The NASA space program gives us all something to root for

As a young girl, I dreamt of becoming an astronaut. I’d even planned the physics, mathematics, and engineering courses I’d have to take to have a chance of being blasted into outer space. I soon realized, however, that I’m not good at any of them. Needless to say, that dream never got off the ground,... Continue Reading

Why cloning is beneficial for us

The world of science has expanded our horizons. We gain knowledge of what can be seen with the naked eye or even of the tiniest unit of life through microscopes. It is a constant search for new ideas that can shape our lives for the better. As the years have gone by, there is one... Continue Reading

KPU needs reading break in the fall

Conversations around mental health have become louder in the pandemic, which is why KPU needs a fall reading break. It might not be coincident that reading week falls in the same week as family day. Reading week is not limited to having a week off from school, and can be spent picking up on abandoned... Continue Reading

It’s time to put fur farming to a stop

Fur farming is an industry that involves farming animals for the use of their fur in luxury products, and its practice should be banned in B.C. Mink can spread and contract COVID-19 to and from other mink and people, which increases the health risk for our populations already struggling to cope with the pandemic. From... Continue Reading

Using facial recognition tech is necessary for public safety

Back in 2017, coming to terms with using facial recognition for something as simple as an iPhone lock was a bit difficult to digest. Since it provided fool-proof security, however, I scanned my face from all angles to create a secured lock on my phone. Within a year, everyone was storing the geometry of their... Continue Reading

A shameful display of shaming

There’s an innate thrill to doing bad things. Whether that’s getting petty revenge against your neighbours by dumping the leaves they pushed into your lawn back onto theirs, or doing small passive-aggressive things to aggravate your annoying roommate, the allure of being bad is sometimes hard to ignore. With the pandemic stretching into 2021, everyone... Continue Reading

Debate: Valentine's Day is silly, unnecessary, and pointless

Read the other half of this debate here. February is famous for having the fewest days of all the months of the year, as well as the only month to change its total number of days, causing every four years to get an extra day during a leap year. Like all other months, however, it... Continue Reading

Debate: Spread the love on Valentine’s Day in 2021

Read the other half of this debate here. ‘Tis the season of love. By the time Christmas is over, retailers are already gearing up for Valentine’s Day. There’s no doubt that Valentine’s Day is indeed commercialized — much like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. However, it’s still worth celebrating as a special day of its own.... Continue Reading

Euthanizing aggressive wildlife can be necessary for public safety

I imagine that, while doing an activity such as jogging in a place like Stanley Park, the possibility of a wild animal attack may not be something that crosses the minds of most people. Unfortunately, it happened to one jogger recently in Stanley Park, which resulted in injuries that required medical attention. This is not... Continue Reading

Removing free parking in Vancouver is in the best interest for the environment

With the unique scenery and colourful atmosphere, Vancouver has always been an attractive city to travel to or live in. If you can afford it, you will likely experience a unique lifestyle like no other. However, even a place like Vancouver has a few problems. One of them is finding a parking spot. With little... Continue Reading

Why deplatforming can be a necessary last resort

In 2018, a manager at The Teahouse restaurant in Vancouver was fired after refusing to serve a customer wearing a MAGA hat. In a public statement justifying the decision, Sequoia Company of Restaurants said they “cannot discriminate against someone based on their support for the current administration in the United States or any other bona... Continue Reading

Churches should follow COVID-19 guidelines for their own safety

COVID-19 has impacted our daily lives for several months now, and cases are rising everywhere, including B.C. Everyone should be following protocols placed by the B.C. government to slow down infection rates and “flatten the curve.” As more vaccines are on the way this spring, following social distancing rules remains paramount. However, some churches in... Continue Reading

The (disgraceful) legacy of Donald Trump

I remember sitting in bed on Nov. 8 of 2016, streaming election results on my laptop via CNN. Polls said Hillary Clinton would win. This was supposed to be a joke. Who would elect a failed businessman and reality TV star to the highest office in the land? Turns out, 63 million people did. As... Continue Reading

Time to say goodbye to out-of-province travellers

Despite the current public health advisory discouraging any non-essential travel, Whistler has seen a fair number of tourists lately, and unfortunately, some of them have tested positive for COVID-19. However, the popular tourism destination shouldn’t be seeing any travellers from outside B.C. because it’ll be much harder to flatten the curve if travellers are still... Continue Reading

Advertising vacation travel packages during a pandemic is wrong

Vacations are a thing that everyone needs from time to time —- a blissful escape to a foreign land from whatever troubling situation you are facing in your homeland. Thanks to the pandemic, vacationing and travel is a thing of the past. It feels so long since I’ve been on a plane, and I’m far... Continue Reading