Don’t Automatically Use “Victim/Survivor” to Describe Women Who Have Been Assaulted

Disclaimer: for the purpose of this opinion I refer to those who have been sexually assaulted as mainly women, and assaulters as mainly men. This is heteronormative and is not the case 100 per cent of the time, but it is most common occurrence. Today, referring to a person as a “victim” comes with boatloads... Continue Reading

Drawing Inspiration from Dungeons & Dragons Can Improve Your Creativity

As an aspiring artist and writer, I love Dungeons & Dragons. It’s a game that many know but few truly appreciate as a creative outlet. Gaming is a medium built on the unification of other media, combining music, writing, artwork, and more to bring beloved classics such as Pokemon or The Legend of Zelda into... Continue Reading

Don’t Take Living in Vancouver for Granted

We’ve all heard it before: living in the Lower Mainland is expensive, it’s busy, traffic sucks, and it rains. Oh, how it rains. But if everything about this area is so worth complaining about, what’s keeping us around? I’m brand new to the Lower Mainland, and this is my first semester at KPU. I’m currently... Continue Reading

When Remembering Marielle Franco, We Must Reflect on What Caused Her Death

More than a year has gone by since the violent execution of Rio de Janeiro’s councilwoman and human rights activist Marielle Franco and her driver Anderson Gomes in the central region of Rio, and many questions remain unanswered. Marielle was one of the few politicians to speak out against the militias who took control of... Continue Reading

Finding Your Niche Helps You Find Yourself

Even within our primary areas of interest, most of us will discover niche, sub-interests that we find endlessly fascinating. For instance, KPU psychology student and animal lover Patricia Naguiat is drawn specifically to researching meerkats. Because they’re her favourite animal, she knows that they are a matriarchal species, that a group of them is called... Continue Reading

Readers Respond: “What Makes You Feel Powerful?”

When you’re feeling down or unsure about what’s to come, everyone has something they do to empower themselves. Whether it’s doing yoga or getting dressed up, it’s important to take care of yourself and do whatever makes you feel ready to face the day. In the heart of the spring semester, a lot of students... Continue Reading

Escalator Tax on Liquor Is the Government’s Way of Keeping the Lower-Class Poor

For the third consecutive year, an “escalator tax” will make wines, spirits, and beers a little pricier for the average Canadian starting on April 1. Up to 80 per cent of the cost of alcohol in Canada is due to taxes that are typically paid by the producer and then added on top of the... Continue Reading

Don’t Miss Out on These KSA Services

Recently, many students at KPU were informed about the U-Pass service provided by the Kwantlen Student Association through last month’s U-Pass referendum. This referendum saw students agree to an increase in the U-Pass’s monthly fee to $42.50, proving that services like this are valuable to those attending classes here. However, the U-Pass is far from... Continue Reading

B.C. Should Prioritize Local Transit Over the Vancouver-Seattle Bullet Train

While B.C. recently announced that it’s going to invest another $300,000 towards exploring the feasibility of a Vancouver-Seattle train project with Washington state, Metro Vancouver’s own transit network has a slew of problems and lacks the funding to address them. Last year, TransLink increased fare prices in order to fund its 10-year vision, which includes... Continue Reading

Months After Legalization, Black Market Cannabis is Still More Appealing

The legalization of cannabis has not prevented Canadians from purchasing cannabis on the black market as the government had hoped it would. If anything, legalization has made cannabis being sold illegally even more appealing due to the variety of products being offered at unlicensed dispensaries and how much cheaper they are than legal weed. Still,... Continue Reading

My Experience Filing an Informal Complaint Against an Instructor

Last semester I experienced racial insensitivity from an instructor that made me so uncomfortable that I skipped a few classes, ultimately affecting my grade. None of this adheres to KPU’s policies regarding safety and diversity. I decided to file a complaint, but without the encouragement of one of my classmates, I never would have considered... Continue Reading

The Robot Uprising Has Begun, and It’s Happening Online

The internet just ain’t what it used to be. What was once a playground of memes, games, and impulse shopping has now become the most effective platform for political manipulation as well as social and economic disruption. This month, CBC reported that Twitter trolls have been targeting Canadians debating over pipelines and immigration policies with... Continue Reading

Enjoy Vancouver’s Landmarks Before They’re Torn Down

I’m surrounded by a sea of stories at MacLeod’s bookstore on the corner of Richards and West Pender. Each book has been held tenderly in a previous owner’s hands. There are cracks along their spines, worn in and comfortable with frayed pages, happily overread and overused. A narrow path cuts through the store, wide enough... Continue Reading

Students Who Want to Improve KPU Should Look to the New Left Movement for Inspiration

It’s no secret among KPU students that our university is a lacking a strong on-campus community. I remember meeting a student who attended class here for a semester, and after telling her I currently go to KPU she immediately asked me, “Did you make any friends?” I ran solo throughout my first semester, mostly because... Continue Reading

With an Election Looming, Here’s What Each of the Major Parties Need to Worry About

This year’s election landscape looks very different from the one we saw in 2015. Both the Conservatives and the NDP have new leaders, while the Liberals are contending with a fresh set of scandals. So what does every major party need to do to stand a chance? The NDP has not been having a good... Continue Reading