Jammin with Ginger

This is Kristi Alexandra. She loves music. She’s also a ginger. And she does have a soul. And she likes music with soul, too.... Continue Reading

Halo’s Reach a game to remember

The latest installment of the Halo video game series, Halo: Reach is a stunning epic that follows the much-alluded-to fall of one of the most heavily fortified planets in the game’s universe: the Earth-like colony known as Reach.... Continue Reading

Caught between the pages in a love affair with books

Have you ever walked into a Chapters or Indigo and as soon as you find yourself entering the doorway, your hands immediately get clammy with anticipation? Do you ever get a dizzying head rush just thinking about the sweet sound that a freshly cracked book spine makes? ... Continue Reading

Groat in the sac

What a glorious day it is when your birthday comes around each year. You get gifts, you get money, you get 67 facebook messages. ... Continue Reading


Good morning, Mr. Lindsay!” the large, imposing form of the creature Derek Lindsay had come to call Sam – simply because the damn thing’s gender was still an open question – greeted merrily in it’s heavy accent. Derek sighed and finished pouring his coffee, doing his best to ignore the alien.... Continue Reading

Notes from the Victory Square Block Party

On September 5, after a year-long hiatus, the Victory Square Block Party, an afternoon of local music, comedy, and fundraising raffles for various Downtown East Side charities, made a comeback for the weekend before Labour Day 2010.... Continue Reading

San Francisco, Day 1

When I was younger my travelling philosophy was simple: Wake up early, see as much as possible during the day, and then return to the hotel late into the night to catch a few hours of sleep before getting up early and doing it all again.... Continue Reading

No Fun City fights “the war on fun” at Rickshaw

Vancouver knows how to throw a party, but whether or not those parties are legal is another issue. Themes of DIY culture, loud music and illegal venues were explored at the encore screening of documentary “No Fun City” on Sept. 4 at the Rickshaw Theatre.... Continue Reading

Local developers show off at PAX

For the past few years, the Penny-Arcade Expo (or PAX, for short) has been attracting legions of video game developers and their proposed clientele. Whereas the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is almost entirely for the press and media, PAX is an expo for the actual fan base.... Continue Reading

Review: Bridesmaid Handbook a handy how-to guide

Book review of “The Knot Bridesmaid Handbook”... Continue Reading

Matthew’s 5 ways to not fund oppression

Travelling Myanmar has been a hot topic on the international stage. While many governments suggest their citizens boycott travelling there to avoid giving money to the military government, politicians inside Myanmar are calling for tourists. I’ve outlined to limit how much money you put in the military juntas hands.... Continue Reading

Unmasking the mystery of Myanmar

Myanmar is a country shrouded in mystery. Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar nestles between the economic powers of India and China, while also sharing borders with Thailand, Laos and Bangladesh; it remains a path less travelled.... Continue Reading

Life through sepia coloured lenses

Ray-Ban Wayfarers, record players, Polaroid cameras and pre-worn Doc Martens are all evidence of popular culture’s current obsession with all things “vintage”. Writer Carlie Auclair explores our infatuation with nostalgia.... Continue Reading

Groat in the sack

While the act of eating may not be sexy in itself – the sounds, the mess, the drips out of the corner of the mouth – some foods have the power to please, whether you’re in the bedroom or about to head in there.... Continue Reading

Shifting Ice: Chapter 13

“Well, here we are,” Klezyp, announced as it did a slow spin on its heel, its arms extended to showcase the room. “I know Senate employee housing is different from what you’re used to, Vintis, but I kind of like it.” Vintis took a look around the room and did its best not to laugh.... Continue Reading