Album reviews: A throw back to early Death Cab

Anacortes band, The Lonely Forest, is something of a phenomenon in the Seattle scene right now. Hell, they’ve even attracted the attention of Death Cab for Cutie guitarist Chris Walla, who signed them to his Warner Music/Independent Label Group imprint, Trans. Listening to their self-titled debut release, I can see why.... Continue Reading

Album reviews: Healy album sounds like singles

Former Travis frontman Fran Healy’s debut solo album, Wreckorder, is a nice attempt to get away from his radio-friendly roots, but his pop-rock past still haunts this 10-track disc.... Continue Reading

Journey in swingin’ England

Editor Melissa Fraser, who went to England recently, gives us a glimpse of London and the country’s midwest. ... Continue Reading

Groat in the sack: The keys to Sexcess

This is Jeff Groat. He’s the Runner’s sex columnist. He has only one qualification for the job: his last name sounds like a dirty word. That’s good enough for us. ... Continue Reading

Jammin' with Ginger: New technology, old-time blues

People are in love with nostalgia. Young people love to prove how much they know about things that happened years before they were actually aware of them (Yeah, you’re the world’s biggest Pavement fan. You’ve been following the band’s career since you were three. Very likely.), all while excluding those who were around during that time (“Yeah right, Mom. You don’t even know who Stephen Malkmus is!”).... Continue Reading

The Debt

“Grandfather?” the distant voices asked. “Are you awake?” Jotun stirred at the sound, his eyes opening to reveal the smiling, tear-stained face of the woman sitting next to him. He took in a staggered breath of purified air and did his best to smile back at her.... Continue Reading

Interest in film studies piques at Kwantlen as city-wide fests pick up steam

By Kristi Alexandra [culture editor] Employees of Vancouver’s Pacific Cinematheque are used to seeing university students coming through the theatre’s doors. Especially busy with its most recent film series, the Kurosawa Centennial. Students are filing in to experience the life-work of the prolific late Japanese director, whose films one could easily deduce was a contributing... Continue Reading

Tigers? In Arizona? Preposterous!

If you haven’t heard of Miniature Tigers thus far, you’ll know exactly who they are in the near future.... Continue Reading

Vancouver’s 32nd annual Pride Parade controversy-free

Despite rumours about a protest that would criticize a controversial policy upheld by Canadian Blood Services, this year’s Pride Parade kept up its image of rainbows and lollipops. ... Continue Reading

More expected from Cirque’s Kooza

By Mae Velasco [arts and design bureau chief] I found Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza to be extremely annoying. Clowns were everywhere in the audience popping up in random places. The audience wasn’t even paying attention in the beginning especially when the crowd was just beginningto settle down. There was an alarm that kept on saying... Continue Reading

Remember Me

Not three days after arriving on Paragon III, a deep-forest probe had discovered the Xenos. They were a curiosity at first; sleek, smooth beings with black scales, beak-like heads with four purple eyes and three tentacle-like tails sprouting from their backs. They were thought to be the natives, perhaps even sentient due to their opposable thumbs – but observations showed them behaving more like wolves or lions than people. Aside from their long, slender claws, they weren’t considered a threat.... Continue Reading

A Discourse of Empire

By Todd Easterbrook [Contributor] Death warm friend, I have seen the banes of society and man and the slow death in unconsciousness meander in trench streets in the soft night never to return home: A discourse of empire with my velvet friend, where filed are the bones of decadence and social quality; death as a... Continue Reading

An Incongruous Rose

A creative short story by Todd Easterbrook. It’s rad, check it out.... Continue Reading

Hot for Sauce

Hot sauce. Liquid fire. Dynamite. Call it what you want but it doesn’t change what this nefarious condiment can do to the uninitiated. It has the power to reduce even the burliest men into sniveling children. It can elicit everything from hacking coughs to watery eyes and yet we all can’t help but splash the precious liquid gold on pretty much everything.... Continue Reading

Build your own board.

Skimboarding is the perfect summer answer for those wanting to try a board sport around Vancouver’s beaches.... Continue Reading