KSA Renovations Aim to Increase Comfort for Students

All four campuses will receive major changes to the student association’s offices When you walk down the hallway in Cedar, past the Kwantlen Student Association office, you might notice that something looks a little different. The windows, previously clear and perfectly see-through, are now striped. This is just one of the several renovations planned for... Continue Reading
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Captain of the Canadian Women’s Soccer Team awarded honorary degree

President Davis discusses how Christine Sinclair embodies the Kwantlen spirit She’s an Olympic bronze medalist, captain of the Canadian Women’s National soccer team, and is Canada’s all-time leading scorer. Born and raised in Burnaby, B.C, Christine Sinclair is a pioneer in Women’s soccer. She was awarded an honorary degree from KPU during a special convocation... Continue Reading

Psychology Prof Prepares for Science World Speaker Series

Dr. Jhangiani will discuss the Psychology of Good and Evil by Kyle Prince and Monica Mah Aiming to dispel the myths surrounding “evil,” Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani is speaking at the fourth installment of the Telus World of Science-KPU joint talks. He will focus on the psychology of good and evil, and with a background of... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Eagles Continue to Fly Despite Varsity Funding Cuts

Players stay focused on the current season, but the future is uncertain The Kwantlen Eagles did not exactly have a smooth start to the season. With the announcement of funding cuts for varsity sports and the subsequent withdrawal from PACWEST, players and coaches alike were left confused and upset. Despite these announcements, however, both the... Continue Reading

KSA to hold public budget consultations

They’re looking for feedback on-campus and online Look, you’re smart. So much so that your resumé includes that obligatory “skilled with Microsoft Excel” bullet. But if you’re a real keener you’ll add that you penned in a budget consultation session with the Kwantlen Student Association, just to see some real-life spreadsheets. The KSA is steadily... Continue Reading

KPU designates new gender-inclusive washrooms

More choices for washrooms helps students feel more comfortable The new gender-inclusive washrooms are now up and running at KPU. Students, staff, and faculty members all have access to them, regardless of which campus they are at. Nine different men’s and women’s washrooms, which were identified to be in high-traffic locations, have been converted. Two... Continue Reading
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Kwantlen Bee Lab creates opportunities for students

Studying bees may help to understand human psychology Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s new cognitive bee lab is well on its way to being ready for use. The fly cage is up. Several boxes with small bee hives contained within them stand ready. Cameras and TV monitors are ready to go. Unlike what one might expect, this... Continue Reading
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Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau visits Richmond B.C.

Richmond Liberal MPs promise jobs, debt solutions Justin Trudeau was in Richmond on Sept. 30 at the Liberal campaign office, a 10 minute walk from KPU’s Richmond campus. The event was very crowded, with what seemed to be at least 100 people trying to cram themselves into the small office building on Westminster, a few... Continue Reading
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KPU students hear NDP party platforms at meet-and-greet

Candidates talk climate change, aboriginal issues, mental health and more The meet-and-greet at the Grassroots on Sept. 29 featured a revolving door of NDP candidates coming in and out for meetings, but KPU students still got to hear and ask about the NDP platform. The event was the second of the candidate meet-and-greet series organized... Continue Reading
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Liberal MPs Visit the Grassroots

Opportunities for youth a major priority for party, according to candidates Five Liberal candidates spoke to Kwantlen Polytechnic University students at the Grassroots Café on Sept. 22 about their ideas for a better government. Questions from the students were received and the candidates touched on a myriad of topics in their answers. One of the... Continue Reading
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Richmond-area candidates gather for public debate

Even the Conservatives showed up On Sept. 30, eight Richmond-area candidates gathered to take questions from a room full of voters. The venue chosen was the Richmond Country Club, right next to the Buddhist Temple along Steveston Highway. In attendance were candidates for Richmond Center and Steveston-Richmond East, with all Conservative, Liberal, NDP, and Green... Continue Reading

KPU Withdraws from Memorandum of Understanding with Kinder Morgan

President cites relationship with Kwantlen First Nation as contributing factor Kwantlen Polytechnic University has withdrawn from the memorandum of understanding that the institution signed with Trans Mountain in June. The memorandum would have given KPU $300,000 towards student awards and partial operating funds for the university’s Environmental Protection Technical Lab. The financial contribution was contingent... Continue Reading
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Capilano University alumnus’ Film Explores Youth Apathy

The Drop travels across Canada and the US to ask young people about voting According to the Library of Parliament and Research Publications, the 2011 general election saw a 38.8 per cent participation rate from Canadians aged 18 to 24. At a glance, these numbers seem troubling. New research shown by Elections Canada states that... Continue Reading
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Blacksmithing courses prepare KPU students for knighthood

Course completion grants gloves of +2 forging Students will strike the anvil this fall in two blacksmithing courses offered at Cloverdale campus, both surely intended to prepare Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s armoury for the great war. The trades faculty assert that modern blacksmithing applications will be imparted upon pupils at the smithy. “Blacksmithing has stepped into... Continue Reading
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Teaching assistants at Simon Fraser University remain on strike

Some SFU students have grades withheld amidst dispute At Simon Fraser University, the Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU) are currently on strike, and have been without contract since April 2014. The TSSU consist of teaching assistants, tutors, sessional instructors and ELC/ITP instructors. The TSSU consists of 2,000 members and has been active for 36 years.... Continue Reading