KSA makes cross-Canada excursions

Student association adds new conferences to 2014 roster. By Kier-Christer Junos [coordinating editor] & Tristan Johnston [staff writer] Members of the Kwantlen Student Association will pay a projected $1.3-million to the organization this year, according to the KSA’s budget. With these fees, the student association takes on a number of roles, including student services (like... Continue Reading
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Kwantlen’s Board of Governors declines divestment initiative

HSBC and RBC files show divestment choices make little change to investment portfolio. By Kier-Christer Junos [contributing editor] April 2014 minutes from a Kwantlen Polytechnic University Board of Governors (BoG) meeting shows that the board defeated a staff-and-student initiative to divest university money from fossil fuel investments. However, research presented by HSBC and RBC showed... Continue Reading

Paws with a cause

Therapy dogs help students de-stress for finals. By Jessica Brynelson [contributor] With finals hanging over the campus, students are doing their best to keep their brains from turning to mush just long enough to ace one last test. Because of the increased levels of stress, the START volunteer program has introduced something special to the... Continue Reading

KPU Professor Exemplary Service Medal

Evan Lopes acknowledged for contributions to forensics. By Joseph Keller [contributor] A professor at KPU has been awarded one of Canada’s top honours for professional service. Psychology professor Dr. Evan Lopes was awarded the Governor General’s Exemplary Service Medal. This award honours Lopes’s years of work in the corrections field as a forensic psychologist. He... Continue Reading

Fashionably Early

Aspiring designers preview their work. By Tristan Johnston [staff writer] On the Dec. 4, 35 fashion design students gathered in the foyer of KPU Richmond to show off their ideas. Every table had example materials for future clothing ideas, along with lookbooks and a concept. The event is a preview of a proper fashion show... Continue Reading

Fireside Chats with Alan Davis

Brown paper packages tied up with string. By Samantha Thompson [executive editor] “Are we rolling Bob?” Alan Davis asks me as I turn on my recorder. “That’s a Bob Dylan quote,” he explains. “In the beginning of one quote he says, ‘Are we rolling Bob?’ and then he starts singing.” Davis, the president of Kwantlen... Continue Reading

The Mayor-elect: What’s Next?

Linda Hepner speaks about her win and plans going forward. On Nov. 15, after an exhausting campaign that spanned almost half a year, Linda Hepner became the next Mayor of Surrey in a landslide victory. Now, in the brief period between campaigning and taking office, Mayor-elect Linda Hepner was able to sit down with The... Continue Reading

Burnaby Mountain Post-Protest

Just in case you missed it. By Kier-Christer Junos [contributing editor] Many days of protests and arrests ended with mass celebration on Burnaby Mountain. Over 100 people enjoyed live music, heard speeches and stood together on the weekend of Nov. 29 to 30, where people lauded the previous weeks’ efforts to resist Kinder Morgan—the energy... Continue Reading

Japan club denied funding

The nuances of KSA planning tools and KSA council. By Kier-Christer Junos [contributing editor] The Kwantlen Student Association recently declined the KPU Japan Club’s appeal for $450—which would have seen the club out to a downtown dinner—on the concern of “sending people to a dinner if there wasn’t an educational experience or other purpose,” according... Continue Reading

KPU hosts cat food drive for local shelter

Cat enthusiasts gather to help TLC Pet Adoptions By Sarah Emilie Braaten [contributor] Volunteers came to Kwantlen Polytechnic University to hold cat food drive at two of the institution’s campuses at the beginning of December. The food was given to TLC Pet Adoptions, a local, no-kill cat shelter that runs entirely on donations. The shelter... Continue Reading

KPIRG approaching agreement with the KSA

Both parties are reasonably optimistic By Tristan Johnston [staff writer] Though many students may remember coming to the KPIRG general meeting earlier in the semester for pizza and democracy, they have since had some trouble reaching an official autonomy agreement with the KSA. The negotiations may soon be over. “Things are looking good, really really... Continue Reading

Red tape diaries

Student Services swamped by bureaucratic inertia By Chris Yee [contributor] Leah Godin, the chairperson for the Kwantlen Student Association student services committee, says her group faces a year-long backlog of projects, even after the KSA took on the services of capital projects manager Kim Baxter last July. Among these projects include the introduction of a... Continue Reading

‘Tis the season to be studious

An overlook of KPU’s library services. By Tristan Johnston [staff writer] KPU students looking to study might consider the library as a holdout this exam season. The library offers several services that many students may be unaware of, according to Todd Mundle, the university librarian. “We do provide more indepth research help at the information... Continue Reading

Students play dodgeball for charity

Movember dodgeball tournament sees high turnout. On Nov. 28, things got a little hairy in the Surrey campus gym. By Faraz Hassany The tournament, organized by Active KSA for charity and some fun on-campus activity, saw high levels of participation. A total of 12 teams joined in, with some really creative and witty Movember and... Continue Reading
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KPU, Accessibility and You

Making campus more inclusive for students with disabilities. By Monica Mah [contributor] Post-secondary schools should be a place that is accessible to everyone. At Kwantlen Polytechnic University, there are a number of services available to students with disabilities, but is it enough? In their mission statement, KPU says that they promote a “barrier-free environment that... Continue Reading