Don’t Hide Your Guilty Pleasures

When it comes to the media we consume, the thought of revealing our guilty pleasures to the world sounds like social self-sabotage. Nobody really wants to reveal their love for Avril Lavigne, sappy romantic comedies, or cheap tabloid magazines. Now, while everyone’s idea of a guilty pleasure is unique, all guilty pleasures seem to follow... Continue Reading

Canadian Universities Should Consider Saying No Way To Huawei

The political climate between China and Canada has been tense since the Canadian government detained Huawei’s CFO,  Meng Wanzhou, in Vancouver last December​. Consequently, Canadian universities are reconsidering existing partnerships with the telecommunications company. Many Western and European countries—including the United States, U.K., Australia, and New Zealand—have banned Huawei and ZTE, a similar telecom company... Continue Reading

Therapy Chat Bots are Paving the Way for New Psychological Assistance Technology

If you find that therapy is too expensive, inaccessible, or time-consuming, online therapy bots could be the solution. Online conversational agents work with the user to provide support and resources that fit their mental health needs. These recently developed tools, such as Woebot, Wysa, or Facebook’s Serenity employ cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT) to help manage your... Continue Reading

“Toxic” and “Justice” Make Perfect Sense for Words of the Year

Trigger warning: The following article makes reference to police brutality, racism, genocide against Indigenous people, and sexual assault and violence. The Oxford Dictionary and Merriam-Webster have decided that the Words of the Year for 2018 are “toxic” and “justice” respectively. Ironically, 2018 seems to have given us far too much of one and not nearly... Continue Reading

Vancouver’s Snowfall Chaos Should Be a Wake Up Call About Climate Change

It feels like it happens every year in Vancouver. The first snowfall that piles up more than a few inches sends the entire city into a spiral of near-apocalyptic chaos. Road accidents skyrocket, services like electricity begin to fail, and worst of all, transit all over the region shudders to a halt. When the weather... Continue Reading

What Went Wrong with KPIRG?

The Kwantlen Public Interest Group’s days may be numbered, but if a well-organized group of students were to restart a PIRG at KPU, they could learn from the torrid history of their predecessors. For context, KPIRG has spent the past year scrambling to reorganize and reestablish itself after becoming the subject of controversy for filing... Continue Reading

“Surrey Theme Song” Plays With Fun, And Harmful, Stereotypes

As part of an ongoing series of videos humorously depicting the “Surrey Jack” stereotype, Melvin Medici (Melvin Voon) released a video titled “Surrey Theme Song”. While the videos can be funny, Voon’s work has begun to create awareness about the dark side of the Surrey Jack lifestyle. With over 76,000 views on YouTube, the video... Continue Reading

Ontario’s Free Speech Policies Were a Good Idea Executed Poorly

Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms lists “freedom of expression” as a “fundamental freedom” to the Canadian way of life. The government of Ontario recently reinforced the importance of this freedom by mandating that the province’s universities and colleges have a policy addressing free speech on campus in place by the... Continue Reading

Mental Health First Aid Kits Have the Power to Help Students

Tina Chan, a first year student at the University of Waterloo, has developed a mental illness first aid kit called the Panic, Anxiety, and Stress Support (PASS) Kit to help students who experience serious mental health issues while on campus. According to a Maclean’s article written about it, Chan felt that the kit—which includes earplugs,... Continue Reading

In the Internet Age, Information, Political Discourse, and Memes Can Become Interchangeable

Do you remember when children were eating Tide Pods or when the PS4 exclusive Spiderman video game was released? These events garnered a lot of attention a few months ago, but they’ve been nearly forgotten, like the Ugandan knuckles meme and the young boy who yodelled in a Wal-Mart and got to perform at summertime... Continue Reading

The B.C. Government’s Plan for Electric Vehicles is Unattainable

The provincial government’s new legislation intended to eliminate fossil fuel vehicles by 2040 seems too far fetched to be successful. The lack of charging stations, electric vehicles in dealership lots, and knowledge on the efficiency of hydrogen extraction is a huge issue that the government has not planned on addressing properly. It seems nearly impossible... Continue Reading

KPU Should Start Offering Courses on Personal Financing

If you’re anything like me—or just over three quarters of university-aged individuals—personal finance is not your forté. Outside of some mental math once in a while, you likely don’t sit down to calculate your income and manage your expenses accordingly. You probably don’t know much about how the stock market works or investment strategy. Until... Continue Reading

Virtual Reality Gaming is an Alternative For Traditional Exercise

I have been an avid gamer for most of my life, but for the first time, gaming is keeping me in shape. I’ve only had a virtual reality system for a couple months now, but my current personal favourite virtual reality game—as well as my favourite video game in general for the past five months—is... Continue Reading

7:00 AM Classes Are a Bad Idea

Some people are morning people. Early risers, fortunate souls who have not just a tolerance, but an affinity for the first hours of the day when the air is brisk, the coffee is warm, and the world is enveloped in tranquility. It can be a challenge not to assume that these people are completely insane,... Continue Reading

The Quebec Student Strike Against Unpaid Work Is Long Overdue

I’d like to preface this by make it abundantly clear that “unpaid internships” are not a legal practice in British Columbia. However there are two exceptions. If your internship is part of your formal educational requirements, it is counted under the “student exception” and considered a practicum, and you are not entitled to any pay.... Continue Reading