KPU Instructor Among Researchers Calling Dodgeball a “Tool of Oppression”

Earlier this month, a study labelling dodgeball as a “tool of oppression” was presented by SFU instructor Claire Robson, UBC instructor Joy Butler, and KPU instructor David Burns. Taking inspiration from the political theorist Iris Marion Young’s definition of the Five Faces of Oppression—those being violence, cultural imperialism, powerlessness, exploitation, and marginalization—the researchers behind the... Continue Reading

Seeing the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra for the First Time was Weird

Like eating caviar or joining a yacht club, buying tickets to see the symphony may seem like an unnecessary indulgence for us empty-pocketed students. I had never seen a classical concert as an adult until I went to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s 100th anniversary performance on June 7, and walking into the Orpheum that night,... Continue Reading

Round-Up Cafe Celebrates 70 Years of Serving Surrey

Located only steps away from the new KPU Civic Plaza campus, Surrey Central’s Round-Up Cafe has kept the community well-fed since 1949. For most of its life, the restaurant has been owned and operated by Goldie Springenatic, who purchased it with her late husband Orest in 1959.  “[Our menu] hasn’t changed in all those years,”... Continue Reading

The Institute for Sustainable Horticulture’s Lab is Breaking Barriers in Agriculture

The Runner regrets errors published in the print version of this article in its June 11 issue. This web version is factually correct. Findings from the Institute for Sustainable Horticulture (ISH) laboratory on KPU’s Langley campus have been used to put more biological control into the hands of growers since the summer of 2009. Lisa... Continue Reading

Display in KPU Library Sheds Light on Asian Representation in Media

Students enrolled in Greg Chan’s fourth-year English course, “Topics in Film Studies: Asian Representation in Film and Media”, are tasked with analyzing the misrepresentation, exclusion, and racist depictions of Asian and Asian-American people in media. Through the course they study films as diverse as D.W. Griffith’s Lotus Blossoms (1919) to Jon Chu’s Crazy Rich Asians... Continue Reading

KPU Writing Students Read at Nonfiction Festival

Creative nonfiction is an umbrella term used to describe several new ways of narrative truth-telling. It isn’t composed in any one style, but combines elements of both journalism and creative writing to create some altogether new. To celebrate and explore new work being produced in the field of creative nonfiction, Canada’s Creative Nonfiction Collective Society... Continue Reading

KPU Brewing Program Featured at Vancouver Craft Beer Festival

Vancouver Craft Beer Week is a glorious time of year where beer lovers and creators converge at different places around the city to nerd out about their favourite foamy beverage and indulge in a few cold ones with the community.  Each year, the week culminates in the Vancouver Craft Beer Week Tasting Festival held at... Continue Reading

KPU Students Ran an Amazing Race on June 12

On June 12, KPU students were invited to take part in a two-hour race that took them around the Surrey campus as they looked for clues, solved riddles, completed challenges, and cooperated in pairs. This was the second annual KPU edition of The Amazing Race. One competitor, Nick Gill, says he was going all out... Continue Reading

Active KSA Visits Bad Axe Throwing in Surrey

Axes aren’t generally considered sports equipment, but that’s just what they were for KPU students when Active KSA visited Bad Axe Throwing on June 7. Axe throwing is a sport in which competitors—just as the name implies—hurl axes through the air at a target while trying not to lose a limb. Bad Axe Throwing, located... Continue Reading

Pottery Exhibition Encourages the Growth of Ceramic Artists at KPU

Ceramic artists, including some fine arts students from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, had their work showcased throughout May in the Spruce Gallery on the Surrey campus. Hosted by the Fraser Valley Potters Guild, the annual juried exhibition—which this year was entitled Growth—aimed to display the work of artists at a wide variety of skill levels, from... Continue Reading

KPU Psychology Prof Dispels Evolution Myths at Science World

If humans evolved from monkeys, why do monkeys still exist? Isn’t the eye too complicated to have evolved naturally? Kwantlen Polytechnic University psychology instructor Dr. Farhad Dastur addressed these and eight other commonly held misconceptions about evolution as part of a presentation at the Telus World of Science on May 29. His talk, titled “Moths,... Continue Reading

Celebrate Indigenous People's Day All Month Long at KPU

The summer solstice, June 21, is recognized in Canada as National Indigenous Peoples Day. If one day of acknowledgment and celebration just doesn’t feel like enough to you, you’re not alone. Indigenous Services for Students wanted to spend the whole month celebrating “all the Indigenous culture and resilience on Turtle Island [also referred to as... Continue Reading

Martial Arts School Hosts Self-Defense Classes for Members of the LGBTQ+ Community

A study released by the Canadian Human Rights Commision in 2015 shows that 70 per cent of trans youth aged 19 to 25 in Canada claim to have experienced discrimination because of their gender identity. On a global scale, statistics from The Trans Murder Monitoring Project from 2015 and 2016 show that the murders of... Continue Reading

Mise-en-Scène Celebrates its Third Anniversary

Mise-en-Scène, a peer-reviewed film studies journal founded and edited by Kwantlen Polytechnic University English instructor Greg Chan, has been publishing bi-annually for three years now. Since its conception in 2015 and the release of its first issue in 2016, Mise-en-Scène has engaged film buffs from all over the globe, accepting contributions from as far-ranged places... Continue Reading

Slamapalooza Crowns 2019 Champion, Assembles Team for National Festival

Note: The author of this article, Chelsea Franz—also known as Franz the Poet—is the new Slamapalooza Slam Master, and will be coaching the team throughout the upcoming year. KPU’s monthly poetry slam, Slamapalooza, held its final competitive slam of the 2018-19 year in the Surrey Conference Centre on May 15. The winner of the slam,... Continue Reading