The Government’s Plan to Help Endangered Whales Lacks Action

Federal decisions put orcas at an increased risk of extinction despite Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Recovery Strategy Killer whales residing off the coast of B.C. and California are listed as an endangered species due to dwindling food population, noise pollution, and high levels of human-caused toxins and pollutants. According to Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the... Continue Reading

Great Faculty Diversity Means a Closer Connection

Walking around campus, you’re sure to notice how multicultural our student body is, but does the diversity translate to KPU’s faculty? In general, it doesn’t seem like KPU’s faculty is any more or less diverse than the majority of institutions around the province. Reflecting diversity in employment is a never ending work-in-progress, so of course... Continue Reading

We Need a Final Exam Revolution

It’s time for universities to offer alternatives to the stress and anxiety of final exams Exam season is the worst. The last two weeks of the semester always involve study sessions, cramming, stress, caffeine, and thoughts like, “What mark do I need on this exam to pass the course?” Studies show that final exam periods... Continue Reading

STEM Fields are Important, and Education Should Reflect This

Canada needs better teachers to prepare its students for working in math and science Despite what you may think, you—and the vast majority of people—are probably capable of doing Grade 12 level math. While I was earning my journalism degree, I would hear my peers make off-handed comments decrying any requirement to do math, even... Continue Reading

Behind the Mask: The Selfishness of Black Bloc

Agitators disguised as protesters have been disrupting demonstrations to satisfy their desire for violence Without sustained public protests, standard human rights in North America would probably be centuries behind where they are today. Historically, important and impactful protests like the Stonewall Riots, the Birmingham campaign, and the Vietnam War protests would turn violent because of... Continue Reading

Lucy Sager is a Fish Out of Water in the Liberal Leadership Race

Of the seven candidates vying to be the B.C. Liberal’s next party leader, one stands out for deliberately branding herself as “not a politician.” Lucy Sager, who hails from Terrace, B.C., is campaigning on a platform based largely on having no prior political experience. According to her LinkedIn profile, most of Sager’s career has been... Continue Reading

After Thought: The CRA Probably Won’t Put Its Money Where Its Mouth Is

In light of the Paradise Papers, the Canada Revenue Agency is unlikely to bring tax evaders to justice If a corporation finds out that its employees are embezzling money, the corporation fires these people and presses charges. These people end up penniless and in prison, and the corporation receives its restitution. If wealthy Canadians stash... Continue Reading

The West Coast Needs to Take Students’ Mental Health Seriously

B.C. needs to follow in the footsteps of Atlantic post-secondary institutions Beautiful British Columbia, you truly are stunning with your extensive evergreen mountain range, deep blue ocean, and vibrant cities. I wish I could go outside and explore the places I love—but instead, I’m stuck inside working on a pile of homework. Deep in the... Continue Reading

Make Sure You’re Equipped for a B.C. Disaster

The province is due for a devastating earthquake, having an emergency kit prepared is vital to staying safe A magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck Mexico City and the surrounding area on Sept. 19, killing almost 400 people and injuring over 6,000. I was there one year to the day before that quake, and watching the chaos... Continue Reading

Whistler Mayor Should Defend or Clarify Comments About Lower Mainland Daytrippers

My thoughts here come at the request of Roundhouse Radio morning host Gene Valaitis. The response to my previous article reacting to Whistler Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden’s comments about day trippers from the Lower Mainland was considerable, with commenters expressing outrage at the mayor’s apparently elitist comments. Over the past couple of weeks, requests for clarification... Continue Reading

The Netflix Deal Could be a Game Changer For Canadian Content

Half a billion dollars could help get a lot of Canadian stories told, if Netflix does it right At the end of September, Netflix made an announcement that could be the biggest thing to happen for Canadian content since an old man in northwestern Ontario shared his passion for duct tape with us on The... Continue Reading

Conservative MP Dianne Watts Could Offer Honesty as B.C. Liberal Leader

Watts’ identity and history could be an indicator of her great leadership potential Conservative MP and former Surrey mayor Dianne Watts announced on Sept. 24 that she will be seeking the leadership of the B.C. Liberals. When journalist Liberty Craig asked about her political future for Fresh Magazine in 2010, Watts said that she didn’t... Continue Reading

Canada Still Needs Rick Mercer’s News Commentary

The retirement of the beloved Canadian performer is sad news for satire fans Canadians were dismayed to learn last month that we will be losing a long-standing favourite news commentary show: The Rick Mercer Report. The program has been on the air for 15 seasons and Rick Mercer himself announced that the one currently airing... Continue Reading

Conservatives Should Forget the “Goldilocks Zone” and Commit to Opposing Bigotry

“Can gay people enjoy low tax rates?” ask Tory and GOP Senators Both in the United States and Canada, the dominant conservative parties (the Republicans and the Conservative Party of Canada, respectively) keep bigotry at a peculiar distance—not so close that the party becomes inseparable from it, but not so far that they lose a... Continue Reading

Advanced Directives Help Dying Canadians Control Their Future

Bill C-14 is an Act passed by the federal government last May which legalized medical assistance in dying. Though it was an important accomplishment for Canadian legislatures, the bill fails to address the availability of advanced directives for patients seeking a medically assisted death. Advanced directives are documents which specify what steps should be taken... Continue Reading