Navigating Faith and Friendship Can Be a Challenge for Religious Students

Being a religious person in a post-secondary institution can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience. I was raised in a Christian household and still actively practice my faith, and when I tell people that I am often met with a variety of reactions, some more welcome than others. In no way is this limited to the... Continue Reading

KPU Students Need to Stand Together to Push for Institution-Wide Change

Throughout its history, KPU has had its share of controversial issues. These include abusive staff members, ever-increasing international tuition rates, and planning partnerships with environmentally harmful organizations. With such a diverse student body, it’s sad to see that when students are not happy with how they are being treated, they don’t have a space to... Continue Reading

From AOC to Malala, Millennials Have Plenty of People to Look Up to

If one thing is certain about millennials, it’s that we’ve got issues. We’re lousy with them. We’re up to our ears with issues. Social issues, economic issues, political issues, environmental issues, discriminatory issues. You name it, we’re living it. Despite what any overly critical pseudo-sociologist Baby Boomer will have you think, these are mostly issues... Continue Reading

For Trudeau, Feminism is Just a Brand

Feminism got a serious rebranding in the early 2010s. In an attempt to demystify gender politics and dispel harmful stereotypes, there was a widespread push to redefine what being a feminist means. This rebranding simplified feminist ideology, boiling it down to essentially one idea: the equality of the sexes. It immediately became popular—celebrities began openly... Continue Reading

Metro Van Should Learn from Copenhagen and Paint the Town Green

Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, is one of the world’s leading environmentally friendly cities. It is currently hoping to reduce its carbon footprint enough to become completely carbon neutral by 2025, meaning that it will have balanced its carbon emissions with carbon removal, or even eliminated carbon emissions entirely. Though Vancouver ranks third for most sustainable... Continue Reading

Wilson-Raybould is a Testament to the Long History of Liberal Party Hypocrisy

Surely, it would shock most people to unknowingly have their phone calls recorded and later used against them in a public forum. But what if they were a political leader and the person recording them was a lawyer? Perhaps they’re a federal servant being recorded by the Minister of Justice and Attorney General. It is... Continue Reading

Legalization Won’t Stop the 4/20 Protests

  This year’s 4/20 event marked 25 years of protesting cannabis laws in Vancouver. According to the event’s official website, the protest was first held in 1995 at Victory Square Park, but moved to the Vancouver Art Gallery just two years later. Back then, the event attracted about 1,000 protesters, but this year nearly 100,000... Continue Reading

To Improve our Transit System We’ve Got to Start with the Stops

I think it’s fair to say that everyone has had a bad experience with a bus station at some point. No matter where you live, somewhere, somehow, you’ll always be able to find a dingy, rundown bus stop nearby. It’s just one of life’s constants, like death and taxes. To their credit, TransLink is looking... Continue Reading

Pipeline Pressure Could Go From Bad To Worse After the Albertan Election

Just days before Albertan go to the polls on April 16, residents of B.C.—especially those interested in limiting pipeline expansion—are once again left crossing their fingers for the lesser of two evils. Over the past decade, tensions between Alberta and B.C. have steadily grown. Alberta’s economy thrives on oil and gas, and when British Columbia’s... Continue Reading

Don’t Automatically Use “Victim/Survivor” to Describe Women Who Have Been Assaulted

Disclaimer: for the purpose of this opinion I refer to those who have been sexually assaulted as mainly women, and assaulters as mainly men. This is heteronormative and is not the case 100 per cent of the time, but it is most common occurrence. Today, referring to a person as a “victim” comes with boatloads... Continue Reading

Drawing Inspiration from Dungeons & Dragons Can Improve Your Creativity

As an aspiring artist and writer, I love Dungeons & Dragons. It’s a game that many know but few truly appreciate as a creative outlet. Gaming is a medium built on the unification of other media, combining music, writing, artwork, and more to bring beloved classics such as Pokemon or The Legend of Zelda into... Continue Reading

Don’t Take Living in Vancouver for Granted

We’ve all heard it before: living in the Lower Mainland is expensive, it’s busy, traffic sucks, and it rains. Oh, how it rains. But if everything about this area is so worth complaining about, what’s keeping us around? I’m brand new to the Lower Mainland, and this is my first semester at KPU. I’m currently... Continue Reading

When Remembering Marielle Franco, We Must Reflect on What Caused Her Death

More than a year has gone by since the violent execution of Rio de Janeiro’s councilwoman and human rights activist Marielle Franco and her driver Anderson Gomes in the central region of Rio, and many questions remain unanswered. Marielle was one of the few politicians to speak out against the militias who took control of... Continue Reading

Finding Your Niche Helps You Find Yourself

Even within our primary areas of interest, most of us will discover niche, sub-interests that we find endlessly fascinating. For instance, KPU psychology student and animal lover Patricia Naguiat is drawn specifically to researching meerkats. Because they’re her favourite animal, she knows that they are a matriarchal species, that a group of them is called... Continue Reading

Readers Respond: “What Makes You Feel Powerful?”

When you’re feeling down or unsure about what’s to come, everyone has something they do to empower themselves. Whether it’s doing yoga or getting dressed up, it’s important to take care of yourself and do whatever makes you feel ready to face the day. In the heart of the spring semester, a lot of students... Continue Reading