Non-issue feature: Sexuality

This week we discussed issues that should be non-issues. Sexuality is one of them.... Continue Reading

Non-issue feature: Religion

This week we discussed issues that should be non-issues. Religion is one of them.... Continue Reading

Non-issue feature: Age

This week we discussed issues that should be non-issues. Age is one of them.... Continue Reading

Kwantlen’s got talent: Carlie Wong

An interview with Kwantlen fashion graduate Carlie Wong, who was featured in the first season of Project Runway Canada. ... Continue Reading

This week in news: March 22-27

News briefs for March 22-27. ... Continue Reading

Earth Hour: Coming to a planet near you

Celebrate Earth hour this Saturday March 27. Here are some tips on what to do to get’r done.... Continue Reading

The Results: Student Board of Governors and Senate Election 2010

Just over a 100 of you voted Kwantlen. So without further ado, here are the results of the 2010 student election for Board of Governors and Senate. ... Continue Reading

A tasty review: The Eatery

We review the kitschy kits sushi joint, The Eatery. ... Continue Reading

Sushi in the city: Vancouver's sushi scene

Vancouver’s sushi scene is one of the most diverse in the world, good thing the stuff is pretty darn healthy.... Continue Reading

News in brief

This week’s news in brief.... Continue Reading

Raising the issue of plastic: Rise Above Plastic (bags) campaign

Environmental crusader Maya Stano takes on Vancouver’s plastic bag issue.... Continue Reading

Sushi comes to the Grassroots Lounge

Sushi at the Grassrootsmay become a regular occurrence. Nom nom nom.... Continue Reading

KSA tries to sweeten deal with Premier

KSA travels to Victoria to deliver a chocolate reminder of the promised Kwantlen U-Pass.... Continue Reading

Happy Birthday to us!

Well ladies and gents, it’s been a full year since the Runner began churning out those magnificent issues which you almost certainly eagerly await each week. I know that sleep has been lost on our account; you have certainly spent countless Monday nights excitedly counting down the hours before the next issue of the Runner hit the stands, and for this, we thank you.... Continue Reading

Protestors use Olympic platform to raise their voices

On Feb. 12 a crowd walked through the streets of downtown Vancouver. From the Art Gallery to the corner of Robson Street and Beatty Street, they blocked intersections, they beat drums and they faced off with the police. While the rest of the city was settling in to watch the opening ceremonies, between 2000-4000 Olympic protesters took to the streets.... Continue Reading