How Hollyburn Country Club showed the link between wealth and healthcare inequality

It has been over a year since the start of COVID-19 and vaccines for the virus are finally being given to more and more people in Canada, signalling that the end of the worst part of the pandemic is near. However, some are a lot more eager to return to some sense of normalcy than... Continue Reading

New travel restrictions are an overdue necessity

If you haven’t already heard, B.C. has officially instated roadside travel checks on Highway 1 near Boston Bar, Highway 3 near Manning Park, Highway 5 north of the Great Bear Snow Shed — a tunnel roughly 50 kilometres southeast of Hope — and Highway 99 near Lillooet. At these checkpoints, officers will ask for your... Continue Reading

Closing the PNE fair this year was the safest choice

  Normally around this time, people in British Columbia would be excited to enjoy a lot of activities outside, like going to Pacific National Exhibition and lining up to go on a bunch of thrilling rides and eat plenty of tasty food. However, the current times are still far from normal. As the year shifts... Continue Reading

Why permanent residents should be given the right to vote in municipal elections

In early April, the idea of granting voting rights to permanent residents resurfaced as Montreal heads for their municipal elections. The idea has sparked a never-ending debate that hasn’t only surfaced in Montreal but also in Halifax, the Northwest Territories communities, and New Brunswick. In this day and age, I say it’s finally time to... Continue Reading

Taking part in ‘lesbian activity’ does not need to be corrected through counselling

Following gay Liberal MP Rob Oliphant’s third reading of Bill C-6, an act to ban conversion therapy in Canada, Cloverdale-Langley City MP Tamara Jansen attempted to fire back with “words of the Apostle Matthew” during the debate. After happening upon a viral Tik Tok explaining the whole mess, I was absolutely mortified to find that... Continue Reading

Ontario’s newest COVID restrictions serve as a stark warning

Earlier this year, modelling projections revealed that if Ontario reacted proactively, we could halt a third COVID wave. Instead, the measures we enacted were reactive, and the variants overwhelmed us. The third wave is here, and we’re drowning. Instagram is flooded with photos of Vancouverites drinking on sun-bathed patios and having beach gatherings. I look... Continue Reading

The contradictions in COVID restrictions are causing unnecessary confusion

In these times, it’s up to the government to make the right decisions for their populace. The pressure can be enormous. The potential for screw-ups is massive, and any mistake threatens to shatter the already fragile trust that the population has in the government. If the government is clear in their intentions and has the... Continue Reading

Why B.C. should consider imposing a stay-at-home order

This week British Columbia recorded over 3,289 COVID-19 cases, this is an increase of 1,500 over three days. “The number of people in hospital with the disease rose by 36 to 368. Of those, 121 are in intensive care, an increase of 19,” said provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry. Even though these numbers are... Continue Reading

The four best places to see cherry blossoms in Metro Vancouver

Spring has sprung in Metro Vancouver, with cherry blossom trees starting to bloom last week. Growing up in southern Ontario, I didn’t have the chance to see these kinds of trees often. I had the odd trip to Toronto to see them bloom in High Park, but it was very rare. Living in Metro Vancouver... Continue Reading

Netflix? More like Notflix!

Time has started to melt into nothingness as we finish our spring semester. You log off from your online class, miss talking with people, and distance yourself from the news because you don’t want to hear about the many things going wrong because of COVID-19. In order to escape the boredom and mundanity of lockdown,... Continue Reading

If there’s one thing that Horgan has, it’s the audacity

During a COVID-19 briefing earlier this month, B.C. Premier John Horgan said that young people aren’t paying attention and are endangering the rest of the province. He addressed those in the province aged 20 to 39, saying, “My appeal to you is do not blow this for the rest of us. Do not blow this... Continue Reading

Fines should continue to rise for breaking COVID-19 restrictions

Since last November, British Columbia has had province-wide restrictions on social gatherings with anyone outside the household. Despite constant reminders from the provincial government to not hold any gatherings, people aren’t listening. If individuals have no remorse for their actions, which can endanger others’ lives, they should receive hefty fines. Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth... Continue Reading

Water privatization should not be an accepted standard practice

As we get closer to summer, with sunny weather and high temperatures, many people may be planning to visit swimming pools or lakes to stay cool. However, after a recent court ruling in a B.C. on March 5, two of the province’s lakes may be harder to access. Stan Kroenke, a U.S. billionaire and rancher,... Continue Reading

Debate: Optional COVID-19 vaccine passports would be helpful if implemented strategically

Read the other half of this debate here. There’s an understandable level of suspicion when people think of attaching government credentials to personal and private things like one’s health. To many, the idea of having to obtain a “vaccine passport” to prove that they have received the COVID-19 vaccine sounds like a recipe for authoritarian... Continue Reading

Debate: A hard look at what vaccine passports entail

Read the other half of this debate here. On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organisation declared a global pandemic for SARS-CoV-2, otherwise known as the COVID-19 virus. Among the early controversies of social distancing and masks, ideas of vaccine passports circulated among national governments. In theory, this seems like the best move to reopen... Continue Reading