Wilson School of Design Grad Recognized for His Adaptable Ski Jacket at Annual Competition

Riley Scott says that being recognized as the student runner-up for the sports and recreation award by Core77 was both surreal and exciting. In mid-June, the Core77 Design Awards announced student and professional winners, runner- ups, and notable designers across the 18 categories judged. The award show has been highlighting excellence in design for nine... Continue Reading

Black Hair in Focus Event Explores the History and Politics of Black Hair

Black Hair in Focus: The History and Politics of Black Hair was an online roundtable facilitated by the Students of Caribbean and African Ancestry group at Simon Fraser University. On June 30, over 20 attendees participated via Zoom. The online discussion brought attention to the politics of Black hair, the way it has been perceived... Continue Reading

Vancouver’s African Descent Festival Will Be Partially Online this Summer

For the first time, the African Descent Festival will be hosted online this year to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 among attendees. Yasin Kiraga created the event in 2015 to bring “people of African descent together.” According to Kiraga, the festival was launched as an awareness campaign for promoting the art and culture of people... Continue Reading

Surrey Pride 2020 Mixes Celebration with Solemnity

For Martin Rooney, president of Surrey Pride, moving the event online in 2020 proved to be a challenge. “We had decided that we either were not going to hold one or that we were going to go online, and we had no experience in our group as to how to do that,” says Rooney. “Fortunately,... Continue Reading

Online Webinar Explores How COVID-19 Has Impacted People with Disabilities

An online webinar on upholding the rights of people with disabilities during COVID-19 sparked discussion about the unique impact of the pandemic on the community. On June 16, over 100 attendees participated via Zoom. The SFU Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue organized the event, provided ASL interpretation, and brought on three guest panellists. The... Continue Reading

Powell Street Music Festival to Celebrate Japanese-Canadian Art and Culture Online

For the past 44 years, the Powell Street Festival has celebrated Japanese-Canadian art and culture in the historic neighbourhood of Paueru-Gai, located in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. This year, due to social distancing requirements, the festival will be presented as an online telethon between 2:00 and 7:00 pm on Aug. 1. According to Heritage BC, “The... Continue Reading

The Kwantlen St. Farmers Market Opens with Social Distancing Protocols

The Kwantlen St. Farmers Market will be open every Tuesday from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm between May 12 until Oct. 6. It’s also moving to a new location: Brighouse Park in Richmond, B.C. The market will be encouraging social distancing and introducing new products. “They’ve laid out a series of regulations that all farmers... Continue Reading

New Indigenous Studies Instructors Arrive for KPU’s Summer Semester

Note: Since the publishing of this article, Dr. Kerrie Charnley took a full-time position at another university and will not be teaching at KPU this semester. Kwantlen Polytechnic University has welcomed two new instructors for the summer semester, Dr. Kerrie Charnley and Jules Koostachin, to teach INDG 1100, Introduction to Indigenous Studies. Both have expertise... Continue Reading

Facebook Group Reflects Student Frustrations with KPU

If the Facebook group KPU Complaints is any indication, some students enrolled at Kwantlen Polytechnic University are looking for new ways to voice their frustrations with the institution. “I think one issue is the tuition breakdown,” said Renee Singh, a Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Psychology. “When I look at the new semester charges,... Continue Reading

This Canadian Man Eats Pigeons for the Planet

Curtis Fagan is a resident of Calgary, Alberta who started trapping and consuming pigeons to reduce his carbon footprint. Because Canada is one of the biggest greenhouse gas contributors in the world, he decided to change his lifestyle by weaning off beef. In a year, a single dairy cow produces the same amount of greenhouse... Continue Reading

Finding Creative Inspiration During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Quarantined KPU artists are letting their creativity flourish during the COVID-19 pandemic. Faced with increased spare time and even boredom, KPU artists like Mika Zhu and Julian Dix are working on new projects inspired by this strange time in history. Zhu is a third-year international student enrolled in the fine arts program. For her Issues... Continue Reading

LGBTQ+ Parties Are Moving Online

While we try to protect ourselves and those around us from COVID-19, it is essential that we comply with social distancing. Some folks thrive in isolation and are using this time to better themselves, learn something new, or take a lot of baths — but others who are more socially needy are going bananas without... Continue Reading

Get to Know the Kwantlen Psychology Society

The Kwantlen Psychology Society is a student-led club with the aim of enriching students’ educational experience in the field of psychology through events and community.. The club has been hosting events since it was founded in 2003. It  provides unique resources and lessons from faculty and alumni, teaching students about graduate school, tools used in... Continue Reading

KPU Sponsors Annual Growing Room Festival

Room Magazine, Canada’s oldest feminist literature magazine, has been hosting the Growing Room Festival in Vancouver since 2017. This year’s festival, held March 11-15, is filled with many new and exciting events and activities. Attendees have the chance to take part in panels, workshops, movie screenings, markets and many more literary events in accessible spaces.... Continue Reading

KPU Instructor Featured in Museum of Anthropology Ceramics Exhibit

The Museum of Anthropology, located on the UBC campus in Vancouver, is known for displaying various programs and cultural exhibitions. The MOA also promotes artwork from different communities around the world. According to MOA’s website, it hosts three or four temporary exhibitions a year as well as a wide range of public programs and events.... Continue Reading