Fentanyl Dealers Should Face Manslaughter Charges for Causing Fatal Overdoses

Society is quick to write off the drug users on Vancouver’s streets as expendable, or as junkies unworthy of our attention and the government’s cash. Even though media covers the province’s fentanyl crisis, the reports are so frequent that they often go unnoticed, and they don’t typically mention the people who supply the fentanyl. British... Continue Reading

South Surrey Rubber-Producing Plant Isn’t Something to Worry About

Metro Vancouver issued a permit for Weir Canada Inc. to begin construction on a rubber-producing plant in South Surrey on Nov. 9, but local residents are uncomfortable with the manufacturing facility being in their neighborhood, according to an article by CBC. The rubber plant—which is situated in the Campbell Heights Business Park—will replace two other... Continue Reading

TransLink’s Double-Decker Buses are Taking Transit to the Next Level

If you’re tired of having to deal with overcrowding on bus rides in Greater Vancouver, double-decker buses are going to be your best friend. TransLink has added to its fleet of vehicles a set of new double-decker buses that will be travelling on overcrowded routes from Vancouver to Langley, Surrey, White Rock, and Delta. The... Continue Reading

Mulled Wine & Candles Make for a Lazy Winter DIY

It’s the time of year when most people want nothing more than to get cozy and hide away from the winter cold. If that sounds like what you’re looking for but you don’t have the time, money, or patience to do a full-on Martha Stewart-inspired do-it-yourself holiday, look no further. There’s nothing I’m better at... Continue Reading

Net Neutrality in Canada Isn’t as Safe as You Might Think

As the United States’ short-lived protections for net neutrality are being cut down, Canadians can seemingly rest easy knowing that our government is committed to strengthening affordable access to the web. But how safe is the internet in Canada if our southern neighbors go through with the FCC’s plans to sacrifice the consumer to the... Continue Reading

Without Operation Red Nose, Surrey and Langley Might Not Have a Holly Jolly Christmas This Year

It’s almost that time of year again—the smell of cinnamon and spice lingers in the air, golden light reflects off ornaments on evergreen trees, and the sounds of carolers fills our ears. For some people in Surrey and Langley, however, their holiday plans might end at a red light. Operation Red Nose is a non-profit... Continue Reading

Hefty Fines Are Needed to Discourage Distracted Driving

According to an article by Surrey-Now Leader, Attorney General David Eby announced on Nov. 6 that the province will consider distracted driving a “high risk” offence, meaning that if drivers receive two tickets over a three-year period, it will cost them up to $2,000. Drivers will also have to pay their regular insurance on top... Continue Reading

B.C. Legislators Need to Stop Playing the Name Game

Members of the Legislative Assembly in British Columbia are known for exercising their freedom of speech through the use of degrading and derogatory names, often using these names to insult members of opposing parties. It’s been a pretty regular practice in the assembly for decades, with MLAs cooking up increasingly hurtful names throughout the years.... Continue Reading

The Government’s Plan to Help Endangered Whales Lacks Action

Federal decisions put orcas at an increased risk of extinction despite Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Recovery Strategy Killer whales residing off the coast of B.C. and California are listed as an endangered species due to dwindling food population, noise pollution, and high levels of human-caused toxins and pollutants. According to Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the... Continue Reading

Great Faculty Diversity Means a Closer Connection

Walking around campus, you’re sure to notice how multicultural our student body is, but does the diversity translate to KPU’s faculty? In general, it doesn’t seem like KPU’s faculty is any more or less diverse than the majority of institutions around the province. Reflecting diversity in employment is a never ending work-in-progress, so of course... Continue Reading

We Need a Final Exam Revolution

It’s time for universities to offer alternatives to the stress and anxiety of final exams Exam season is the worst. The last two weeks of the semester always involve study sessions, cramming, stress, caffeine, and thoughts like, “What mark do I need on this exam to pass the course?” Studies show that final exam periods... Continue Reading

STEM Fields are Important, and Education Should Reflect This

Canada needs better teachers to prepare its students for working in math and science Despite what you may think, you—and the vast majority of people—are probably capable of doing Grade 12 level math. While I was earning my journalism degree, I would hear my peers make off-handed comments decrying any requirement to do math, even... Continue Reading

Behind the Mask: The Selfishness of Black Bloc

Agitators disguised as protesters have been disrupting demonstrations to satisfy their desire for violence Without sustained public protests, standard human rights in North America would probably be centuries behind where they are today. Historically, important and impactful protests like the Stonewall Riots, the Birmingham campaign, and the Vietnam War protests would turn violent because of... Continue Reading

Lucy Sager is a Fish Out of Water in the Liberal Leadership Race

Of the seven candidates vying to be the B.C. Liberal’s next party leader, one stands out for deliberately branding herself as “not a politician.” Lucy Sager, who hails from Terrace, B.C., is campaigning on a platform based largely on having no prior political experience. According to her LinkedIn profile, most of Sager’s career has been... Continue Reading

After Thought: The CRA Probably Won’t Put Its Money Where Its Mouth Is

In light of the Paradise Papers, the Canada Revenue Agency is unlikely to bring tax evaders to justice If a corporation finds out that its employees are embezzling money, the corporation fires these people and presses charges. These people end up penniless and in prison, and the corporation receives its restitution. If wealthy Canadians stash... Continue Reading