Why are Kwantlen students not voting?

In the last year’s general election only 555 students cast ballots, that is from a student body of over 17,000. Are we too lazy to vote? Too uninformed? Too completely ignorant to the fact that the people we vote for spend our money?... Continue Reading

Dear Steve: In response to the launch of the iPad

Our Media Editor writes a letter to Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs regarding the newly announced iPad.... Continue Reading

Texting behind the wheel: more dangerous than drinking and driving?

Students share their thoughts on the new cell phone ban while driving in BC... Continue Reading

Would you like a bit of capitalism with that?

By Michela Fiorido [Sports Bureau Chief] You open your presents Christmas morning and, while outwardly happy and seemingly thankful, the wheels are turning in your head: “I wonder how much store credit I can get if I return this heinous sweater grandma got me? I’m gonna buy a new dock stereo for the iPod I... Continue Reading

Behaving at the Christmas party

Our guide on how to avoid making a fool of yourself at the company Christmas party, and remaining employed.... Continue Reading

Star Wars Episodes I-III: concentrated trash

By Jeff Groat [Entertainment Bureau Chief] In May, 1977, moviegoers were stunned with the release of George Lucas’ Star Wars and its beautiful characters, music, and storytelling, not to mention its special effects.  Years later, we would all find out that the first release of the series, Star Wars (later named Star Wars: A New... Continue Reading

Why Star Wars appeals to everyone

By Christopher Poon [Media Editor] For more than 30 years the Star Wars saga has been entertaining people all over the world. From the badass lightsaber fights to little fuzzy Ewoks to princesses in golden bikinis, Star Wars has something for everyone. Have you ever cheered as loudly as when Luke put some serious hurt... Continue Reading

If you’re not blowing shit up, nothing will change

By Melissa Fraser [Culture Editor] I have a number of friends that are vegetarians. Some avoid meat because they don’t like the texture and/or smell and I get that. But, what I don’t get are those that don’t eat meat because they believe that it will either make a difference in the world of animal... Continue Reading

Look ma! I’m a real live super hero!

Have you ever wished you had super powers like x-ray vision, telekinesis, or something else you saw on your Sunday morning cartoons as a kid? We’re not that far off actually: mobile technology has developed as such so that we can see things in our 3D reality which aren’t actually there, a new view of the world called “augmented reality.”... Continue Reading

Olympics have led to the criminalization of the poor

By Careena Sharma A s the 2010 Olympic Games are approaching, Vancouver is getting ready to welcome the world for two weeks of fun and excitement to celebrate sports. There are many of us who are extremely thrilled for the Olympics, but then there are some that oppose the games. The reason why a large... Continue Reading

Idiot drivers: screw the lot of you

By Christopher Poon [Media Editor] Do you not signal when making turns/lane changes, drive around at night without your lights on, or text/talk on the phone while driving? Congratulations, you may very well be an idiot driver. First up, non-signallers. Are you so dense that you fail to see the point of flicking that little... Continue Reading

Fast food insight: Dealing with Micky D

By Michela Fiorido [Sports Bureau Chief] This is going to be as therapeutic for me as it will be amusing for you. I slaved away at Mcdonalds for almost two years – the psychological damage will remain for the rest of my life. I have so many stories but alas, I’m going to cap my... Continue Reading

Ballin’ out of control and you’re still an idiot

By Abhishaek Rawal Christian Audigier, You seem like a fine upstanding individual. I mean you hail from the land of exquisite wine and cheese, how can I not like you? However, there is a bit of a problem you have created which I do not believe you are probably not aware of. If you walk... Continue Reading

The sweet sounds of piracy

By Jeff Groat [Entertainment Bureau Chief] This is the digital age in which anything you could possibly imagine you could probably find on Google. Unfortunately, the music industry is full of dinosaurs and fossils that drive expensive cars, drink lattes, and have gold records hanging on their office walls in downtown Manhattan. These are the... Continue Reading

Music piracy: Hurting creativity

By Adam Vincent [Creative Writing Bureau Chief] Music piracy takes money from all bands/ artists and can hurt up and coming bands. Downloading takes money out of the nearly empty pockets of up and coming bands.  It prevents many bands from being able to actively tour and put out new music. Independent bands put their... Continue Reading