House of Worship

Between 2040 and 2052 many people killed one another. Those left behind simultaneously cleaned up the resultant environmental disaster and created a new world religion. Each achievement managed to out shine all previous expectations of what humans could do when they worked together.... Continue Reading

Body Worlds a fascinating exhibit

Body Worlds by Dr. Gunther Von Hagens returns again to Vancouver, this time exposing “The Brain.” If you haven’t seen the exhibition, you should definitely go and here’s why.... Continue Reading

Renée Zellweger thrills audiences in Case 39

By Mae Velasco [Current Events Bureau Chief] Emily Jenkins (Renée Zellweger) is a social worker who takes on a young girl, Lilith Sullivan (Jodelle Ferland), in the horror movie Case 39. After Lilith’s parents try to kill her, Jenkins saves the girl by putting her into the foster care system. When Lilith is not adopted,... Continue Reading

Hooded Fang debut turns out fang-tastic

Hooded Fang’s self-titled debut album balances uptempo beats with sweet lyrics and smooth harmonies, making it an easy listen.... Continue Reading

Protogalaxy: pseudo-enjoyable

The idea of the game is something like this: you’re the only starfighter pilot that Earth’s got (oh, how original a concept that is) and it’s your duty to fend off the waves of alien invaders who are kind enough to allow you to fly through the superstructures of their capital ships so you can solve the puzzle of how to destroy them.... Continue Reading

Trend watch: popular Hallowe’en costumes for 2010

Through my Halloween experiences, I have come to the realization that there are three groups of people who enjoy Halloween. The first group consists of persons who dress up as a witch every year because naturally, they already have the costume–why not, right? The second group consists of persons who put even less effort or thought into their costumes, by choosing to wear cat ears with their regular jeans or a hoodie.... Continue Reading

Signal when changing lanes

This is Jeff Groat. He’s the Runner’s sex columnist. He has only one qualification for the job: his last name sounds like a dirty word. That’s good enough for us. ... Continue Reading

Tom Jackson’s Great Live Show

Held at Kwantlen’s Langley campus on Saturday Oct. 16, the Foundations for a Great Live Show was a three-hour event that focused on the factors distinguishing great live performances from good ones.... Continue Reading

Full moon frenzy

Almost every backpacker has heard the stories that surround the mythical full moon parties hosted in Ko Phan Ngan, Thailand. These parties are a place for friends, music, light shows, fireworks, great food and, obviously, copious amounts of liquor and beer.... Continue Reading

In photos: Oktoberfest

... Continue Reading

Waiter... why is there pink in my beer?

My love for flavored beer first developed when I started a serving job at the German influenced bistro, Uli’s Restaurant. I had heard some old-wives-tales in regards to this sweet colorful delight but I could never bring myself to believe such a fabricated fable was true. Some told me it came in strawberry, some claimed it came in raspberry, some were even bold enough to say there was a chocolate beer roaming around out there.... Continue Reading

Lederhosen: the pants behind the party

There are misconceptions surrounding the Bavarian mystery that is Lederhosen. Not many people know exactly where these leather luxuries originated or for what purpose they served.... Continue Reading

Have a beer and kill a zombie

EXP Entertainment’s Oct. 1 free downtown public gaming event succeeded in bringing gamers together and giving them the things they like: video games, booze, pulsing electronic music and free prizes.... Continue Reading

A homage to steampunk: The 35th annual Vancouver sci-fi and fantasy convention

From Alchemy to Zeppelins was the theme of this year’s Science Fiction and Fantasy convention, which took place in Richmond from Oct. 1-3. The convention was all about the little known genre of a special kind of science fiction: Steampunk.... Continue Reading

Merida, Mexico: The split city

Merida is truly a city of two distinctly different worlds. There is an undeniable European feel to the city, largely because the majority of the buildings were built in a colonial Spanish style of architecture. This makes it unique and beautiful to explore.... Continue Reading