Understanding the Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group

KPIRG still fighting for social justice despite frictions Three Februaries have passed since Kwantlen students voted in a referendum that would see to the creation of a public interest research group, or PIRG. In a nutshell, it’s a movement to influence public policies and philosophies that started in the 1970s on U.S. college campuses. The... Continue Reading

Pipelines: how do they work?

Tracking the dead dinosaur juice from Alberta to your gas tank Whether you plot to overthrow the warlock Kinder Morgan or you just want to guzzle the hell out of the dead dinosaurs in the Earth’s crust—because a meteor just wasn’t insulting enough—you gotta understand the infrastructure that’s causing all the fuss in the first... Continue Reading

Compass Card Rollout

Meet the new method, pretty similar to the old method Don’t be that person struggling alone at the U-Pass dispenser this fall while your classmates are already together, albeit in misery, at the bus stop. Everyone will laugh at you and I promise we’ll write an editorial about it, and it’ll be hilarious at your... Continue Reading