The Results: The 2010 KSA Election

Right before the ‘extended reading break,’ the Kwantlen Student Association held its annual election. Here are the results. Why should you care? These are the people who will decide how your student fees are spent, and how much you could be paying in the future. ... Continue Reading

2010 B.C. budget bad for students, good for recovery

Finance Minister Colin Hansen announces the $1.7 billion dollar deficit, HST needed to cover the rising cost of health care, and no raise to the minimun wage in speech to the legislature.... Continue Reading

The New Student Union Building (SUB) unveiled

The Kwantlen Student Association (KSA) has plans to start building Kwantlen’s first student union building (SUB) on Surrey campus as soon as next year.... Continue Reading

KSA Budget Passes: Grassroots Cafe to make small profit

The KSA’s student cafe is expected to bring in $16,000 profit for the 2010 fiscal year.... Continue Reading

GDMA students get frosty for a good cause

Kwantlen students who attend the Richmond campus may have noticed an array of yummy cupcakes for sale in the rotunda over the last few semesters.... Continue Reading

Enjoy the last of the Olympics, with less of the wait

Check out what’s happening this weekend at the Surrey Celebration Site!... Continue Reading

Proposed faculty still no closer to creation

It has been over a year since Kwantlen began seeking a new Faculty of Library and Student Engagement Services department, so what’s been done since?... Continue Reading

1000 protesters fight against prorogation

Citizens take to the street to protest prorogation.... Continue Reading

The KSA 2009: A year in Review

The KSA says they are here to provide two things to the students: advocacy and services. This means it is up to the elected staff to work with us and take our concerns to the university administration, the Canadian Federation of Students and to external policy makers. It also means they are there to make sure we get some pretty sweet stuff. As a students get ready for another election, we at the Runner have compiled a list of what our current elected officials have done for us to help our readers make informed decisions in the upcoming election. ... Continue Reading

Students button down for Haiti relief

Fourth year GDMA students put their design skills to the test to collect donations for the Red Cross.... Continue Reading

Kwantlen awards over $1.1 million in scholarships

Kwantlen hands out $1.1 million to deserving students.... Continue Reading

Students step up at Kwantlen’s second annual leadership conference

Kwantlen students had the opportunity to meet and learn from community leaders and professionals at Kwantlen’s second annual Leadership Conference titled “Unleash Your Potential,” held on Jan. 23.... Continue Reading

A Runner Exclusive: One-on-one with the president

David Atkinson, president of Kwantlen, recently sat down with the Runner to discuss the perks of smaller class sizes, the university’s involvment with the Olympics, and the future of our institution.... Continue Reading

Kwantlen community responds to the crisis in Haiti

With the recent events in Haiti, the KSA has been putting together last minute efforts to help the third world country and its people. They are trying to raise money that they intend to donate through World Vision.... Continue Reading

CFS-BC loses court case against KSA

The Kwantlen Student Association (KSA) declared victory after winning a BC Supreme Court case against the BC section of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS-BC) earlier this week.... Continue Reading