Diversity in Decline Book Discussion Shows How the Right Wing Influences Multiculturalism

As part of an event hosted by KPU Arts, Dr. Arjun Tremblay led a discussion of his book, Diversity in Decline, at the Surrey Campus on Sept. 23. Tremblay, an associate professor at the University of Regina, tackled how multiculturalism will survive during a time when conservative governments are being elected in Canada, Britain, and... Continue Reading

Conference Aims to Educate Arts Students on How to Find a Job After Graduation

Arts students are often unsure of how they will find a job after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Unfortunately, there are a few things Google can’t tell you about networking and what to say when employers ask about your education.  To help fill those gaps, students can consider attending the NEXT: Arts Student... Continue Reading

Battle the Freshman 15 with Healthy Alternatives to Emotional Eating

Oh, the freshman 15. Most students know that the freshman 15 refers to the weight gain new students experience during the first year of university due to stress and busier schedules that allow less time for self-care. Most students also want to avoid it like the plague. In order to achieve that, they get gym... Continue Reading

Poking Around the Free Acupuncture Clinic at KPU Richmond

On September 9, I was stabbed repeatedly. And it felt great.  I’m talking about acupuncture, a medical practice that is shrouded in stigma in Western cultures (everyone cringes when they hear the word “needle”), but is actually an effective means of treatment that’s offered for free here at KPU. What normally costs $100 or more... Continue Reading

Decoda Literacy Solutions Is Working to Spread Awareness About Reading in B.C. This September

Decoda Literacy Solutions, an organization that raises awareness on literacy in B.C., has assigned September as literacy month. According to Executive Director, Margaret Sutherland, Decoda Literacy Solutions is the only B.C.-wide literacy non profit organization. They provide support, training, mentorship, and funding to literacy programs throughout the province.  Literacy plays a huge role in every... Continue Reading

Active KSA Announces Exciting Events for Students this Fall

The Kwantlen Student Association’s Active KSA program is coming back this fall with lots of fun activities planned for KPU students, including rock climbing to hiking up Buntzen Lake and Lynn Canyon.  Active KSA is an on-campus recreational organization that prides itself on offering KPU students the opportunity to participate in affordable, memorable experiences. This... Continue Reading

KPU Student Chelsea Franz Featured at Vancouver Poetry Slam

Chelsea Franz, a student in KPU’s creative writing program, was featured at Vancouver Poetry Slam at Cafe Deux Soleil on Aug. 19, where she read from her self-published chapbook, In a Rolled-Up Kilt and Faded Black Knee-High Socks. The Vancouver Poetry Slam, which happens every Monday at Cafe Deux Soleil, is where the Vancouver spoken... Continue Reading

A Rundown on KPU Clubs and How to Make Your Own

If you’re anything like me, the idea of joining a club or potentially starting one feels a little intimidating. After all, it’s never easy trying something new, and adjusting to even more change as you enter a new semester might feel like you’re biting off more than you can chew. However, clubs are supposed to... Continue Reading

The Yellow Fever Comedy Showcase Challenges and Deconstructs Asian Stereotypes

Yellow Fever, a showcase of Asian comedians, was held at Red Gate Arts Society on Aug. 24 as part of the Unibrow Arts Festival. The event featured acts like Fistful of Kicks, an improv group that ended up describing a pretentious mall. Comedian Andrea Jin explained to the audience why Sleeping Beauty was her favourite... Continue Reading

There Are up to 101 Affordable Theatre Acts to Check out at Fringe Festival

The Fringe Festival will be returning to Vancouver yet again, from Sept. 5 to 15, with most of the performances being featured on Granville Island. With 101 shows available, it’s hard to make heads or tails of what to see, but rest assured, organizers say, there’s something for everyone. The Fringe Festival may be one... Continue Reading

KPU Students’ Artwork Features at the Surrey Art Gallery

As part of the Surrey Art Gallery’s annual Arts Council of Surrey juried show, ARTS 2019 Summer Exhibition, two KPU students had a chance to share their art with the public. Ryan Broderick, a recent graduate from KPU, won first place for his broken glass ambulance sculpture titled “Distress.” Third-year student Steven Lee placed third... Continue Reading

B.C. Teacher Blows Whistle on Twitter for Censoring LGBTQ2S+ Content

Editor’s Note: “Queer” is a reclaimed term, once widely used as an insult, that has been adopted by many members of the LGBTQ2S+ community in reference to the “spectrum of non-heterosexual and/or non-cisgender people,” as written in QMUNITY’s queer terminology handbook.  Joseph Tong, a teacher at UBC and in the Surrey school district, recently started... Continue Reading

KPU Student Competes at Microsoft Office Specialist World Championships

Most post-secondary students have had to use a Microsoft Office program at least once during the course of their education, either for writing papers with Word, doing presentations using PowerPoint, or completing spreadsheets with Excel. Most students probably consider themselves familiar or proficient with using the programs, and some probably even consider themselves to be... Continue Reading

Surrey’s Annual Fusion Fest: A Unique Blend of Culture and Tradition

The myriad of cultures that come together for Surrey’s annual Fusion Fest represent the cultural diversity of our community. From Peruvian flute music to Indian cuisine to traditional Chinese dance performances, the variety and authenticity of the festivities there, all within a stone’s throw from one another, is a truly beautiful sight to behold.  “I... Continue Reading

Surrey Pride Celebrates 20th Anniversary in Central City Plaza

The annual Surrey Pride festival took place in Central City Plaza, just steps away from KPU’s recently opened Civic Centre campus, on June 29. The event saw at least 1,300 attendees and was significant for a number of reasons. Not only did it fall on the 20th anniversary of Surrey Pride, but it also marked... Continue Reading