Delay of Student Loan Funding Causes Confusion for KPU Students

With assignments stacking up and the occasional snow day throwing the city into temporary chaos, nobody needs to worry about being unable to pay their bills mid-semester. Yet, many students were faced with financial uncertainty after a technical glitch prevented student aid money from reaching some of its applicants on time. While students who applied... Continue Reading

A First Timer’s Experience at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver

Until I visited the Unitarian Church of Vancouver on Sunday, Jan. 12, I had never been to church. I was not raised to believe in any religious practice or belief system. As I grew older, the concept of religion portrayed in the media was often negative — always committing horrific acts in the name of... Continue Reading

Surrey Filmmaker Portrays Gang Violence from a First-Person Perspective with Monster

The film Monster reveals a different side to Surrey’s gang violence while crushing the “Surrey jack” stereotype. Earlier in January, local filmmaker, actor and writer Inderveer Sodhi released the film Monster which only took six days to film. The movie can now be watched on YouTube and Prime Video, and it’s based on a coming-of-age... Continue Reading

The Langley Farmers Market Is on Hiatus for 2020

The Langley Community Farmers Market Society recently announced their decision to go on hiatus after a “disappointing market season in 2019.” They will not be organizing a 2020 farmers market due to a lower number of customers and “society revenues that fell significantly below projections,” according to a press release posted on their website in... Continue Reading

Nisha Patel on Speaking Her Truth at KPU

Kwantlen Poetry Project hosted Nisha Patel, an award-winning Indo-Canadian poet and artist, at the Surrey campus on Feb. 5. Patel is the City of Edmonton’s Poet Laureate and the 2019 Canadian Individual Slam Champion. She has received the Edmonton’s Artists’ Trust Fund Award and is the Executive Director of the Edmonton Poetry Festival. Patel’s poems... Continue Reading

English and Ceramics Students at KPU Collaborate to Create Maple-Washing: A Disruption

Last December, Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s English department paired up with the fine arts department for the collaborative exhibit Maple-Washing: A Disruption. The final works were displayed in the Arbutus gallery throughout January. Described as “a synthesis of literary analysis and ceramics” by the KPU English instructor who spearheaded the project, Greg Chan, the project “articulates... Continue Reading

Science Fiction Reveals a Brand New Niche in Indian Cinema

Dr. Asma Sayed, an English professor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, took to the stage at Science World for KPU Speaker Series to discuss science fiction in Indian cinema on Jan. 20. Despite the cold and the rain, many people managed to attend the free event. One of the attendees was KPU’s dean of arts, Diane... Continue Reading

KDocs 2020 Explores the Meaning of Truth

In the span of eight years, KDocs has grown from a Miss Representation screening and town hall event to Metro Vancouver’s leading social justice film festival. The upcoming 2020 film festival, which spans from Feb. 20 to Feb. 23, will be showing 13 documentaries in addition to hosting a slew of filmmakers, keynote speakers, panel... Continue Reading

KPU Students Become Climate Change Educators

Organized by KPU Political Science Chair Dr. Ross Pink, the Climate Change Ambassador program helps KPU students present to local high school students about the current climate crisis. Pink started the ambassador program with some of his students back in November of 2019. His goal was to give students the opportunity to speak publicly about... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Free Radio Is Ready for a Comeback

Radio Free Kwantlen was created and approved by the Kwantlen Student Association in 2009. From 2013 to 2015, the KSA collected $0.13 per credit per student, which by the end of 2015 accumulated a total of $83,569 for Radio Free Kwantlen. At the moment, that money is still sitting in the bank, collecting dust and... Continue Reading

How KPU’s Fitness Programs Help Students Get in Shape

The spring semester has begun and students have arrived on campus with hopes and dreams of better grades, novel experiences, and revamped relationships with their treadmills. Today, we’re talking about that third thing. Whether you’re looking to work on your fitness alone, through group peer pressure, or out in the pockets of wilderness spread throughout... Continue Reading

KPU Welcome Week Features a Variety of Resources for Students

Welcome Week, which took place across KPU campuses from Jan. 13-16, was open to all students regardless of their year of study. It featured multiple booths offering information on different campus services and organizations. Among the booths were representatives from the Career Development Centre, the Kwantlen Student Association, KSA MultiPass, Surrey for Future, My Student... Continue Reading

Elbow Room Cafe: The Musical Makes Audiences Laugh in Vancouver

Notorious for sprinkling a bit of sass into every meal, the Elbow Room Café has inspired a holiday musical that has been making audiences snort with laughter. The play showed at The Cultch, produced by Zee Zee Theatre company, and directed by Cameron Mackenzie. It ran from Dec. 12 until Dec. 29. Besides being a... Continue Reading

The Evolution of Horror Movies Reveals Truths About Human Nature

You burn more calories watching horror than you do watching any other genre. While watching a scary movie, human hearts pound, fingertips tingle, and pupils dilate — all natural responses to fear. Some long for this emotion. Others would rather avoid it. The reaction to horror movies has largely stayed the same over time, but... Continue Reading

Ikponwosa Ero Speaks on the Struggle to Protect People with Albinism

Albinism is a genetic disease affecting 1 in 20,000 people in North America and Europe. A 2014 report by the Canadian charity Under the Same Sun studied attacks against individuals with albinism in 180 countries and documented 129 killings and 181 other attacks in 23 African countries, where the rate of persons born with albinism... Continue Reading