Feel Like a Foodie by Ordering Secret Menu Items at Grassroots

Whether or not you visit the Grassroots Cafe on a regular basis, you deserve to know about a few of the best dishes you can get there that aren’t well-advertised. You may have to dish out a few more dollars in order to try some of the following items, but it’ll be worth it. At... Continue Reading

Victoria City Councillor Should Say “Yay”, not “Neigh”, to Horse-Drawn Carriages

Not everyone in Victoria is on the horse-drawn bandwagon. Since 1903, Tally-Ho Carriage Tours has been recognized as one of Victoria’s most iconic sightseeing experiences. Tourists in Vancouver can also go on horse-drawn carriage rides in Stanley Park. I can’t imagine someone visiting either city and not being able to go on a horse-drawn carriage... Continue Reading

There’s No Shame in Using the Mental health Support Services Available to Students

KPU students are nearing the end of yet another exhausting school semester. Most will find themselves inching closer to their educational goals, which means completing the last few assignments, prepping for the final round of exams, and once again maintaining composure until the point where all that remains is to await the eagerly anticipated final... Continue Reading

Grown-Ups Can Be Creative and De-Stress with Adult Colouring Books

As children, most of us spent time passionately doodling in colouring books. Sometimes we coloured on those restaurant colouring pages with crayons that fell apart in our hands. We spent our childhood being creative while failing—or not even trying—to stay inside the lines. Then, as we got older, we became busy with cool adult stuff... Continue Reading

Discount Flights are Taking Off in Vancouver

Canadians love to travel. But due in part to our relatively small population and massive land area, domestic air travel in Canada is some of the most expensive in the world. Fortunately for us Vancouverites who are strapped for cash but still want to venture outside of the province, things are looking up in 2018... Continue Reading

More Insurance Providers Need to Include Medical Cannabis in Their Coverage

Medicinal marijuana is used to treat a wide range of ailments and diseases ranging from cancer to chronic headaches, Crohn’s disease, or seizure disorders. It’s regularly prescribed by physicians, meaning that it’s a recognized prescription and legitimate drug. So why shouldn’t it be included in our health care plans? The University of British Columbia Students... Continue Reading

How Much Is The Surrey LRT Going to Cost Anyway?

The final cost of the Surrey Light Rail Transit project has not been released to the public. This is because the cost is dependent on when construction will actually take place—a topic still being debated—and is dependent on the value of the land that it will be built on. The cost of property is always... Continue Reading

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Legalization (But Were Too High to Ask)

Thanks to Bill C-45, 2018 will be the year that it becomes legal for Canadian adults to buy cannabis for their personal use. Canadians have been able to access cannabis for medical purposes since Health Canada began to regulate it in 2001, but the drug has been prohibited federally since 1923, when it was included... Continue Reading

The Future of the Olympics Must Be Fiscally Sustainable

With the winter games now over, Pyeongchang will destroy a $78 million USD stadium which was built specifically for the Olympics. In a town of 45,000 people, a 35,000 seat stadium makes very little economic sense. Though there have been many reasons for locals to raise an eyebrow about hosting the games over the years,... Continue Reading

Students With Anxiety or Sleep Disorders Should Check Out the Calm App

Like many people, I am the (not so proud) owner of a very noisy and needy brain. The amount of time I have spent laying in bed with my mind yammering away about either random or spirit-crushing topics is embarrassing. Rather than sleeping, I often spend hours trying to get my anxiety to take a... Continue Reading

Hit Snooze on Installing Sleep Pods at KPU

If you often find yourself in dire need of a quick nap while on campus, you’re likely in favour of getting a few sleep pods at KPU. BCIT installed two sleep pods in their Burnaby campus library as a part of a pilot project in July of 2016. The technical institute noticed that students were... Continue Reading

Unlicensed Cannabis Vendors at Robson Square Have Gone Too Far

The 800-block of Robson street in Downtown Vancouver was permanently closed to traffic in April 2016. The intention was to convert the square into a location for social events and civic and cultural creativity with proper seating, lighting, and landscaping. Instead, Robson Square has become a bustling marijuana market. I regularly walk through Robson square... Continue Reading

The Editor of The Baron Deserved to be Dismissed for Publishing Racist Material

Anna De Luca, former editor-in-chief of the University of New Brunswick-Saint John student newspaper The Baron, was fired after deciding to publish two articles featuring Michael Thurlow, the founder of the National Socialist Canadian Labour Revival Party (NSCLRP). The publishing of the articles—one an unedited letter to the editor, the other an interview—came on the... Continue Reading

Here Are Some Milestones to Look For at this Year’s Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics are well underway in Pyeongchang, South Korea, but excitement about the games is continuing to grow here in Canada (thanks hockey!). As of Feb. 16, Canada was sitting in fourth place in the rankings with four gold, five silver, and four bronze medals, and it has been predicted that the nation... Continue Reading

Your Second-Language Course is More Than Just a Credit

When I say “ni hao” to a Chinese speaker in Vancouver, no one cares. Anyone can say “ni hao.” But when I say “wo zai No. 3 lu he Westminster,” on the phone to my rideshare, I get stunned reactions. I’m not fluent in Mandarin by any means; I can only say a few words,... Continue Reading