KDocs 2020 Explores “Truth in a Post-Truth World” Through Film

After going on hiatus last year, KDocs came back strong in 2020, with environmentalist and scientist David Suzuki speaking on its opening night. KDocs is Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s documentary film festival held every year during February. It was founded by KPU instructor Janice Morris in 2012. With the exception of 2019, the festival is held... Continue Reading

Robert's Bank, a Fragile Delta Ecosystem, Could be Damaged by Port Expansion

Opened in 1970, expanded between 1983 and 1984, and given a second terminal in 1997, the Roberts Bank Superport currently ships about 29 million tonnes of coal per year and is one of the busiest single coal export terminals in North America. From a business perspective, a proposed expansion to the port that would provide... Continue Reading

'Being Punjabi: Unfolding the Surrey Story' on Display at the Museum of Surrey

Being Punjabi: Unfolding the Surrey Story is a multimedia exhibition at the Museum of Surrey that presents 16 local Punjabi voices using the written word, audio recordings, video, artifacts, art, and images. According to the Museum of Surrey’s website, “the exhibition defines Punjabi as anyone whose family of origin is from the Punjabi regions of... Continue Reading

Richmond-Based Company Leads the Sustainable Maritime Technology Industry

Look across the water from Vancouver’s English Bay and you’ll see a beautiful, blue expanse teeming with plants, animals — and humongous industrial ships lining the horizon. Rain or shine, night or day, vessels carrying everything from coffee to chemicals float in and out of Vancouver’s harbour, leaving a trail of greenhouse gasses behind them.... Continue Reading

University Students in Canada Still Struggle with Food Security

According to Meal Exchange Canada, an organization which coordinates student-focused food programs, two out of five (39 per cent) of surveyed post-secondary students experienced some degree of food insecurity in the past year. Last March, The Runner looked into the Kwantlen Student Association’s food bank program and found that it has been seeing an increase... Continue Reading

Meet the Students Running for KSA Council in 2020

Interviews by Braden Klassen, Tristan Johnston, Breanna Himmelright, and Nicole Gonzales Filos Photos by Isaac Garduno Every time the Kwantlen Student Association holds an election, candidates campaign to win voters over. There are three general categories of roles on the KSA Council — faculty representatives, campus representatives, and constituency representatives — with various more specific... Continue Reading

Spring Saving Tips From KPU Students

Utilize Disability Advisors and Academic Accommodations Marcus Jones, Contributor It’s a new semester, and for first-year students, an entirely new environment. All of a sudden, you’re a little fish in a big pond. There’s a daunting list of responsibilities to take on. You’re taking a big step to becoming an adult, and making that leap... Continue Reading

KPU Community Members Discuss Their Views on the Trans Mountain Pipeline

Trudeau’s Liberal government bought the Trans Mountain Pipeline for $4.5 billion in 2018 and has been supportive of the project despite the opposition of many concerned groups, including Indigenous land and water protectors. One argument in favour of the pipeline expansion is that it creates thousands of job opportunities for Canadians, while one argument against... Continue Reading

Eat, Sleep, Protest

In March, the government of Hong Kong introduced an amendment to the law which would allow for extradition between Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, and Mainland China. The bill was spurred by a murder which took place in Taiwan, when a man from Hong Kong killed his girlfriend, though a lack of extradition structure prevented the... Continue Reading

A Century From Now, Not Even the Republic of Alberta will Profit from Oil and Gas

Growing up in the bastion of Liberalism that is Vancouver, it’s hard to put oneself in the shoes of those for whom carbon-intensive industry has always been the bedrock of a quality life. But imagine mass foreclosure and bankruptcy, communities fraught with unemployment and suicide, marriages falling apart, kids going hungry. These are challenges with... Continue Reading

How To Stay Festive But Frugal This Holiday Season

Christmas Frugality is an Art Form, So Get Crafty By Jayne Wright, Contributor ‘Tis the season for peppermint hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, and giving the ones you love gifts of appreciation. But for many of us, the seasonal change doesn’t change the fact that we are still poor students trying to save money by making... Continue Reading

When B.C. Goes Up in Flames, Rural Communities Need the Most Support

In 2017, British Columbia was swallowed by a wildfire season that left the skies hazy, rural communities devastated, and families displaced. The province declared a 70 day-long state of emergency, the longest in its history and the first to be declared since the similarly sized wildfire season of 2003. More than 65,000 residents were displaced... Continue Reading

An Update on the Surrey Langley SkyTrain Extension

Every month, millions of people use the SkyTrain to move across the Metro Vancouver region. People value being able to travel through multiple cities in order to reach their school or workplace, to visit family and friends, or to spend time exploring the many parks, venues, libraries, museums, and other attractions that the Lower Mainland... Continue Reading

A Critical Look at ABA, a Dubious Autism Intervention Method

In 1961, Ole Ivar Løvaas began working with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute, where he practiced techniques derived from applied behavioural analysis — or as it’s more commonly known today, ABA. Today, ABA is considered by many to be the most effective treatment for ASD, to the point where it... Continue Reading

KPU’s General Studies Degree Is Now Completely Textbook Cost-Free

KPU’s Zero Textbook Cost programs now include an entire arts degree in which students won’t have to pay a single penny for their textbooks — ever. The Bachelor of Arts Degree in General Studies program at KPU is the first four-year program to introduce the new ZTC framework, thanks to its utilisation of Open Educational... Continue Reading