From the Editors: Mental health must be taken as seriously as physical health

Could you imagine if you told one of your friends that you had a broken leg, and they told you that the problem was all in your head? While most people know that bandages are good for cuts, most people probably don’t know what the appropriate measure would be for those who’re experiencing short term... Continue Reading

Stop Sending in the Clowns

Intense horror is the only appropriate emotional response to clown sightings Recent reports from the U.S., Canada, and Europe detail a disturbing rise in both the number and creepiness of so-called evil clown sightings. Most reports feature misplaced clowns—many modeled after Pennywise, the clown from Stephen King’s It—posing as part of some bizarre scare tactic... Continue Reading

The Federal Liberals Have Let Down Their Electorate with Support for LNG

Sustainability is not a spectrum In a disappointing move that contradicts their earlier promises of championing environmental sustainability, the federal government has given their authoritative approval of the Pacific NorthWest Liquified Natural Gas project, a $36-billion natural gas liquefaction and export facility that would play a role in the processing and overseas exportation of gas... Continue Reading

KPU Students Deserve a Safety App of Their Own

Apps allow users to report and be notified of dangerous or emergency situations in their area In conjunction with AppArmor—a company that specializes in mobile safety apps—Capilano University, BCIT, Thompson Rivers University, and UBC Okanagan are among many post-secondary institutions worldwide that have established campus safety apps for their students. These apps are designed to... Continue Reading

Crime and Punishment and Creep Catchers

The pitfalls of vigilante justice It seems that there has always been a special place for the extrajudicial vigilante in our culture. From Batman to Dirty Harry to that masked dude from V for Vendetta, popular narratives have run wild with gritty, vindictive anti-heroes that endeavor to take justice into their own hands for better... Continue Reading

Indigenous News Coverage in Canada is Misrepresentative

Why we never hear about the good, but always hear about the bad This September, CBC Aboriginal officially changed their name to CBC Indigenous in order to better represent the unit’s most covered demographic. CBC Indigenous is highly sensitive and dedicated to following the stories of indigenous community members and events within Canada, and it... Continue Reading

Canada Reintroduces Itself to the World in Bid for UN Security Council Seat

A new beginning after a decade-long standstill Trudeau is working hard to improve Canada’s international image. To help accomplish this, he has recently prioritized Canada’s search for a UN Security Council seat in 2021. Due to a mess of incidents during Stephen Harper’s reign, Canada’s international image at the United Nations over the last few... Continue Reading

Vancouver Has a New Transit Tax, For Better or Worse

General public doesn’t want it, university students do   Last year, 61.7 per cent of voters said no via referendum to paying taxes for improved transit in Metro Vancouver and its surrounding areas. As expected, the quality of transit subsequently plummeted, and is still the source of countless complaints today. That may explain why, this... Continue Reading

Vancouver’s liquor laws need an overhaul more radical than the city is willing to offer

Overbearing liquor laws aren’t keeping anyone safer   The city of Vancouver is once again looking to residents for input on how municipal liquor laws should be changed. A survey went up on the city’s website earlier this month looking for opinions on subjects like allowing live music in bars until later in the evening... Continue Reading

HUMOUR: Canadians Demand Conservative Party be Screened for Anti-Canadian Values

Kellie Leitch first to be submitted to rigorous surveying Lauren Ipsum Just days after Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch suggested that potential immigrants be screened for “anti-Canadian values” via survey, all of Canada has risen up to demand Leitch be hoisted by her own petard. Citizens from across the nation are calling for members of... Continue Reading

Why is it so expensive to fly in Canada?

Answer: it’s really, really big Flights in Canada are known to cost a small fortune as compared to other countries. One of the main reasons for this is that we only have two major domestic airlines: Air Canada and Westjet.   The level of competition between airlines and airfare doesn’t exist here like it does... Continue Reading

How to Save Money as a Student

Alleviate your student debt one home-cooked meal at a time Isabella Scholda According to the Canadian Federation of Students, 65 per cent of the province’s full-time undergraduate student population is in debt. Whether you’re amongst them or not, here are some handy tips on how to save money during your time at KPU. It may... Continue Reading

Wikileaks Can No Longer Claim Neutrality

The ethics of document-leaking are just another growing pain of the digital age In the wake of Wikileaks exposing the emails of the Democratic National Convention—dirty laundry and all—Edward Snowden has criticized Julian Assange on Twitter, stating, “Democratizing information has never been more vital, and Wikileaks has helped. But their hostility to even modest curation... Continue Reading

Runner Debate: Was Harper a Force for Good or Evil? (Con Side)

Why Stephen Harper’s dropout of Canadian politics is a cause for celebration Click here to see the other side! During the last federal election, I spent weeks pondering who to give my vote to. My heart was screaming Liberal, but my mind was urging NDP, and my soul was begging to see the Greens pull... Continue Reading

Runner Debate: Was Harper a Force for Good or Evil? (Pro Side)

Hopefully the last time I’ll have to defend Harper Click here to see the other side! While I certainly didn’t vote for the Conservatives in 2015, I certainly don’t think Harper is as bad as everyone says he was. It should go without saying that Harper wasn’t the best Prime Minister we’ve ever had, but... Continue Reading