, approximately $500 of the Kwantlen Student Association’s investments were sitting around collecting dust under Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. For reasons that Vice-president Finance & Operations Rawan Ramini can’t identify, a small amount of money was kept with the company while the rest of their investments were moved to CIBC. The... Continue Reading

KSA Summer Renovations Going Over Estimate

Forthcoming Birch building renovation expected to come in as budgeted Several of the Kwantlen Student Association’s on-campus renovation projects have turned out to be more expensive than initially estimated, including work on the Grassroots Cafe and two fitness rooms. KSA vice-president Student Services Tanvir Singh and vice-president Finance & Operations Rawan Ramini claim that the... Continue Reading

Canada’s Inter-Provincial Trade Nightmare

How provincial bureaucracy created a confusing and expensive mess for business to navigate One might assume that doing domestic business in Canada would not only be a preference of Canadian companies looking to encourage economic growth, but also the cheaper and simpler option over conducting business abroad. And yet, a July 8 meeting of provincial... Continue Reading

B.C. Invests $3 Million in Trades at KPU

Investment will fund 1,238 seats in trades programs A recently announced investment of $3-million by the provincial government will open 1,238 new seats at Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s tech campus in Cloverdale. The funding is for education in trade fields such as welding, electrical, automotive, millwright, and carpentry, all of which are expected to be in... Continue Reading

A Space for Students

What the Birch building’s renovations are going to look like The Surrey campus’ Birch building will soon be undergoing major renovations to accommodate the Kwantlen Student Association, its constituencies, and the university’s clubs. Students from Kwantlen Polytechnic University can also expect to benefit from the revamping of Birch, which will create a more accessible common... Continue Reading

Funding Confusion Between KPIRG, SOCC, and KSA Draws to a Close

Origin of Genocide Across Space and Time event funding uncertain until shortly before the event Bemusement was in the air this month between the Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group, the Kwantlen Student Association, and the Students of Colour Collective (SOCC)—a KSA club—when none of the three parties could conclusively say who was funding an educational... Continue Reading

Protesters Outside Vancouver School Board Rally Against Budget Cuts, School Closures

“Education is our right. Fight, fight, fight!” After dealing with recent funding shortfalls from the Ministry of Education, the Vancouver School Board held a meeting to finalize their new budget on June 30. They ultimately rejected the province’s budget proposal, and as a result, British Columbia’s minister of education ordered an audit of the school... Continue Reading

KSA Approves $30,000 for Peer Support Conferences

The funding is more than double what it has been in the past Approximately $30,000 was approved by the Kwantlen Student Association to be spent across three peer conferences this year. According to the KSA’s VP Finance & Operations, Rawan Ramini, the proposal to fund these events was originally higher by about $5,000, but was... Continue Reading

Two Vancouver dispensaries forgo doctor’s notes

You no longer require a medical reason to buy The end of cannabis prohibition nation-wide is coming to Canada at a snail’s pace, but two Vancouver dispensaries are no longer waiting for the feds’ go ahead. Whether using for medical reasons are just looking to enjoy a lazy afternoon, anyone over 18 can now acquire... Continue Reading