The Interesting Ways in which Sports Are Adapting to Social Distancing

Professional televised sports such as basketball, golf, soccer, baseball, hockey, and football have gone on hiatus around the world as major events get cancelled due to COVID-19. With athletes forced to stay home, television networks have started broadcasting a different kind of entertainment: Virtual sports. NASCAR recently decided to postpone races for a few weeks,... Continue Reading

Wildfire Prevention Could be Crucial in the Fight Against COVID-19

We’re about a month into the outbreak of COVID-19 in British Columbia, and health officials are expressing cautious optimism about the province’s ability to handle the pandemic. Recent data suggests that social distancing is slowing the increase of transmission in B.C., but with wildfire season approaching, it may become more difficult to mitigate the dangers... Continue Reading

Tuition Cuts Could Help Students Deal with COVID-19

It has been a few weeks since COVID-19 hit our world like a thunderbolt. Some people have adapted to it begrudgingly, and others have refused to acknowledge how dangerous the virus could be if it is not properly contained. Industries are undergoing large-scale shutdowns. Non-essential stores are closed, employees have been experiencing layoffs on a... Continue Reading

Use University for Growth, Not Just Grades

It feels like it was yesterday that I first stepped foot on a KPU campus. I attended each of my classes, nervous as hell but also very excited to be there. I woke up every morning eager to learn about new techniques in narrative writing, interviewing, and other storytelling methods as part of the journalism... Continue Reading

Keep Your Cool About Coronavirus Instead of Panic Hoarding TP

It is not a good time to be a Canadian retail worker. Imagine lions and hyenas viciously brawling over a fresh carcass, and you’ll have an idea of what Costco employees have experienced since COVID-19 began to spread. The madness erupted in Canada a little while after the World Health Organization described the spread of... Continue Reading

Ambient Music Can Be a Stressed Student’s Secret Weapon

There are few things that calm me down like the endless droning of ambient music. Whenever academic stress kicks in to the max, listening to ambient music helps clear my head. The continuous, soft noise produced by ambience is something not to be slept on (ironic, because it literally can put you into a peaceful... Continue Reading

Natural Supplements and Vitamins That Can Boost Your Mood

Around this time, you may feel tired, stressed, distracted, depressed, and like your memory has reached its maximum capacity. While receiving medical help and therapy can make a huge difference, many students don’t know that natural supplements can as well. These supplements may help you decrease stress, improve cognitive functioning and memory, and improve your... Continue Reading

Blockchain Horse Racing Puts the Ethics of the Sport Into Perspective

When it comes to mixing legal gambling and sports, few activities are more popular than horse racing. Nothing beats getting together with some friends, grabbing some popcorn and a drink, and placing your bets on whichever horse you think is going to win. The crowd roars as the horses take off. Adrenaline spikes. The sun... Continue Reading
A naturally gorgeous woman applying moisturizing cream in a mirror

Drop Skin Care Products and Focus on Your Diet

Your feelings of confidence can shatter when you look in a mirror and see a breakout that has emerged on your face. It has the power to immediately make you feel insecure. Consumer culture suggests through advertisement that you are in constant need of an unnecessary amount of skin care products — toner, cleanser, eye... Continue Reading

American Politics Are Canadian Politics

The next American presidential election is coming up and Canadians are already being inundated with campaign season news. It is nearly impossible to not know what is happening in the States during any kind of election. If you are one of the very few people who have not seen or heard a single political campaign... Continue Reading

Choose Independent Theatres Over Cineplex

Canadian independent theatres are fighting to keep their doors open, hanging on by a thread due to the rise of Canada’s number one corporate cinema chain: Cineplex. The company owns a large portion of all Canadian theatres. Despite Cineplex being the popular choice for Canadian film watchers, the company allegedly has the power to shut... Continue Reading

Gender-Critical Feminism, The Wolf in “Girl Power” Clothing

In a world where sexual violence, workplace discrimination, and unequal pay are prevalent issues for women (especially women of colour), feminism is crucial to making positive change. However, with B.C. having seen a 77 per cent rise in anti-LGBTQ hate crimes from 2017 to 2018 we must look to a movement branding itself as “feminism”... Continue Reading

A University Student’s Perspective on Living with Anxiety

The stress of being a student can be amplified by living with mental disorders such as anxiety. Typically, anxiety presents itself in the form of worried thoughts, an overall feeling of tension, or physical symptoms such as increased blood pressure or sweating. For post-secondary students, anxiety may be felt during high-stress activities like taking tests,... Continue Reading

Canada Should Consider Electing Its Judges

I remember being very surprised when I found out that Canadian citizens do not have the right to elect judges. Instead, they are appointed by committees and the government. While I hope the provincial or federal government would choose a reputable judge, this also makes it more likely that they will choose a judge they... Continue Reading

The Effectiveness of Inconvenience Caused by Activism

With many streets in Vancouver being blocked or occupied over the past month, many have been decrying the methods behind actions taken in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en. Yes, it’s unfortunate to have to miss your appointments, but bad traffic in Vancouver isn’t considered big news unless it is being caused by protesters. And that’s the point.... Continue Reading