Elbow Room Cafe: The Musical Makes Audiences Laugh in Vancouver

Notorious for sprinkling a bit of sass into every meal, the Elbow Room Café has inspired a holiday musical that has been making audiences snort with laughter. The play showed at The Cultch, produced by Zee Zee Theatre company, and directed by Cameron Mackenzie. It ran from Dec. 12 until Dec. 29. Besides being a... Continue Reading

The Evolution of Horror Movies Reveals Truths About Human Nature

You burn more calories watching horror than you do watching any other genre. While watching a scary movie, human hearts pound, fingertips tingle, and pupils dilate — all natural responses to fear. Some long for this emotion. Others would rather avoid it. The reaction to horror movies has largely stayed the same over time, but... Continue Reading

Ikponwosa Ero Speaks on the Struggle to Protect People with Albinism

Albinism is a genetic disease affecting 1 in 20,000 people in North America and Europe. A 2014 report by the Canadian charity Under the Same Sun studied attacks against individuals with albinism in 180 countries and documented 129 killings and 181 other attacks in 23 African countries, where the rate of persons born with albinism... Continue Reading

Therapy Dogs Visit KPU for Stress Relief Week

There were some wagging tails at KPU’s Surrey campus eager to help students on Nov. 25 during Stress Relief Week. Three fluffy canines expressed their love for students by licking and vying for their attention on the second floor of the Birch building. From Nov. 25 to 29, the KSA organized much-needed activities for stressed-out... Continue Reading

Artists Get Closer to Nature with How Green Is Your Muse? Exhibit

Filipino-Canadian artists will be showcasing their artistic muses in a nature-themed exhibit at the Surrey Art Gallery which is running until Feb. 2. The exhibit, titled How Green Is Your Muse?, was a celebration of nature and a cry for climate action. To create it, a dozen Filipino-Canadian artists explored and expressed their relationships with... Continue Reading

Flashfood Helps Students Waste Less and Save More on Groceries

Flashfood has changed the way people buy groceries and prevents food from going to waste across Canada. It works by listing items being sold at local grocery stores at a discount a few days or weeks before their best-before date. These items are offered at 50 per cent off or more, and users can pick... Continue Reading

The First Annual Tree Planting Film Festival Breaks Ground in Vancouver

The first ever tree planting film festival was about tree planters, by tree planters, and attended by — yep, you guessed it — tree planters. People filed into the Imperial for the festival on Nov. 14, which started with a friendly mixer followed by film screenings, live music, and dancing. The point of the night... Continue Reading

Latincouver Hosts a Night of International Rhythm in Vancouver

Latincouver spiced up the streets of downtown Vancouver with its Afro-Latin Mix Night at the Orpheum Theatre on Nov. 14. Latincouver is a not-for-profit organization that brings together both Latin Americans and Latin culture enthusiasts living in B.C. The organization decided to organize the multicultural celebration for Latin American Heritage Month, which is held throughout... Continue Reading

Slamapalooza Rebrands and Restructures into Kwantlen Poetry Project

Formerly known as Slamapalooza, Kwantlen Poetry Project aims to remove harmful competition and replace it with a safe space for sharing truth and honouring stories. KPU’s poetry team recently returned from the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word inspired to change their name, structure, and focus on competition. Upon returning from CFSW, Kwantlen Poetry Project organizer... Continue Reading

The Booming Bhangra Music and Dance Scene in Surrey

Bhangra is in the blood of every Punjabi. For those who are not familiar with this term, bhangra is the vivacious folk dance and music of Punjabi culture. Surrey is home to a vast number of Punjabi people, and even non-Punjabi residents celebrate Punjabi culture to an extent by appreciating the food, festivals, and of... Continue Reading

African Descent: Spoken Truth Lifts the Burden of Tokenization

African Descent: Spoken Truth gave a platform for poets and musicians of African descent to share their art on Nov. 8. Dana I.D. Matthews, a spoken word poet, started the night off with a powerful and charismatic performance. He began his set with a poem to calm his nerves, and then proceeded to make the... Continue Reading

This Year’s Diwali Festival Lights Up the KPU Surrey Campus

The KPU International celebration of Diwali festival lit up the halls of the KPU Surrey Campus on Nov. 2, when many joyful students gathered for an evening of dancing and chatter. Diwali is a five-day festival of lights celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists. It represents new beginnings, light over darkness, and good... Continue Reading

The KPU Gaming Guild Hosts Revival of the Gaming Dead for Halloween

The Gaming Guild spooked KPU students for its sixth annual Halloween event, the Revival of the Gaming Dead, on Halloween this year. The event was free to attend and offered hot and fresh pizza to anyone willing to grab a free slice from a volunteer dressed up as a swordsman. The event also provided free... Continue Reading

A Critical Affair: Elizabeth May Chose a Good Time to Step Down

After 13 years of being the leader of the Green Party of Canada, Elizabeth May announced she would be stepping down from the role. She maintains that she wants to keep a very active role in the party as the MP for the Saanich-Gulf Islands riding, and she wants to stay on as the party’s... Continue Reading

Kwantlen Brewing Wins Brewery of the Year Award

KPU’s Brewing and Brewery Operations program won Brewery of the Year and took home eight other awards, many of them for first place, at the British Columbia Beer Awards on Oct. 19. KPU Brewing won awards in many categories, among them the North American Amber Ale, the Pale German Beer, and The German Wheat Beer.... Continue Reading