How Self Reflection Leads to Self-Growth

When I was in elementary school, I was reluctant to engage in conversations. Sure, I had friends that I grew up with, but I struggled to have what most people think of as normal social interactions. I refused to invite friends over to my house, instead waiting for them to invite me over to theirs.... Continue Reading

Wrist and Hand Scanning Payment Violates User Privacy and Should Not Be Implemented

Remember the days when contactless pay didn’t exist? When you physically had to put your bank card into a debit machine and key in your pin number in order to be approved for a payment? Yes, those days seem so far away, but if you really think about it, it was not that long ago.... Continue Reading

It’s Time to End the Practice of Reciting Christian Prayers in Government

Following the shootings on Parliament Hill in 2014, Conservative Party leader Andrew Sheer was seen in the House of Commons on national television (HOC) reciting the standard prayer as part of Parliament’s Compendium of Procedure: “Almighty God, we give thanks for the great blessings which have been bestowed on Canada and its citizens, including the... Continue Reading

Daylight Savings Time Is A Useful Lifehack

It’s that time of year again, in which many cheerful Canadians head over to change their clocks for daylight savings time. But not everyone is excited. According to a recently published government poll, over 90 per cent of British Columbians support ending daylight savings time (DST).  There are many misconceptions about DST, and no one... Continue Reading

Friendship Maintenance Services are Borderline Sociopathic

Read the other side of the debate here. Customer relations management is an important part of running a successful business. Like many other aspects of work, it can be automated to a certain extent. You can use apps to keep track of your client engagement and remind you of when you should check in on... Continue Reading

Customer Relationship Management Apps are the Future of Friendship

Read the other side of the debate here. A friendship is the most important investment a person can make. But like all investments, friendships require resources. Time, thought, emotional investment, sometimes even money are all required to maintain a healthy relationship.  Between work, school, and other responsibilities, sometimes we just don’t have enough of those... Continue Reading

Why Speaking up in Class Can Be Intimidating

Speaking up isn’t easy, especially when the whole class turns to face you. You’re in the spotlight. Stagefright sets in.  This can cause real fear for many students, and it happens regularly in school. We’ve all experienced this: the instructor delivers a lecture and asks if there are any questions that the students might have,... Continue Reading

Coexistence Between Old and New Vancouver Businesses Could Help Slow Gentrification

From people protesting it to defending it, urban gentrification has been a hot topic recently.  The term gentrification basically means to renovate a place, usually to make it more middle or upper-class-oriented, while pushing lower-income earners and smaller businesses out of the way. This “renovation” has been happening a lot in downtown Vancouver. The strips... Continue Reading

Piracy is Coming Back Thanks to the Limits of Streaming Services

One of the great wonders of modern capitalism, faults and all, is the fact that a firm can spend $100 million on a season of your favourite television series and only charge you a measly $15 for a month of watching it, as well as billions of dollars’ worth of other shows. Television and film... Continue Reading

There’s Nothing Visionary About Anti-Vaxx Views

Last month, the Surrey Board of Trade announced its plans to welcome Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as a keynote speaker at their annual Surrey Environment and Business Awards lunch on Sept. 17. The son of former New York Senator Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of John F. Kennedy, Kennedy Jr. has an admittedly impressive resume... Continue Reading

Keep Calm and Don’t Go “Sicko Mode” This Semester

It’s about that time again. Summer starts fading. Cold weather cascades across the land. Everyone’s cheerful mood darkens, and a dreadful period in every student’s life arises once more.  That’s right, it’s back to school time. It’s a time where stress hits peak levels, and if you’re not prepared, the obstacles you face can be... Continue Reading

It’s About Time that Ride-Hailing Comes to Metro Vancouver, Including Surrey

Need a Lyft? Ride-hailing is coming to Vancouver, despite Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum’s grievances, and the provincial government has imposed some controversial policies that both Uber and Lyft have raised concerns about. Are these policies warranted, or is this treatment of our new transport services Uber-unfair? Ride-hailing is a relatively new form of transport that... Continue Reading

Staying Sober in School Doesn’t Mean You’re Missing Out

Are you really a university student if you aren’t getting drunk and high off your ass weekly? Pop culture would say no. I am here to tell you they’re wrong. I started at KPU when I was 18. Like many freshmen, I had already had my first drink but hadn’t been truly drunk. It took... Continue Reading

Fighting the Pressure to Settle Down in Your Twenties

It feels like everyone in my social circle is either getting married or having babies. All I can say is that I won a box of free dessert last week.  According to a New York Times article, young adults are actually waiting to marry and have children later in life. The article states that both... Continue Reading
Rabbit in Research for Animal Testing

Why is a Bill to End Animal Testing Still Lingering in the House of Commons?

The Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, also known as Bill S-214, was introduced on Dec. 10, 2015, and there has since been little progress on passing the bill. While any bill takes time to be passed, the S-214 bill has been in the works for almost four years, which is quite disappointing considering the amount of animals... Continue Reading