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Housing a Tax Dodge in Richmond and Vancouver

Why some of the most upscale neighbourhoods report poverty-levels of income Some might be surprised to learn that certain areas of Richmond and Vancouver, despite being thoroughly decorated with mcmansions, monster homes, and incessantly rising land prices, are actually inhabited by low income residents that make up a surprising per cent of the population. Conservative... Continue Reading

Which way will the vote swing?

Riding dynamics explained, through last election Surrey, Richmond, and Langley have all voted, historically, in a mostly Tory-blue hue that’s visible from outer space. No really, Google Maps-it. But that’s not saying there aren’t some splashes of orange and red. The KPU Surrey campus, for example, happens to be in a riding which was a... Continue Reading

Fall Fashion at KPU

It’s that time of the year again. With temperatures dropping for classic Vancouver weather, out come the thick coats and scarves. Here are students at KPU who have some unique style. Students were asked: A: What’s your favorite piece of clothing that you’re wearing today? B: What do you like most about fall fashion? Madison... Continue Reading
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KSA awaits ruling in case against Canadian Federation of Students

Bylaw amendments cause uncertainty over membership The Canadian Federation of Students and the Kwantlen Student Association have once again returned to court. On Feb. 12, the KSA filed a petition to the court stating that on Feb. 6, the KSA’s membership in the CFS and CFS-Services was validly terminated. The CFS refuted this claim in... Continue Reading

If Kwantlen’s Campuses Were Students in Your Class

By: Connor Doyle & Danielle George Cloverdale is…The Tech Geek. Furrowed brow says he’s probably the hardest working member of class.  Power glove gives Cloverdale +2 to welding, masonry. Constantly fiddling with wires. Rumours that he is in fact a cyborg remain unfounded. Most Likely To: Test his Kerbal Space Program theories out in real... Continue Reading

KSA student life budget to shrink next year, reducing funding for clubs

Student association criticized for still funding KPU events Clubs at Kwantlen Polytechnic University may need to find alternative revenue sources to finance their endeavours in light of tighter realities in the Kwantlen Student Association’s budget, and newly implemented policies on club funding. According to Manpreet Bassi, the KSA vice-president of student life, there will be... Continue Reading

The Marriage of Corporation and Academia, and How it Impacts a University's Operation

Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Ltd. When doing work at the library, financial advisors from Coast Capital Savings typically don’t badger you about mutual funds with which to hedge your student debt, even if the Surrey campus library is blandly named after their credit union. According to KPU’s Asset Naming Policy, the opportunity to have your name... Continue Reading

Your Student Government and You: Studies in the KSA

Just in case you forgot that you pay for a student association You know, not a lot of people really voted for KSA council members when the elections went down last February. Just under 500 votes were cast in this school of about 19,000. But we can’t really blame the other 18,500—I mean, maybe they... Continue Reading

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone, Take This...

Guide to the Lands of the Surrey Campus The Twin Towns of Spruce and Fir While these may appear to be merely a pair of sleepy hamlets, they in fact hide an endless network of underground societies and guilds in which fresh-faced Kwantlen students may find themselves some measure of glory. Most trades folk make... Continue Reading

KPU’s budgeting strategies aim for growth during period of frugal spending

How are students implicated along the way? Kwantlen wishes it had a lot of things already. Like the Chip and Shannon Wilson school of design. Or the recently approved student union building. Even though the observable universe has lots of it, space happens to be tight on KPU’s terrestrial campuses. Can’t say much about prospects... Continue Reading

Getting women in the lab

Gender inequality painfully evident in STEM fields. There is no doubt that women around the world are highly underrepresented within the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math). In Canada, despite representing nearly 40 per cent of all STEM graduates, women only constitute 22 per cent of the workforce in STEM fields—a mere two per... Continue Reading
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Ninety minutes gone and one last season of extra time

Is this the final whistle for the KPU Eagles? When centre-defender Jessica Anderegg was a rookie in 2012 she received two calls on a Friday in September. The one in the morning, from her former KPU soccer coach Don Sparks, told her to be ready for Saturday’s game, assuming she’d be mostly a benchwarmer. Sparks... Continue Reading

Cuts to athletics programming blindsides student athletes, coaches

But there may still be hope for competitive sports at KPU The KPU Eagles will fly no more, now that their funding has been cut—and that means the university will no longer be in competitive varsity sports after the end of their final seasons. But it doesn’t necessarily spell the end of competitive sports at... Continue Reading
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The Pros and Cons of Couchsurfing

You might save thousands, but it’s not for everyone. “Hello, Tristan? That’s quite a big bag you have there.” This is what David said to me when I showed up at his apartment in the middle of Paris last year, next to the “Hotel du Ville” Metro station. I had never met him in-person before... Continue Reading

CAUT concludes Capilano University violated academic freedom

Remember that weird artwork in the library a few months ago? Perhaps you remember a strange sculpture that was in the Surrey library for a few months. It depicted a person wearing a cap and holding a poodle, draped in an American flag. The work, titled Margaux & the Monarch, is a satirical piece depicting... Continue Reading