She and Him... and the rest of Vancouver

Zooey Deschanel may have yet to become a household name, but in some indie circles she is widely recognized as the spritely young triple-threat that sings lead vocals for the indie band, She and Him.... Continue Reading

Groat in the sack

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a few years. We have great sex and are very open with each other–but after years of role-playing, shower sex, dirty talking among other things that shall go nameless, we’re ready for a new challenge.... Continue Reading

The Hobbit set to soar in digital 3-D

As a new addition to the fantasy franchise, J. R. R. Tolkien’s novel “The Hobbit” will begin its long journey to the big screen, with filming to begin early next year. The prequel to the highly popular “Lord of the Rings” trilogy will be shown in two movies, but shot back-to-back beginning February 2011.... Continue Reading

Oderus from GWAR reawakens teen

Remember those things that you did as a teenage for the sake of pure rebellion? The water bottles filled with vodka or rolling the car out of the driveway in neutral so your parents wouldn’t wake up? Well, mine was listening to metal. And the pinnacle of my teenage angst was my love of hardcore shock-rockers, Gwar. ... Continue Reading

Synthetic Gods

started life as a time saving mechanism. Basically it was my duty to handle all of the immense calculations required to run a stellar empire. It’s funny, I guess; once you expand a species beyond the limits of their home system, the resources, censuses and factors even the most brilliant of organic minds couldn’t conceive become matters of mathematics too difficult for such minds to comprehend.... Continue Reading

Shifting Ice: Chapter 15

Vintis was the first home that night. It charged up the feeding lights as it cut fresh fruit, setting the table as it waited for Klezyp to return. It examined its credit coin as it sat and waited; it reported that the Pyryx had paid it overtime for its entire shift that day. Vintis sighed and ran the coin over the table’s reader, authorizing the extra funds for a local charity.... Continue Reading

Pumpkin Carving: Universally Fun

Recently international and exchange students at Kwantlen got to enjoy a unique taste of Canadian culture; the chance to carve pumpkins for Halloween.... Continue Reading

In photos

... Continue Reading

Opinion: An examination of Canada’s failed bid on the Security Council

Meet the Kwantlen Political Science Society (KPSS). They have hijacked our political column. Every week they will talk about a different political issue and explain how it relates to you. Every week will feature a guest columnist. Check it out.... Continue Reading

Forced Perspective

This was the third planet her benefactors had spirited her away to, and once again they were making a mess of things. Buildings burned in the background as blood ran like rainwater through the streets, splattering everything a hue she no longer found sickening. Plants and the bodies of animals burned wherever she looked; her benefactors had a policy to leave nothing alive.... Continue Reading

House of Worship

Between 2040 and 2052 many people killed one another. Those left behind simultaneously cleaned up the resultant environmental disaster and created a new world religion. Each achievement managed to out shine all previous expectations of what humans could do when they worked together.... Continue Reading

Body Worlds a fascinating exhibit

Body Worlds by Dr. Gunther Von Hagens returns again to Vancouver, this time exposing “The Brain.” If you haven’t seen the exhibition, you should definitely go and here’s why.... Continue Reading

Renée Zellweger thrills audiences in Case 39

By Mae Velasco [Current Events Bureau Chief] Emily Jenkins (Renée Zellweger) is a social worker who takes on a young girl, Lilith Sullivan (Jodelle Ferland), in the horror movie Case 39. After Lilith’s parents try to kill her, Jenkins saves the girl by putting her into the foster care system. When Lilith is not adopted,... Continue Reading

Hooded Fang debut turns out fang-tastic

Hooded Fang’s self-titled debut album balances uptempo beats with sweet lyrics and smooth harmonies, making it an easy listen.... Continue Reading

Protogalaxy: pseudo-enjoyable

The idea of the game is something like this: you’re the only starfighter pilot that Earth’s got (oh, how original a concept that is) and it’s your duty to fend off the waves of alien invaders who are kind enough to allow you to fly through the superstructures of their capital ships so you can solve the puzzle of how to destroy them.... Continue Reading