Opinion: basic U-pass a better deal for students

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Letter to The Runner: U-Pass doesn't help everyone

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An open letter to KSA council

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Canucks riot: why it happened

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Harper majority: empowerment of the already powerful

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Osama’s dead. Let’s get drunk.

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Harper's script: formulaic, flawless, frightening

This past Easter Sunday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited Burnaby in one more stop on the campaign trail. It sounds wonderful that the Prime Minister visited our town, listened to the people and will take this back to Ottawa with him. Wrong. Harper’s campaign is so scripted this event could have taken place at any... Continue Reading

Ignatieff’s reckless Coalition: He’ll do it again... I hope

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Women have come far, still have far to go

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Apathy is our problem now?

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Gender: why does it matter?

From the moment we are born, we are assigned a gender based on what the doctor sees at birth. But what if the little boy or little girl does not choose to follow those predetermined stereotypes?... Continue Reading

Why is our government trying to scrooge on the spirit of giving?

By Mae Velasco [current events bureau chief] Every Christmas I’m into the spirit of giving, but this Christmas it’ll be a different story. I’m a starving student, and on top of that, the government hasn’t been paying me properly. I’m a behavioural interventionist who works for autistic children. All my paperwork, service hours, rate of... Continue Reading

Opinion: WikiLeaks: A great idea, but where’s the responsibility?

Meet the Kwantlen Political Science Society (KPSS). They have hijacked our political column. Every week they will talk about a different political issue and explain how it relates to you. Every week will feature a guest columnist. Check it out.... Continue Reading