From the Editors: On Diversity

The Runner Editorial Board Institutions need to be representative of the communities they serve. We see the importance of this concept reflected daily, when reports of predominantly white police forces failing to protect and serve largely black neighborhoods fill our newspapers and feeds. The need for accurate representation is particularly crucial in media, where groups... Continue Reading

Wikileaks Can No Longer Claim Neutrality

The ethics of document-leaking are just another growing pain of the digital age In the wake of Wikileaks exposing the emails of the Democratic National Convention—dirty laundry and all—Edward Snowden has criticized Julian Assange on Twitter, stating, “Democratizing information has never been more vital, and Wikileaks has helped. But their hostility to even modest curation... Continue Reading

Runner Debate: Was Harper a Force for Good or Evil? (Con Side)

Why Stephen Harper’s dropout of Canadian politics is a cause for celebration Click here to see the other side! During the last federal election, I spent weeks pondering who to give my vote to. My heart was screaming Liberal, but my mind was urging NDP, and my soul was begging to see the Greens pull... Continue Reading

Runner Debate: Was Harper a Force for Good or Evil? (Pro Side)

Hopefully the last time I’ll have to defend Harper Click here to see the other side! While I certainly didn’t vote for the Conservatives in 2015, I certainly don’t think Harper is as bad as everyone says he was. It should go without saying that Harper wasn’t the best Prime Minister we’ve ever had, but... Continue Reading

From the Editors: We Share KPU’s Stories

Tristan Johnston, Coordinating Editor & Connor Doyle, Managing Editor The Runner’s first issue in September tends to be one of the most exciting. The halls of Kwantlen Polytechnic University are once again teeming with students, and even at KPU—dogged as we are by our reputation as a commuter school—where you find students, you’ll find at... Continue Reading

Runner Run-Down: KSA Committees

What are they and what do they do? For many newcomers to KPU—and probably more than a few people who have been here for a while—the Kwantlen Student Association can seem complex and difficult to understand. The KSA can essentially be broken down into three parts: the executive team, the council, and the various specialized... Continue Reading

B.C.’s New Climate Plan Misses the Point

A simple, economic-based plan should be considered instead On Aug. 19, the B.C. Liberals unveiled their multi-faceted, overly complex plan to address climate change. The plan fails to acknowledge that profitability is the guiding force behind investment and production, and that there must be an economic incentive to make investment decisions that would help avert... Continue Reading

ISIS or Daesh. Why Does it Matter What We Call Them?

An enemy by any other name There has been a change in the official language used by Justin Trudeau’s Liberals lately. Anyone who’s been paying attention to the speeches of Trudeau and his ministers may have noticed that the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has not been referred to by that name... Continue Reading

Is Vancouver Even All That Liveable?

Despite high standing in The Economist’s liveability index, Vancouver tends to price out most student residents Vancouver, the city of mountains, ocean, and clean air, has received the title of the world’s third most liveable city for the fifth year in a row. Last month, The Economist released its annual ranking of the world’s top... Continue Reading

The Death of Private Prisons in America

American divestment in the facilities arrives after scathing investigative piece This month, media outlet Mother Jones released a harrowing and gritty account of four months spent inside one of America’s private prisons. That specific prison happened to be so private, in fact, that the article rattled bones across the entire continent, including the President of... Continue Reading

Tips to Survive and Thrive at University

It’s not hard to make the most of your time here Being a college or university student is an opportunity to meet new people, learn new things, make mistakes, and just generally figure your shit out. Whether you’re just starting at university for the first time or you’re a returning student, here are a few... Continue Reading

Editorial: Meet Your New School, Same as the Old School

From the Editors As with all universities, your experience will be what you make of it. When I first came to Kwantlen Polytechnic University in 2012, I would do nothing but simply show up for class, take notes, and leave. I wasn’t making many friends, nor did I feel a strong connection to the school.... Continue Reading

Elizabeth May to Remain Green Party Leader Despite Controversy

The Greens’ support for BDS movement to be revisited The Green Party of Canada held its annual convention from Aug. 5 to 7, during which the party’s membership voted in favor of supporting the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement against Israel. According to the movement’s website, Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions is a Palestinian-led movement that has... Continue Reading

Living in a Net Zero Home

What it’s like getting off the grid and on the bandwagon Sleeping in a net zero home has always been a pipe dream of mine. In the dense and buzzing metropolis of Vancouver, they’re hard to come by and even harder to justify. This twentieth-century world runs on technology and the city simply can’t operate... Continue Reading

The Runner Debates: Fraternities & Sororities: The Pro Side

Despite the bad rap, fraternities might just be what KPU needs Click here to read the other side! Recent rumblings from the Kwantlen Student Association and the Alliance of BC Students about the possibility of one day building student housing on campus have gotten me thinking about what our young university could look like a... Continue Reading