The Underappreciated Perks of Living on a Fault Line

It’s summer in B.C. and people are either jumping in their jorts for patio season, or complaining that it’s a) too hot, b) not hot enough, c) too expensive to do anything fun, or d) that there is nothing to do.   As British Columbians, we also deal with water restrictions and the potential threat of... Continue Reading

How to Respond to Hate in the Digital Age

Given Canada’s reputation as the nice, friendly neighbour to the U.S., one would be forgiven for believing that our country is immune to the rise of white nationalism that has occurred since Trump’s election.  Sadly, this is not the case. For an article published just this April, the Globe and Mail sifted through 150,000 messages... Continue Reading

Investing in a Murder House Might Actually Be Worth It

If you’re thinking about buying a murder house, the first thing you should do is find someone like Randall Bell.  Bell is a real estate appraiser who specializes in “stigmatized properties.” According to an article published by The Hustle, Bell has priced and sold dozens of murder houses, including the home where Nicole Brown Simpson... Continue Reading

Filipino Heritage Festival Celebrated at Civic Plaza

The Filipino Heritage Festival, held on June 22 and 24, was headlined by renowned Filipino singer Yeng Constantino and featured Filipino talent across disciplines. The two-day event showcased many performances from dance groups such as Praise Team Dance Crew, Bibak Dancers, and Philippine Historama Society. Harvic Dominguez, a Filipino fashion designer from the Mountain Province,... Continue Reading

B.C. Created 600 New Reasons to Go Camping in 2019; Here are Two More

Last month, B.C. announced that nearly 600 new campsites will be created in parks and recreation sites across the province. This is in addition to the 431 campsites constructed last year, bringing our two-year net gain of campsites to 1,025.  Now, if camping isn’t something you do much, you’re probably missing out. All it really... Continue Reading

How to Get More out of Life by Owning Less

When I was younger, I was really into the movie Fight Club.  The film, based off of a book by Chuck Palahniuk, is known for its depiction of violence and toxic masculinity, and for its nihilistic spite towards social conformity. I loved it because of its thematic focus on the main character’s realization that materialism... Continue Reading

How to Learn from Your Mistakes

Getting low grades can be a letdown, especially on an assignment you’ve been labouring over. There’s nothing more depressing than pouring your heart and soul into something, only to find out that all your hard work has been dismissed by a single alphabetical letter.  That being said, what many students don’t understand is that with... Continue Reading

Vancouver and Victoria Should Hop Off of Horse-Drawn Carriages

You’ve probably seen them in Stanley Park or on the streets of Victoria: cartloads of sweaty, uninterested tourists awkwardly bunched into horse-drawn carriages. And for some reason, if you drive one of those things, you’re required by law to dress like it’s the 1800s. That’s your first sign that horse-drawn carriages are an outdated mode... Continue Reading

Canada Will Finally Break Free from Relying on Single-Use Plastics

Plastics are one of the many sources of pollution devaluing and poisoning our oceans, forests and cities. Animals, including humans, suffer from this common unnatural enemy, but thankfully, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on June 10 a plan to ban all harmful single-use plastic items as early as 2021. These items include straws, bags, cutlery,... Continue Reading

Show Your Support By Learning About LGBTQ+ Issues and History

Half a century ago, Canada decriminalized homosexuality. In the 70s, Pride Week became a national LGBTQ+ event and Vancouver was one of two Canadian cities to first host an official parade. It was only in 2005 that same-sex couples gained the legal right to marry in Canada, making our country the fourth in the world... Continue Reading

The Chicago Principles Blur Lines Between Free Speech and Hate Speech

As Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party unfurls its stiff, right wing feathers across the Albertan prairies, its shadow falls over college and university campuses. According to the Calgary Herald, Kenney’s Advanced Education Minister—Demetrios Nicolaides—has talked about how applying the famous Chicago Principles would ensure that Alberta post-secondary institutions “are competitive with those in the United... Continue Reading

Surrey Doesn’t Need to Ban Vape Shops

Remember when it seemed like everyone and their mom had a fidget spinner? You could find those puppies everywhere from convenience stores and gas stations to mall kiosks. This sensational trend eventually died out, as even the most trendy trends tend to do. But vaping, on the other hand, has all the fashionable qualities of... Continue Reading

We Should all be Judging Matthew Begbie

Looking back at human history helps us predict obstacles that we may face going forward, but it isn’t always a pleasant experience. Such is the case while reflecting on Judge Matthew Begbie, a lawyer and politician who was alive from 1819 to 1894. He was honored by having a statue of his likeness placed in... Continue Reading

Learn Something New This Summer

For KPU students who aren’t taking classes this summer, the days between May and September may include some rare leisure time. I always feel like summer is the best time to pick up a new skill or to get reacquainted with something you once loved, but I also easily get overwhelmed by all the ways... Continue Reading

What We Do with Our Bodies After We Die Can Change Our Views of Mortality

It can be scary to think about planning your own funeral. For many of us, death is a soundless and gaping black hole that plagues our minds and bodies, only serving to remind us about the impermanence of our fleshy vessels. But instead of mourning the loss of life, some companies are finding new ways... Continue Reading