In the Internet Age, Information, Political Discourse, and Memes Can Become Interchangeable

Do you remember when children were eating Tide Pods or when the PS4 exclusive Spiderman video game was released? These events garnered a lot of attention a few months ago, but they’ve been nearly forgotten, like the Ugandan knuckles meme and the young boy who yodelled in a Wal-Mart and got to perform at summertime... Continue Reading

The B.C. Government’s Plan for Electric Vehicles is Unattainable

The provincial government’s new legislation intended to eliminate fossil fuel vehicles by 2040 seems too far fetched to be successful. The lack of charging stations, electric vehicles in dealership lots, and knowledge on the efficiency of hydrogen extraction is a huge issue that the government has not planned on addressing properly. It seems nearly impossible... Continue Reading

KPU Should Start Offering Courses on Personal Financing

If you’re anything like me—or just over three quarters of university-aged individuals—personal finance is not your forté. Outside of some mental math once in a while, you likely don’t sit down to calculate your income and manage your expenses accordingly. You probably don’t know much about how the stock market works or investment strategy. Until... Continue Reading

Virtual Reality Gaming is an Alternative For Traditional Exercise

I have been an avid gamer for most of my life, but for the first time, gaming is keeping me in shape. I’ve only had a virtual reality system for a couple months now, but my current personal favourite virtual reality game—as well as my favourite video game in general for the past five months—is... Continue Reading

7:00 AM Classes Are a Bad Idea

Some people are morning people. Early risers, fortunate souls who have not just a tolerance, but an affinity for the first hours of the day when the air is brisk, the coffee is warm, and the world is enveloped in tranquility. It can be a challenge not to assume that these people are completely insane,... Continue Reading

The Quebec Student Strike Against Unpaid Work Is Long Overdue

I’d like to preface this by make it abundantly clear that “unpaid internships” are not a legal practice in British Columbia. However there are two exceptions. If your internship is part of your formal educational requirements, it is counted under the “student exception” and considered a practicum, and you are not entitled to any pay.... Continue Reading

How I Cured My Road Rage With Self Care

Road rage has been a huge part of my life since childhood. Watching my dad pull the car over to get into physical altercations with people, ultimately smashing their windows and fleeing the scene, ensured that some of his bad driving habits were passed onto me. For years, I wouldn’t think twice about hopping out... Continue Reading

Make Your Volunteering Count This Holiday Season

The months leading up to Christmas tend to put many folks in a charitable mood. Many enjoy helping the less fortunate, whether by making contributions to toy and food banks or doing hands-on work in their community. It feels good to give, and it can be a source of personal pride and fulfillment to volunteer.... Continue Reading

Provincial Diversity Contributes to Canada’s Strength in Education

Year after year, Canada has been recognized as a world leader in education, with students performing better than their contemporaries in the U.S or the U.K in subjects like math, science, and reading. When it comes to schooling, one of the main differences between Canada and these countries is that we don’t have a federal... Continue Reading

Killer Fascination: How Serial Murderers Become Celebrity Icons

Sometime over the course of your life, morbid curiosity may have taken you down the rabbit hole that is learning about serial killers. Although it’s not often discussed openly, a casual interest in serial killers is fairly common among people; otherwise, the success of contemporary big-budget projects exploiting fascination with the subject, such as The... Continue Reading

An On-Campus Mental Health Clinic Would Help KPU Students in Need

There are currently 90 walk-in mental health clinics in B.C. Anyone suffering from high levels of stress, depression, anxiety, and other mental health maladies can drop into these clinics without the hassle of having to make appointments or get a referral from a doctor. Recently, the University of British Columbia opened a mental health clinic... Continue Reading

Students Should Stop Romanticizing Sleep Deprivation

A study published last year by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) shows that the best way to maximize performance on final exams is to study and get a good night’s sleep. For students entering their midterm exam season, it can be difficult to identify if your classmates are suffering from exhaustion and sleep... Continue Reading

Governments Need an Answer to Automation

In the lead up to the 2016 presidential election, when then-candidate Donald Trump toured the Rust Belt—the region of the United States most economically dependent on manufacturing and coal—he told citizens there that immigrants and regulation were taking away their jobs. He was wrong. Robots and energy yields were largely to blame. Jobs that are... Continue Reading

Politicians Unfaithful to Their Partners Will Likely Be Unfaithful to The Public

It seems like infidelity, once a rare topic of discussion, now plagues our media. Whether it’s a famous politician, singer, or actor, being unfaithful to a partner has essentially been normalized these days. You can tell that the times have changed by comparing scandals from the past and the present. It took the world a... Continue Reading

Queer Representation Doesn’t Work if LGBTQ+ Roles Aren’t Meaningful

According to the GLAAD Media Institute, more queer characters than ever are joining the casts of some of today’s most popular TV shows. Members of the LGBTQ+ community can get excited about seeing someone who shares an identity with them on screen. However, accompanying this increase are even more negative and stereotypical depictions of LGBTQ+... Continue Reading