Female Athletes Aren’t Treated with Equal Dignity

The media sends ambiguous messages about women’s sports Media coverage for sporting events is often different when it involves female athletes, typically highlighting gender rather than talent or skill. Coverage for the recent FIFA Women’s World Cup held here in Vancouver was no exception. While traditional sports reporting will cover scores and player statistics, and... Continue Reading

Vote for Me or the Terrorists Will get You: Fear and the 2015 Election

Let’s keep some perspective when we head to the polls One thing you may notice as the election season ramps up is that there’s been a lot of talk about terrorism. This isn’t particularly surprising, simply because terrorism (and fear of terrorism) has been something of a theme for more than a decade, and the... Continue Reading

From the Editors: Doesn't Make Cents

As we’ve reported in November, KPU is grossly underfunded compared to other universities, with a operating capability that is half the provincial average. It means longer class waitlist times, fewer available courses and in theory, a slower march to graduation. Last year, the provincial government had this really super idea to cut adult basic education... Continue Reading

The makings of an authoritative regime

This bill is terrifying. Really terrifying. Yet it garnered support from Canadians. In fact, according to an Angust Reid poll in February 82 per cent of Canadians that were surveyed support the bill, with 25 per cent of that group saying they “strongly” support C-51. That’s a majority of people surveyed, despite the ongoing criticism coming from the media, and opposing politicians within parliament.... Continue Reading

How to turn yourself into a bill-fighting superhero

Let’s get rid of C-51 once and for all. Bill C-51 is a terrible piece of legislation. It was drawn up in a ridiculously short time in a moment of national tragedy and fear, without the reflection or consideration required for legislation that seeks to provide a means of exemption to the Charter of Rights... Continue Reading

The Runner Debate: Kanye West

Kanye West is misunderstood: Waste your energy on someone else. Tristan Johnston, Staff Writer Kanye West has become the undeserved punching bag of popular music. He has never hurt anyone, and merely interrupted a handful of “awards shows” that would be long forgotten if it weren’t for his interference. However, it would be difficult to... Continue Reading

Should education be free? Absolutely...kind of

Imagine a world where you get free post-secondary education, and can focus on improving yourself through educational means and improving chances for employment post graduation. Well, this world does exist. In Europe and South America, for example.... Continue Reading

Vancouver marine life important in emergency measures

If you were in Vancouver in the afternoon on March 4, chances are you witnessed or heard about a chemical fire that swept across the eastern part of the city from the Port of Vancouver.... Continue Reading

From the editors: Transit referendum - pinch your nose

On the tax boost for the sake of all-around better transit in Metro Vancouver, being a proponent of the “yes” side seemed like a no-brainer three months ago. But people have begun using their brains, and now it’s looking like “Ahhhhh no.” This new information perplexed me, for it seems logical to upgrade the system... Continue Reading

Editorial: These are my reflections

By Samantha Thompson [executive editor] This is going to be a bit of a different editorial. Usually our editorials take a critical perspective on a current event, but for this issue I’d like to borrow the space to reflect on the past semester at The Runner. This is our last issue for 2014, and I... Continue Reading
Rosaura Ojeda / The Runner

Canada needs a new post-secondary plan

Why we can relate to the student protests in London. By Tristan Johnston [staff writer] On Nov. 19, university students in London marched towards Parliament in protest of tuition fees. Thousands came out from all over, including as Glasgow, Newcastle and Leeds. Organizers claim that over 10,000 protesters came out, making it the largest student... Continue Reading

From the Editors

A new best friend for Harper. By Samantha Thompson [executive editor] Imagine my joy when Stephen Harper posted a selfie to Instagram on Nov. 15, that depicted him hugging a koala, with the caption, “With my new friend, Jumbelung the koala.” Harper seems to love animals, as he has also had his photo taken with... Continue Reading

Ottawa shooting used to expedite problematic legislation

Be wary of letting the tragedy reduce your rights. On the morning of Oct. 22 in the nation’s capitol, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau allegedly shot Corporal Nathan Cirillo, an unarmed honour guard at the Ottawa National War Memorial. Zehaf-Bibeau then walked into the parliament buildings where he certainly would have taken more lives had it not have... Continue Reading
Hailey Logan / The Runner

It’s Going Timber

Kesha’s lawsuit against former producer represents bigger issue. By JJ Brewis Pop icon Kesha re-emerged several weeks ago, but it wasn’t a catchy new single that had the world abuzz. Rather, it was a brave statement that Kesha released, shocking fans and media alike. If this whole situation plays out as it should, the entertainment... Continue Reading

The “F” Word

Colouring feminism. By Aileen Tran Let’s take back the word “Feminism” and colour it beautiful. Let’s colour it until the white privilege is covered with the strength of women of colour. We need to dig ourselves out of the first and second waves because the feminism that derived from those first two initial movements is... Continue Reading