Ways to party this spring without breaking Covid restrictions

With strict COVID-19 restrictions, most university students are unable to fulfill their dreams of throwing and/or attending wild parties. Coming up with a solution for everyone, including the extroverts, introverts, and everything in-between-troverts has been a challenging journey. With extensive brainstorming and research on the COVID-19 guidelines in British Columbia, I present to you: a... Continue Reading

The coolest job ever: nothing could ever go wrong — unless you are lactose intolerant

When it comes to your dream, the sky’s the limit! You can dream as big as being the president someday or having your own multi-billion company in the future. You can also be an inventor of the first flying car or a scientist with a cure for all diseases. The world is a bottomless pit... Continue Reading

Furbies are scary as fuck, here’s why

There are things in this world that tap into one’s innate fears. Beans in places that beans shouldn’t be, the demon that appears in your tub only when you close your eyes, that thing that crawls down your stairs at 3am and eats all the bruised apples in your fridge – all are things that... Continue Reading

‘Chunky’ soup is the least appealing thing ever

There are things in this world that are just not desirable: pineapple on pizza, the hideous, grotesque display of Lovecraftian horror that is non-Korean mukbangs, and finally and those weird denizens of Toronto that crawl through sewers and devour whole tables. But I’m not gonna talk about them right now. The previously mentioned atrocities pale... Continue Reading

The dangers of double dipping

Double dipping is the scourge of any dinner party. It is a prime example of how the actions of one can harm the many, in this case by tainting the guac or ranch with your bacterial mouth fluid. We are in a pandemic, and you are smart enough to know that having a dinner party... Continue Reading
(Kristen Frier)

Why no one named Aiden has ever been a cool person

“You can’t judge a book by its cover,” said someone in the past. This may have been true once, but a substantial amount of time has passed, and quite frankly, the title printed on the cover says it all. There lies an inherent contempt towards anyone named ‘Aiden.’ The name ‘Aiden’ carries with it a... Continue Reading

10 songs to listen to while drinking Pepsi

Pepsi is a drink like no other. Well it’s like numerous others as it is pretty much just a regular soda, but it has a unique yet versatile take. You can drink it in a bath, mixed with alcohol, or out with friends. It’s also a great alternative to alcohol as it is still self... Continue Reading

Scammers are such hypocrites

Every year we see reports that scam calls in Canada are getting worse and worse. Our media feed fills with ways we can protect ourselves from scammers, such as watching for red flags like demands for money or gift cards, threats, or coercive language. Even calling back an international number gives the scammer money when... Continue Reading