We Should Show Understanding Towards Indian Students Coming to Canada Through “Fake” Marriages

Canadians shouldn’t judge international students trying to get an education here, even through arranged marriages Alyssa Laube, Coordinating Editor Newspaper ads in India designed to set up “fake” marriages between Indian and Canadian students have recently been discovered as a method of bypassing the hassle that comes with paying international student tuition and maintaining the... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Juggling your time as a student is challenging, but worth it

Alyssa Laube, Coordinating Editor Every seasoned university student knows what it’s like to be crushed under the burdens of academic stress. Whether it happens an hour before an important exam you forgot to study for, during your first day on-campus, or right before you graduate, the best thing you can do for yourself is to... Continue Reading

The Runner Debates: “Snowflake”: Pro

The word rightly describes a generation who cries before they are even hurt Neil Bassan, Contributor Read the other side of the debate here. The advent of the word “snowflake” as an insult is essentially a way of pigeon-holing the young adults of the 2010s as spineless, coddled, and emotionally vulnerable brats. That’s right—if you... Continue Reading

The Runner Debates: “Snowflake”: Con

Millennials aren’t just sensitive, they’re progressive Tae Whitehouse, Contributor Read the other side of the debate here. In today’s society, the task of being both progressive and palatable can seem borderline impossible. If one simply accepts their situation, making no effort to take control of their own path and place in society, the older generations... Continue Reading
The second annual international LNG in BC conference provides an opportunity to develop responsible government policy and industry best practices.
 This will ensure BC is at the forefront of natural gas production and global LNG supply.  

READ MORE: http://engage.gov.bc.ca/lnginbc/lng-conference/

R.I.P. LNG: The Long and Short of it

The pros and cons of several billion dollars’ worth of proposed liquefied natural gas development going to waste Braden Klassen, Photo Editor After years of deliberations, research, campaigning, and arguments over the benefits and detriments of installing a new $36 billion liquefied natural gas facility in the vicinity of Lelu Island near Port Edward, the... Continue Reading

From the Editors: KPU Should Learn to Love Itself

Alyssa Laube, Coordinating Editor There’s nothing like being far from home to make you appreciate what might otherwise seem lacklustre about everyday life. Midway through a nine-hour flight to Japan, it struck me that Kwantlen Polytechnic University really and truly hates itself—a fact I’ve known since I started here two years ago—but realistically has no... Continue Reading

A Few Thoughts on Chester Bennington

The loss of a voice that connected with millions Joseph Keller, Staff Writer It’s been a couple of weeks since I, along with the rest of the world, found out that an icon from so many of our teen years had taken his own life. I had just landed in Toronto when my phone reconnected... Continue Reading
Premier John Horgan and his Executive Council were formally sworn in by Lt.-Gov. Judith Guichon. Learn more: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2017PREM0061-001322

B.C. Should Embrace its Gender Balanced Cabinet

“Merit” isn’t the perfect qualifier for a cabinet position that some would have you believe Braden Klassen, Photo Editor Following the precedent set by the federal government, the B.C. NDP has made their new cabinet gender balanced, meaning that half of its members (11 out of 22) are women. This is a historical first for... Continue Reading

Basic Guaranteed Income Should be a Key Focus in NDP Leadership Race

Leadership Hopeful Niki Ashton has shot down basic guaranteed income—why? Joseph Keller, Staff Writer The last federal election cycle was not kind to the New Democratic Party. After the late Jack Layton managed to position the party as the official opposition in 2011, a series of odd choices that nudged the party to the centre from... Continue Reading

Inhabitants of Surrey’s Manufactured Homes Deserve to be Heard

Evicting homeowners isn’t worth the consequences Alyssa Laube, Coordinating Editor As Surrey continues to sprawl, the threat to local inhabitants posed by urban development looms. Communities of manufactured and mobile homes in Surrey are dreading being removed from their lots to make room for big developers’ projects like new transit lines and condominiums, just as family... Continue Reading

The Runner Debates: Military Spending: Pro

A military spending increase has been long overdue and is more important now than ever Joseph Keller, web editor Read the other side of the debate here In June the federal government announced plans to increase the national defence budget by $32.7 billion, an increase of 70 per cent. In addition to slightly increasing the... Continue Reading

The Runner Debates: Military Spending: Con

The Trudeau administration is being bullied by Trump, not representing Canadian ideals Alyssa Laube, Associate Editor Read the other side of the debate here As Trump’s America becomes less of an ally and more of a threat, Trudeau’s Canada is being pressured to step up to the plate on defence and foreign affairs. A response... Continue Reading

The B.C. NDP/Green Alliance is not Unconstitutional

Northern B.C. leader’s letter to the Lieutenant Governor claiming otherwise is simply baffling Joseph Keller, Web Editor When the B.C. NDP and Green Parties announced their agreement to form government as a coalition last month, observers waited with interest to see if B.C. Premier Christy Clark would blast the agreement as undemocratic. To the premier’s... Continue Reading

Canada Doesn’t Have an Anti-Christian Bias

Accusations of Liberals being intolerant of Christian groups are unfounded and offensive Alyssa Laube, Associate Editor A small number of Canadians are calling foul against the federal Liberal government, which they allege is full of anti-christian bias. Meanwhile, the world is reeling from unprecedented and widespread Islamophobia, and conflicts motivated by religious beliefs and values... Continue Reading

It’s Time for the Creep Catchers to Chill

The group has become more and more reckless, so it’s time to rein it in Braden Klassen,Contributor Ryan LaForge, the president of the Surrey Creep Catchers, was recently charged with assaulting a man who believed he was meeting an underage girl. The assault is just the latest event in a string of unruly actions by... Continue Reading