Ryan Reynolds continues being awesome

A former Kwantlen Polytechnic University student and international star, Ryan Reynolds is a national treasure. Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C., he has made headlines over the past year for his philanthropic efforts, witty humour, and kind acts that have led to people signing a petition for a street to be named after the Deadpool... Continue Reading

‘Tis the season! Top 5 Christmas movies to watch

Before I get started, I should probably mention that although I don’t celebrate Christmas, I like to watch the specials and movies on television. Something about the coziness of the season, with the weather being cold outside and staying indoors, baking goods, and relaxing with friends and family while watching a classic Christmas movie is... Continue Reading

Private movie nights still not worth the risk

Take a look back to the last time you saw a movie in the cinemas. You can hear the noise of people hanging out in the lobby. You see the line that seems to go on forever. You feel the excitement and anticipation of watching a new movie you’ve waited to see for months or... Continue Reading

Kanye 2024

In the recent 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, Kanye West received collectively 60,000 votes from Americans. If I were an American myself, he would have received 60,001. Oftentimes, people question why I stand beside Kanye West. He has faced his fair share of questionable moments, but when you really analyze the guy’s head, you begin to... Continue Reading

New federal climate bill falls short of necessary and meaningful action

The first emissions reduction commitment ever made by Canada was set in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. In the 28 years since, the successive governments of this country have categorically failed to meet every single reduction target they have ever set. Thankfully, the federal government just introduced a new bill which... Continue Reading

Lockdown’s green effect on the holiday celebrations

It feels like it was just the start of the year 2020, and now we are already approaching its final month. Because of the threat posed by COVID-19, many luxuries involving socialization have been restricted or cancelled. However, that’s not to say that COVID-19 hasn’t yielded some, if very few, positive changes. For one, it... Continue Reading
(Kristen Frier)

Regional health orders could mean stricter and longer restrictions to come

Citizens under the Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal Health authorities have been ordered to reduce travel and social interactions to try to quell the quickly growing number of COVID-19 cases. The regional health orders will be in place until Nov. 23. Affecting communities in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, the orders are targeting the... Continue Reading

Canada’s historical problem with sex censorship

Ah, Canada. You don’t often censor film or print these days, but when you have, you’ve made some interesting choices. A recent blog post has revealed that Canada has ranked tenth in the top 10 countries with the most banned films, with 29 films making that list. Most of the bans have since been lifted,... Continue Reading

The Kardashians aren’t kool

Times are tough, the economy is struggling and people are worried about losing their jobs. Throughout the absolute shitstorm that is 2020, many people are worried about how the pandemic will affect their livelihoods. In a world where people are prioritizing their health and safety, celebrities like the Kardashians who once showed compassion over struggles... Continue Reading

The upside of practicing ‘safe six’

Update: New temporary provincial health officer orders for the Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal regions mandate that there be no social gatherings of any size with anyone outside individuals’ immediate households until Nov. 23. Apart from being with immediate household members during COVID, B.C.’s Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry suggested over a public Livestream that... Continue Reading

Continuing to support local governments is key to BC NDP fulfilling election promises

Following the period of time where B.C. will have a caretaker government, there will be a lot of work to do in order for the BC NDP to meet their election promises. There are many examples of issues and promises the party listed in their platform that will require them to work closely with local... Continue Reading

Why I can’t wait to change my clock for the last time

Pandemic or not, I still hate changing my clock. While this time switch gives us an hour head start on our day, it won’t be long before we change the clock back, and the awful annual adjustment begins again. Port Arthur, Ontario (now Thunder Bay) was the first municipality to enact daylight savings time in... Continue Reading

Just keep swimming

It’s felt like forever since lockdown has commenced. Parties packed with friends seem like something of the past. To simply chill with your squad is a desire that remains unfulfilled. Lockdown fatigue has affected us all. And with the second wave inbound, any hopes of things returning to the way they were remain distant. On... Continue Reading

When Halloween is no longer the scariest thing about 2020

My plan for Halloween was simple. I was going to dress up in costume, attend a house party, and down boozy drinks as I danced to Michael Jackson’s Thriller until the wee hours of the morning. Needless to say, that party was cancelled. However, one look at the abundance of Halloween parties on social media,... Continue Reading

The importance of Remembrance Day during the COVID-19 pandemic

Remembrance Day ceremonies will be different this year. In B.C. we still have our restrictions on gatherings of people, and with cases on the rise, it is not likely that restriction will loosen soon. COVID-19 has stopped us from participating in many things this year, but we can still give our moment of silence and... Continue Reading