Why You’re (Probably) Still Living at Home

Young adults are being pressured to stay with their parents as housing prices continues to grow   The average young adult looking to live well in Vancouver is stuck with a daunting ultimatum—room with their parents or leave the city. Statistics Canada’s 2011 census has revealed that 42.3 per cent of people in their twenties... Continue Reading

Runner Run-Down: Dutch Disease

Does Canada have it? I’m trying to keep you from the conclusion that Canada accidentally imported weaponized tulips from the Netherlands. That’s super wrong. No, Dutch Disease is something much less exciting than that. But it’s still a crucial diagnosis, especially because it’s been suggested that Canada has contracted it. The orange ailment refers to... Continue Reading

Runner Run-Down: Understanding Wildfires

They have many causes, but we need better solutions Earlier this month we were hit with one of the biggest wildfires in Canadian history. The fire at Fort McMurray may even become the costliest disaster in Canadian history. The Bank of Montreal has already released an evaluation suggesting that it might cost the insurer up... Continue Reading

Runner-Run Down: Choosing a leader in Canada and the U.S.

It can get pretty complicated, so here’s a brief refresher At the moment both the Canadian and American political systems are going through an era of upheaval. While the Republicans and Democrats struggle to find their respective presidential candidates, the Conservatives and NDP are preparing to choose their leadership after significant defeats in the last... Continue Reading

Runner Run-Down: Offshore Businesses and Tax Havens

Understanding the significance of the Panama Papers The release of the Panama Papers serves as a stark reminder of what the elite will do to remain wealthy. The 11.5 million-file leak includes four decades worth of documents listing the names of individuals and companies that have invested in offshore tax havens with the advice of... Continue Reading

#OscarsSoWhite, or To Boycott or Not to Boycott?

People of colour discuss the lack of diversity in nominees The Academy Awards seldom fail to present boundless glitz and glimmer, but on the diversity front, they’re undeniably lacking. Less than 150 people of colour have been nominated over the past 87 years. The Academy’s questionable nominee picks have been a topic of discussion for... Continue Reading

Run-Down: The Kurds

Who are the Kurds in the Syrian Civil War? The Kurds are a Middle Eastern ethnic group that descended from the Iranian people. They are not united by a specific language or religion—though many follow Sunni Islam—but they do share a race and culture. Indigenous to the plains and highlands of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran,... Continue Reading

A Run-Down of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP)

Ambitious free trade agreement implicates dairy farmers, and possibly public policy The Trans-Pacific Partnership shortens the stretch of Canada’s hand into foreign markets, and the reach of foreign hands into Canada, too. But the new free-trade agreement between Canada and 11 other nations includes provisions beyond basic trade that have critics denouncing TPP as pro-corporate... Continue Reading

KSA’s resolutions of continuing effect

Snapshots of time and democracy Sometimes, you’ll walk by the Surrey conference centre in Cedar building and the smell of pizza will waft into the hallway, enticing your arteries to say, “Why yes, I would love a pulmonary embolism this afternoon.” But sometimes, it’ll be a trap into a democratic process that you’ll be too... Continue Reading
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Introduction to Canadian Politics

Not sure how this whole thing works? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you’re like most Canadians, you probably pay no attention to politics until three weeks before voting day. In fact, you might not even pay attention when there is an election. You might be new to this country and want to get... Continue Reading

Your Guide to the Party Leaders

Getting to know Steve, Justin, Tom and Elizabeth The Conservative Party Stephen Harper has been the leader of the Conservative party since 2004, and Canada’s Prime Minister since 2006. When he became the head of the Conservatives he was the party’s first leader after the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservative Party merged together to... Continue Reading
Photo from The Green Party of Canada

A Run-Down of the Green Party

Not just a one-issue party, according to candidates Founded in 1983, the Green Party of Canada is one of the newer parties on Parliament Hill. For this election campaign the Greens are focused on building “A Canada that works. Together.” Here is a look at how the party hopes to do just that. “The Greens... Continue Reading
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Explainer: UBC’s Academic Freedom Crisis

Faculty member’s blog post critical of BOG director opens up old and new wounds On Aug. 8, UBC professor Jennifer Berdahl posted to her blog critiques of the upper echelons of UBC administration who, after berating Berdahl for piping up, have ironically landed the school in a spotlight that UBC was trying to avoid. Berdahl... Continue Reading
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Explainer: Proposed TWU law school wants justice

B.C. Supreme court judges hearing their appeal Trinity Western University (TWU) is still seeking to reverse the B.C. law society’s 2014 refusal to accredit their proposed law school. The refusal is mainly based on the evangelical Christian school’s covenant, which students must sign, that states that marital sex is allowed solely between a man and... Continue Reading

Chinese Stock Market Crash

What the hell happened? The Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) fell 8.6 per cent on Aug. 24 and then even more on the 26th, prompting investors to piss themselves, in China and around the world. That’s a massive drop of about 1000 points just between Aug. 19 and 26, each point being a per cent. North... Continue Reading