The BC Law Courts located in Vancouver. (flickr/Jeff Hitchcock)
The BC Law Courts located in Vancouver. (flickr/Jeff Hitchcock)

The Canadian Court System is Suffering from Delays

According to an article in The Vancouver Sun, three Mounties accused of pepper spraying a man named Trevor Ryan Vandervalk in custody in June 2013 have yet to be charged. Provincial court judge Ronald Lamperson has stayed the assault charges because lengthy court delays have violated the policemen’s charter rights. Two of the officers, RCMP... Continue Reading
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University Students Need to Educate Themselves on Drug Safety and Policy

Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an organization which believes that “young people have a right to evidence-based cannabis education.” It currently lists 18 satellite chapters across seven provinces in Canada, according to its website. One of its chapters is at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, though there has been no activity on its Facebook page since... Continue Reading

Nation-Wide Carbon Pricing Will Be Implemented by the End of the Year

The Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change was developed in 2016 to formulate a plan to curb carbon emissions in Canada with input from Indigenous groups. The framework was agreed to by most of the provinces and territories and the Government of Canada approved it in December of 2016. The main component of... Continue Reading

Pitbulls are not the Problem

Let me set some context for why I am writing this. My partner and I have recently adopted a dog, though he shall remain nameless for his own protection. From a veterinarians’ point of view, he is labelled a “Labrador retriever mix,” but to be perfectly honest I am not sure what he is. He... Continue Reading

Don’t Stress Out About Data Mining

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, has recently been in headlines around the world for his involvement in Facebook’s data mining scandal. In short, a U.K. analytics firm was able to access and record Facebook users’ data, such as their friends and interests, through a third party quiz game. This date was collected... Continue Reading

Investing in Transit Benefits British Columbians and the Environment

Over the next 10 years, the federal government will be allocating $4.1 billion to B.C. infrastructure projects. The funding deal, which was announced at the beginning of April, will cover the costs of green infrastructure projects, recreation areas, infrastructure in northern B.C., and perhaps most importantly, transit projects—specifically the proposed Broadway subway line and the... Continue Reading

Vancouver Grocery Stores Will Soon Be Able to Sell Booze

Vancouver residents love having a drink with their dinner. Before long they’ll be able to pick up some wine while they grab the groceries. Starting May 1, new amendments to city bylaws will allow certain grocery stores in the City of Vancouver to apply for a liquor license. This new model does not, however, allow... Continue Reading

Find Time for Extracurricular Activities

Since graduating from Kwantlen Polytechnic University last year, I’ve come to realize that there is only one regret I have about my experience as a student: that I didn’t take part in more events and festivals while I could. Granted, I was spending about 90 per cent of my time in a windowless room creating... Continue Reading

KPIRG Should Continue to Pursue Litigation Against Former Employee Despite the Cost

So it’s happened again. For the second time in Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s short history, a trusted student representative has been caught—allegedly—stuffing his pockets with tens of thousands of dollars that were entrusted to him by his fellow students. This time it was—allegedly—Richard Hossein, founder of Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group who—allegedly—stole over $110,000 in student-provided... Continue Reading

Surrey Should Look to Vancouver for Updating its Airbnb Regulations

A Vancouver bylaw that facilitates the regulation of Airbnbs in the city came into effect on April 19. The bylaw mandates that people who host short-term accommodations on the Airbnb website will need to obtain a $49.00 license before doing so. It also makes it illegal for people to rent out properties that are not... Continue Reading

Earth Day is Over, But Climate Change Isn’t

Growing up, Earth was always my favourite planet. The “blue marble” is home to endless kilometers of deep blue oceans, vivid evergreen forests, and golden deserts. But lately one thing had been made very clear: we are killing our planet. I personally didn’t have anything planned for celebrating Earth Day on April 22, though there... Continue Reading

Your Guide to Surviving Final Exam Season

Hurray, KPU family, you’ve survived yet another semester of classes! With summer just around the corner, I bet you’re eager to finally ditch the textbooks and enjoy all that Vancouver has to offer this glorious time of year. While the 2018 spring exam season has concluded, chances are you’re going to be attending KPU for... Continue Reading

The B.C. Speculation Tax Shouldn’t Impact Non-Speculators

The B.C. government has recently decided to make much-needed changes to the speculation tax it announced in February. These changes reflect concerns raised by several Canadians both in and outside of the province who would have been unfairly affected by it. Yet, in some ways, the changes don’t go far enough. The speculation tax is... Continue Reading

Canada’s Senate is Nothing but Dead Weight

The “Senate Question” has an answer, but it will surely go unanswered in our lifetimes. Last month’s near failing of the Cannabis Act, however, has reminded us that this institution is a dead weight on our political system. The Senate is designed to be a chamber of “sober second thought.” Unfortunately, when I was watching... Continue Reading

The U.K. was Right to Deny Lauren Southern Entry

  It seems as if Surrey-born “alt-right” political personality Lauren Southern has finally angered the wrong group—in this case, the government of a very powerful nation. While trying to gain entry into the United Kingdom on March 12, Southern was detained in France by border officials. According to the BBC, Southern had “displayed flyers saying,... Continue Reading