Opinion 4 - 3 Zone Abolition by Nat Mussell

TransLink is Finally Addressing their Outdated Fare Structure

If you feel the fare isn’t fair, you can help them overhaul the system Braden Klassen, Contributor The South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority—known to most by their brand name TransLink—has provided a myriad of indispensable transit-related services for the population of the Metro Vancouver area. However, in the years since its formation, the transit... Continue Reading
Opinion 3 - Flu Season by Yuta Anonuevo

Whatever You Do, Dodge the Flu

Avoid germ warfare with these simple flu-season safety tips. Paula Aguilar Headaches, watery eyes, sweats, chills, upset stomachs—no, I’m not talking about falling in love. I’m talking about influenza season. It’s an agonizing period, and most would do anything to avoid it. Here are some tips and home remedies to help you get through this... Continue Reading

Deceitful, Divisive, Dollar-Bound: Politics as Usual in B.C.

Depth of Christy Clark’s pockets made it difficult for her supporters to justify their support Even if you’re generally apathetic about provincial politics in B.C., there is still a good chance that you heard “stipend”, “turned down”, and “Christy Clark” being thrown around in the news lately. You would not be incorrect to say that... Continue Reading
Runner Debate - Pipelines by Nicole Kwit

The Runner Debates: Why Do Pipelines Get Approved?: Alyssa Laube

The benefits are politically smart, but ethically and environmentally dangerous Check out the other side of the debate here Surrey may soon accept a benefits deal from Kinder Morgan, the company responsible for the Trans Mountain Pipeline. The project was built in 1953, running from Strathcona County to Burnaby, and is expanding by 980 kilometres... Continue Reading
Runner Debate - Pipelines by Nicole Kwit

The Runner Debates: Why Do Pipelines Get Approved?: Tristan Johnston

Politicians weigh the benefits against the costs, and take a risk   Check out the other side of the debate here In a poll conducted last September, about half of B.C. opposes the construction of the Kinder Morgan pipeline, while about half approve. Obviously pipelines are an extremely controversial issue in Canada, so why are... Continue Reading
Opinion 5 - French in B.C. by Scott

Say “Oui” to Bilingualism

Language acquisition is an essential skill, which is why French schooling is so vital in Canadian education. Learning a new language is empowering. It expands your ability to communicate with other people around the world, and it helps to hone your creativity and mental flexibility. One of my earliest childhood memories is of watching the... Continue Reading

Trump Vs. the Media

Buzzfeed News was right to publish allegations against Donald Trump, but doing so may have backfired for the media as a whole Of all the worrying aspects of Donald Trump’s early days as President, his relationship with the press might be the most terrifying. Before and since winning the White House, Trump has taken every... Continue Reading

Don’t Make the Mistake of Underestimating Kevin O’Leary

An introduction to the man who wants to be Canada’s Trump   As the 45th President of the United States moves into the White House, the shock of Trump’s electoral victory has, for many of us, yet to fully wear off. Here in Canada the Conservative Party is already flirting with the possibility of selecting... Continue Reading

From the Editors: The Runner needs you

Ever since our founding in 2009, the Polytechnic Ink Publishing Society—which funds The Runner and Pulp, and which all current students are members of—has been operating on a budget of $0.75 per credit. With your vote, we’d like to increase this number by 20 cents per credit. Hypothetically, if you’re taking four courses when the... Continue Reading
CFS Debt Report - Nicole Kwit

Runner Run-Down: Don't Groan Over Your Student Loan

Important info to consider when signing up for debt Paula Aguilar, Contributor Considering the price of university tuition, coupled with the ever-rising cost of living in the province, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for B.C. students to be able to afford postsecondary education without the help of a Student Loan. This somewhat faustian agreement with a... Continue Reading
Opinion 2 - Light Pollution by DLC

Why We Can’t See the Stars

Light pollution is more dangerous than it sounds Earth and outer space lovers have been protesting light pollution since before the 21st century began. The push against excessive artificial light got its big break with the dark-sky movement, spearheaded by astronomers afraid of losing sight of the stars. Since then, the movement has welcomed activists... Continue Reading

Surrey’s Ban on E-Cigarettes in Public Places Raises Important Questions

To vape or not to vape? If you ask someone whether they think e-cigarettes are safer than real cigarettes, you’ll most likely hear a strong opinion about it. However, if the person you ask lives in the City of Surrey, the answer you hear may not even matter. For anyone who isn’t familiar with vaping,... Continue Reading

Healthcare Privatization is Not the Answer

Advocates for a two-tiered healthcare might be suffering from symptoms of affluenza The Supreme Court of B.C. is hearing a charter challenge from Dr. Brian Day, who says that Canada’s laws preventing doctors from practicing publicly and privately are in violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and should be repealed so that Canadians—or... Continue Reading

From the Editors: Trudeau’s political credit card is maxed out

In the moments after the announcement that the Kinder Morgan pipeline project had received governmental approval, leader of the opposition, Rona Ambrose, said that Trudeau and the Liberal Party had “run out of political capital.” She’s right. A friend of mine pointed out that, in some ways, Trudeau approving the pipeline is worse than Harper... Continue Reading

Teachers (And Students) Benefit from Smaller Class Sizes

The Supreme Court’s ruling provides room for students to grow properly Our public education system needs significant reform, and few solutions can offer the immediate benefit of individualized education. Having fewer students in class would allow teachers to focus more on each individual child, understand their educational needs, and tailor instructions accordingly. This extra investment... Continue Reading