Donald Trump Lives Where Ever Reason Sleeps

Canadians are not immune to the monster of Trump Given the turmoil of American politics, as spearheaded by Republican candidate and professional buffoon Donald Trump, many sit astounded at the difference in quality between the Canadian and American democracies. Canadians, however, are not immune to manipulative demagogues like Trump—those authoritarian figures who appeal to human... Continue Reading

No Reason for Canada’s Monarchy

Having a Queen is incompatible with Canadian values This fall, the duke and duchess of Cambridge–Prince William and Kate Middleton—will be returning to Canada for their second visit. The royal couple has not toured our country since 2011 and their return is a fitting occasion to re-examine the role that the House of Windsor plays... Continue Reading

Runner Run-Down: B.C.’s New Property Transfer Tax

15% tax for foreign investors seems great in theory, but flawed in practice After what feels like an eternity of listening to Vancouver locals complain about foreign investment in real estate, the province has decided to slap a 15 per cent property transfer tax onto the city’s homes for buyers from out of the country.... Continue Reading

From the Editors: News

It’s better than you think Lately the news appears to be much more depressing than usual. Shootings in the U.S. are constantly being reported, Turkey almost had a military junta, and there was another massacre in France. It would appear at first glance that the world is getting worse. I’m not the only one who’s... Continue Reading

Think Globally, Shop Locally

KPU environmental protection technology chair explains how to combat climate change “There’s a lot of stuff we can do better, but we have to do it together,” says Dr. Paul Richard, the Environmental Protection Technology Chair at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Aside from the obvious recommendations—turn off your electronics when they aren’t in use, walk more... Continue Reading

Are we going too easy on Trudeau's Liberals?

We overwhelmingly approve of the new government, but are we overlooking its flaws? Justin Trudeau’s federal Liberal government is now well into its first year in power, and if recent data is to be believed Canada’s love affair with its dreamy-eyed PM is still going strong. Polls from Forum Research over the last few months... Continue Reading

In All Our Songs Command

What our anthem lacks in common appeal speaks to our confused national identity When a bill which changes the lyrics to “O Canada” from “in all thy sons command” to “in all of us command” comes into effect later this fall, we Canadians will solidify our national identity as a citizenry obsessed with not hurting... Continue Reading

The Too-Dirty Secrets of KPU Confessions

The group ought to start keeping objectionable posts to themselves “Send your funny, embarrassing or even darkest confessions and they will be posted anonymously,” promises KPU Confessions, a Facebook group dedicated to creating a safe space for students to speak their minds and spill their beans. Scroll down the page and you’ll find a handful... Continue Reading

The Case Against Christy Clark

Premier still deserves public criticism British Columbia Premier Christy Clark has been getting a lot of flack lately, and rightfully so. In May she travelled to Asia to promote provincial trade deals but brought two real estate companies with her, leading to suspicions that she aims to drive up the provincial housing market even further... Continue Reading

The study of Dead White Men

English literature focuses too heavily on one demographic English literature at Kwantlen Polytechnic University does not unreasonably favour white, male authors. But in order to be well-versed in the history of poetry, drama, and philosophical musings in a university setting, one must navigate the sometimes murky waters of the eurocentric, male-dominated past. One cannot—nor ought... Continue Reading

Nikki Ashton’s Honest Intentions

Her trip south may have positioned her above the mere political pawns Last month Nikki Ashton, the NDP MP for the northern Manitoba riding of Churchill-Keewatinook Aski, took her door-knocking talents south to Fargo, North Dakota to support American presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. By aligning herself with Sanders, a social democrat who is the farthest... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Democracy

Democracy hurts, sometimes In most democracies, we elect politicians to make tough decisions on our behalf. Said politicians are—hopefully—elected due to them being of sound mind, and hold an ideology that matches that of the people who elect them. These people are paid a high sum to speak to their constituents and conduct research to... Continue Reading

The Vancouver housing market is teetering

More regulations are needed before the whole thing collapses Many people will tell you the housing market in Vancouver is a house of cards, but realistically a Jenga tower is a more apt comparison. People are not only adding to the problem, they’re compromising the structure as they do it. Housing prices in the city... Continue Reading

Universities shouldn’t ban student-faculty relationships

We’re all consenting adults here As of late, the University of British Columbia’s interim President Dr. Martha Piper has been discussing a potential policy reform which would see the regulation of student-faculty relationships at the university. In practice, the policy she’s discussing would be less of a regulation and more of an outright ban on... Continue Reading

From the Editor: Media

New media should be viewed as critically as old media For some time, I have been advised to take a closer look at Buzzfeed for their news content. Putting my biases out in the open, I’ve had a very hard time taking them seriously, and scoffing in The Runner office when I’m advised to look... Continue Reading