In memory of Katie Warfield

“So deeply saddened by this news. I was an English major before I took a class with Katie. Her passion and her spirit could light up a whole room. Katie taught me that to be a journalist wasn’t a bad thing (like it is often portrayed) and that you can use your heart and your... Continue Reading

Bugs on the BBQ

The Victoria Bug Zoo is one of the few places in the country that folks can readily find edible insects. Some of their products are from Entomo Farms, and others are from the United States. Currently, they have crickets, ants, and suckers containing mealworms, with the insect encased in a transparent square piece of candy... Continue Reading

Stem cell donations are largely underrepresented for diverse groups

Correction: The Runner regrets errors made in the previous version of this story. Registered potential donors of diverse ethnic backgrounds are not less than three percent on the Canadian registry. “Less than 30 per cent of registered potential donors are of diverse ethnic backgrounds.” There is not a 15 per cent chance of a match... Continue Reading

Life in the fast lane: The growth and professionalization of esports

Katie Cochrane-Bosley remembers the initial hype surrounding the game League of Legends. Her friends introduced her to the multiplayer online battle arena game when she was still in high school. They would organize online events to watch tournaments together. In her spare time, Cochrane-Bosley would play competitively and would enter into tournaments with her friends... Continue Reading

Red hot: Canada’s booming real estate market

Many of our parents lived the epitome of the Canadian dream. Land a good career, start a family and purchase their own home. Decades later, owning a tiny piece of Canada is no longer a dream but a fantasy for many younger generations priced out of a market that has exploded. While the upward trend... Continue Reading

Let them lead: For gender diverse youth, acceptance can be life saving

  When the world says you don’t exist, do you? Children are not born knowing what it means to be a boy or a girl. Once a healthcare provider declares a newborn baby a boy or girl, based on their sex organs, that baby’s world will revolve around certain societal expectations of masculine and feminine... Continue Reading

Grappling with anti-Asian racism in Canada

On Aug. 7, 1907, the newly formed Asiatic Exclusion League led thousands of people to Vancouver City Hall to protest Asian immigration to Canada. Holding signs that read “For a White Canada,” the group proceeded to Chinatown, where they damaged Chinese-owned homes and businesses before moving to an area heavily populated by Japanese immigrants. The... Continue Reading

A word from KPU’s newest Senate and Board of Governors student representatives

In early April, the 2021 election results for Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Senate and Board of Governors were announced. Voted in by fellow KPU students, the four student representatives elected to KPU’s Senate were Olivia Takaoka, Xavier Ardez, Purru Sandhu, and Remi Jazvine Zulfikar Reshma. Elected to the Board of Governors as student representatives were Rahul... Continue Reading

How advocates are fighting against period poverty in B.C.

Period poverty is described as “the lack of access to sanitary products, menstrual hygiene education, toilets, hand washing facilities, and, or, waste management.” A recently released Period Promise Research Project by the United Way Lower Mainland shows that about 25 per cent of people have been affected at some point in time by period poverty.... Continue Reading

Meet KPU: Dr. Gira Bhatt

Dr. Gira Bhatt is an instructor in Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s department of psychology who specializes in studying youth behaviour, prejudice, and gang violence. Her interest in this subset of human behaviour spans many years, and focuses on the factors that can help prevent vulnerable youth from falling into a life of crime. She received the... Continue Reading

Building greener: Canada’s green recovery path

When Canada locked down in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, carbon dioxide emissions went down by seven per cent around the world. The pandemic has changed our lives drastically. People are travelling less and social distancing. With the pandemic altering our lifestyles so much, several government organizations and climate advocacy groups have addressed the need... Continue Reading

Sparking the era of a sustainable digital currency in Canada

The future of Canada’s financial technology is getting less foggy as COVID-19 pushes the Bank of Canada to dip their toes in trading in digital currency, and it’s just a matter of time until they are implemented. In February, the Bank’s Governor Timothy Lane said that the pandemic might lead them into accelerating the process... Continue Reading

KSA election chaos

This year marked the first time that the Kwantlen Student Association held its annual general election entirely online. It was also the first time that the vast majority of candidates running were disqualified due to widespread violations of the campaigning rules, with only two candidates successfully being elected. Out of the 24 candidates, 21 were... Continue Reading

Young adults in B.C. are speaking out about mental health amidst COVID-19

At the age of 21, Kaia Wong-Moon was let go from her two jobs due to COVID-19, and left to pay full rent for a two-bedroom suite in New Westminster. Struggling financially and mentally, she was forced to move in with her grandmother in Oliver, B.C. Wong-Moon is far from alone. Statistics Canada says that... Continue Reading

Relationships are on the rocks during COVID-19

Since March 2020, Canadians’ lives have been largely confined to their homes in one way or another. What at first might have been thought of as a fun two-week vacation has now turned into an almost year-long prison sentence. The numbers vary across Canada, but it is hard not to notice some disturbing trends. “There... Continue Reading