UNBC Student Society Announces $100,000 Debt

Contrasting their society’s operations to the KSA’s reveals the problem The University of Northern B.C.’s undergraduate society (NUGSS) announced that it is $100,000 in debt at last month’s annual general meeting. Its financial troubles, which the society’s vice-president finance, Eric Depeneau, called the “culmination of many years of poor planning,” has led it to consider... Continue Reading

WOOW Campaigns Against Racism

KPU’s feminist club and women’s collective promotes acceptance Women Organizing Opportunities for Women (WOOW) Organizer Natasha Lopes believes that racist sentiments are becoming more common because “people are scared that their way of life is dying out,” therefore making them more susceptible to the messages of groups like the KKK and the Soldiers of Odin.... Continue Reading

Surrey Partners with KPU, SFU to Become Canada’s First City of Refuge

The City of Surrey will provide a safe haven for creative folk at risk around the world Surrey has become the first city in Canada to join the International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN), an independent organization of more than 50 cities and regions from around the world, each serving as a safe haven for... Continue Reading

Canadian Federation of Students Moves for Reform After Pressure from Student Unions

Proposed policy amendments would lower the barrier for leaving the CFS Following pressure from a coalition of several member associations, the Canadian Federation of Students may soon see major reforms. Most notably, it could lower the barriers for member organisations to leave the Federation. The motion—which was approved at the CFS national executive meeting on... Continue Reading

CCTV Cameras Installed at KPU Surrey campus

Cameras part of ongoing safety and security efforts by KPU administration KPU administration began the process of installing CCTV cameras in high traffic outdoor areas throughout the Surrey campus last month. According to an email sent out to students, the cameras will be placed on rooftops and canopies and will capture areas where there is... Continue Reading

KSA and WOOW Move Ahead with On-Campus Women’s Centre

The centre is expected to be opened in January For the past several months, feminist group Women Organizing Opportunities for Women and the Kwantlen Student Association have been busy laying down the groundwork for KPU’s new women’s centre. The centre will be housed in the renovated Birch building on the Surrey campus and is expected... Continue Reading

KPU’s Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy Shaped at Consultations

What the meetings lack in numbers, they make up in productivity A Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy meeting was held on Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Surrey campus on the first day of November, with three out of the seven attendees students. Representatives of the university also convened in Main 214 for the consultation, including Consultations Facilitator... Continue Reading

Runner Run-Down: Prior Learning Recognition at KPU

Learning isn’t limited to the classroom Have you ever taken a class that didn’t teach you anything you didn’t already know? Maybe you’ve already dealt with the subject matter at your job. Maybe you’re an international student and you took a similar course back home. Whatever the reason, if you have a course between you... Continue Reading

Psychology Prof Named Open Education Research Fellow

  Dr. Farhad Dastur, a psychology professor at KPU, has been appointed an  open education research fellow for 2016 and 2017, making this the second consecutive year that a KPU instructor has received this distinction. The Open Education Group is an interdisciplinary organization for conducting research and sharing knowledge about the development of open education.... Continue Reading

KSA 2016 By-Election Results Released

Five new constituency and faculty representatives have been elected as a result of the KSA’s annual by-election held Oct. 25 and 26. The role of aboriginal students representative will be occupied by Samantha Davis, with 70 votes in her favour and 10 against. Zahid Dossa will be the students of colour representative with 83 votes... Continue Reading

KSA to Attend Canadian Alliance of Student Association Advocacy Week in Ottawa

CASA members will gather this November to collaborate on policy change On Oct. 6 the KSA approved the release of $6,500 for the upcoming Canadian Alliance of Student Associations Advocacy Week. According to KSA President Alex McGowan, the funds are meant to cover “flights and accommodation and the registration fee, plus per diem, so food... Continue Reading

“Canadians Rallying Against Trump” aims to help defeat Trump in U.S. election

The organization believes Canadians “can’t sit idle” Glyn Lewis, a Canadian citizen living in Vancouver, has co-founded a volunteer group called Canadians Rallying Against Trump. The aim of the group is to mobilize Canadians towards contributing to the defeat of Donald Trump in the upcoming U.S. election. “Donald Trump poses a serious threat to our... Continue Reading

What Can a KSA Councilor Accomplish?

Skytrain lines and the return of varsity sports are not reasonable election promises, KSA President argues Some students vying for Kwantlen Student Association council seats have made some bold claims. Neelham Dhanda, who’s running for arts representative, technically didn’t promise to reduce parking fees, but in an interview said “I believe that when students pay... Continue Reading

KPU Journalism program now includes indigenous course requirements

KPU Journalism program now includes indigenous course requirements   New student journalists at KPU must now take Introduction to Indigenous Studies (INDG1100) as a program requirement. The course’s first offering will begin in the spring of 2017, and Journalism Department Chair Beverley Sinclair says the course was added to the program after the Truth and... Continue Reading

Birch Renovations to be Completed Late October or Early November

Plans for the renovated space include recreation and social justice rooms KPU Surrey’s Birch building is currently being renovated in order to provide more space for students on-campus, but the project hasn’t been without speed bumps. The Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group was initially displeased that they weren’t given any space in the new Birch... Continue Reading