Hit Snooze on Installing Sleep Pods at KPU

If you often find yourself in dire need of a quick nap while on campus, you’re likely in favour of getting a few sleep pods at KPU. BCIT installed two sleep pods in their Burnaby campus library as a part of a pilot project in July of 2016. The technical institute noticed that students were... Continue Reading

Unlicensed Cannabis Vendors at Robson Square Have Gone Too Far

The 800-block of Robson street in Downtown Vancouver was permanently closed to traffic in April 2016. The intention was to convert the square into a location for social events and civic and cultural creativity with proper seating, lighting, and landscaping. Instead, Robson Square has become a bustling marijuana market. I regularly walk through Robson square... Continue Reading

The Editor of The Baron Deserved to be Dismissed for Publishing Racist Material

Anna De Luca, former editor-in-chief of the University of New Brunswick-Saint John student newspaper The Baron, was fired after deciding to publish two articles featuring Michael Thurlow, the founder of the National Socialist Canadian Labour Revival Party (NSCLRP). The publishing of the articles—one an unedited letter to the editor, the other an interview—came on the... Continue Reading

Here Are Some Milestones to Look For at this Year’s Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics are well underway in Pyeongchang, South Korea, but excitement about the games is continuing to grow here in Canada (thanks hockey!). As of Feb. 16, Canada was sitting in fourth place in the rankings with four gold, five silver, and four bronze medals, and it has been predicted that the nation... Continue Reading

Your Second-Language Course is More Than Just a Credit

When I say “ni hao” to a Chinese speaker in Vancouver, no one cares. Anyone can say “ni hao.” But when I say “wo zai No. 3 lu he Westminster,” on the phone to my rideshare, I get stunned reactions. I’m not fluent in Mandarin by any means; I can only say a few words,... Continue Reading

KPU Richmond Continues to Struggle with School Spirit

The general consensus at KPU Richmond is that, unless you’re part of a clique, there isn’t a lot of social connectivity amongst the students. At large, university students are busy people. KPU students rely on attending events held on campus and joining clubs to get involved. Unfortunately, students in Richmond say that there is seldom... Continue Reading

I Love Pineapple on Pizza and So Should You

Ananas comosus, or the common pineapple, is a medium-sized yellow fruit with a sweet tangy flavour, a half-chewy, half-crunchy texture, and a pokey, leathery outer rind crowned with an adorable little hairdo of spiky leaves on top. It tastes great by itself, in fruit salads, in pina coladas, and yes, as a topping on pizza.... Continue Reading

Your Guide to Valentine’s Day at KPU

If you’re stuck studying at KPU on Valentine’s Day, or you want to escape the harsh reality of being single, there are a few things you can do on campus—aside from crying. Then again, if you’re at KPU on the most “romantic” day of the year, that’s a valid reason to cry. For all the... Continue Reading

It's Time To Hold Hecklers Accountable

Words are more powerful than many realize. The right words can be used to empower one another, raise the goosebumps on our arms, and enrich our lives. On the other hand, words can also be used to demean and destroy a person’s feeling of security. Heather Butts, a CTV Atlantic reporter, was broadcasting live outside... Continue Reading

Vancouver’s Trump Tower is a “Shithole”

A poll from The Vancouver Sun on Jan. 17 asked readers if they would visit Vancouver’s Trump Tower after the President made racist remarks about rejecting immigrants from “shithole countries.” 1,343 people participated in the poll, and of those, 63 per cent said they wouldn’t visit the building. Users on Yelp left derogatory comments about... Continue Reading

NAFTA Probably Isn’t Going Anywhere

Donald Trump would have you believe that he could “tear up” NAFTA at any given moment, but don’t worry, that’s just how they do in New York. While there has been a lot of talk about how turbulent negotiations have been between Mexico, Canada, and the U.S., it’s more likely than not that NAFTA will... Continue Reading

Invest in Cryptocurrency the Smart Way

By now, most people have been told that investing in cryptocurrency can make you rich if you know enough about investing and economics. But, if you’re like me, you really have no idea what you’re doing. Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency, or e-currency, that was developed in 2009. Bitcoin’s purpose is for people to... Continue Reading

KPU’s Stern Smoke-Free Policy Might Just Be What Students Need to Quit

Kwantlen Polytechnic University became smoke-free on Jan. 21, with the announcement being made via email to students and faculty at the end of Sept. 2017. Other post-secondary institutions in Canada have also made the switch to smoke-free campuses, with more than 10 boasting 100 per cent smoke-free policies, including Emily Carr College of Art and... Continue Reading

Merriam-Webster Stays Relevant With Its 2017 Word of the Year

Every January, the Oxford and Merriam-Webster dictionaries choose their “Word of the Year”, taking into consideration the trends, themes, and major events that were prevalent over the past 365 days. For 2016, Oxford awarded bestowed its annual award on “post-truth”, which it defined as “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less... Continue Reading

“Bell Let’s Talk Day” Breaks the Silence on Mental Illness

It’s 2018, but people are still frightened to speak publicly about mental health. We see this when someone with a physical health condition is treated with empathy, while those suffering from depression, anxiety, or mood disorders are shunned and stigmatized. For the eighth year in a row, Bell has been helping people talk about mental... Continue Reading