Churches should follow COVID-19 guidelines for their own safety

COVID-19 has impacted our daily lives for several months now, and cases are rising everywhere, including B.C. Everyone should be following protocols placed by the B.C. government to slow down infection rates and “flatten the curve.” As more vaccines are on the way this spring, following social distancing rules remains paramount. However, some churches in... Continue Reading

The (disgraceful) legacy of Donald Trump

I remember sitting in bed on Nov. 8 of 2016, streaming election results on my laptop via CNN. Polls said Hillary Clinton would win. This was supposed to be a joke. Who would elect a failed businessman and reality TV star to the highest office in the land? Turns out, 63 million people did. As... Continue Reading

Time to say goodbye to out-of-province travellers

Despite the current public health advisory discouraging any non-essential travel, Whistler has seen a fair number of tourists lately, and unfortunately, some of them have tested positive for COVID-19. However, the popular tourism destination shouldn’t be seeing any travellers from outside B.C. because it’ll be much harder to flatten the curve if travellers are still... Continue Reading

Advertising vacation travel packages during a pandemic is wrong

Vacations are a thing that everyone needs from time to time —- a blissful escape to a foreign land from whatever troubling situation you are facing in your homeland. Thanks to the pandemic, vacationing and travel is a thing of the past. It feels so long since I’ve been on a plane, and I’m far... Continue Reading

Banning junk food from checkout counters could help reduce obesity and health problems

Supermarkets and grocery stores are one-stop shops for everything you need and more. In every aisle, you can find everything you are looking for like detergents, sauces, utensils, and food. You can choose among a wide variety of products for daily consumption. It is like a magical wonderland, but it can also be considered as... Continue Reading

Embarking on a sustainable 2021

Last year I experienced eco-anxiety. Forest fires, droughts, and plastic pollution began to recklessly smash through the doors of my otherwise gentle thoughts. I could no longer read, watch, or hear about the climate crisis without feeling my jaw tightening. Eco-anxiety or climate anxiety is defined as “mental distress caused by climate change and environmental... Continue Reading

Politicians who travelled amidst COVID-19 were disrespectful and disappointing

Since the beginning of the pandemic, federal and provincial governments have strongly advised everyone to avoid all non-essential travel inside or outside of Canada. The strong message for Canadians was, and still is, to “stay home.” However, politicians seem to think that the rules don’t apply to them. More than a dozen political leaders and... Continue Reading

When words are no longer enough

“This needs to stop before it gets out of hand.” In 2017, I wrote that sentence in an article delving into the links between white supremacy and political radicalization in Canada. Over the years, I’ve watched as it’s become worse and worse while our government stood by doing little to address it. Regardless of your... Continue Reading

A new year, a new me

Even though 2020 was not everyone’s ideal year, now is the perfect time to get your priorities in order to set yourself up for success in 2021. If you’re feeling lost on what goals to set yourself, check out these resolution ideas to see what might fit you best. The holidays can be a tricky... Continue Reading

Prioritizing yourself in 2021

The year 2020 is over and we can officially say goodbye to the unbelievable year we have had! We can close the book and put it back on the shelf. But, just like a book, we should pick up the lessons the year conveyed and learn from our experiences to improve ourselves for the better.... Continue Reading

Why immunity passports are a bad idea

2020 has ended, and the new year has offered relief from the COVID pandemic in the form of a vaccine. While this has been seen as the beginning of the end of the pandemic for some, a good portion of us know we aren’t out of this situation just yet. In order to better track... Continue Reading

Cameo is the next level of celebrity commodification

Fame is an interesting cultural phenomenon. The idea that a handful of lucky people can have legions of fans who are dedicated to them is not a new addition to our cultural history, but the increasing efficiency with which celebrities can monetize their fandom is. The internet has introduced several new methods for celebrities to... Continue Reading

How online learning during COVID-19 can be better

Due to COVID-19, we all had to take classes that were either entirely or partially online. Although my semester was not too bad, I think that there are improvements that can be made such as flexible deadlines for assignments, creative ways to engage with one another for both students and instructors, and student resources that... Continue Reading

Blue light glasses seemed to reduce my eye strain despite fear-mongering sale tactics

As I’m sure, we all know: the pandemic has brought with it a lot of additional screen time. Almost all of my interactions now, whether they’re for work, for school, or for play, are done through a screen of some sort, and with that comes the end-of-the-day feeling that my eyes have transformed into wrinkly... Continue Reading

Justin Trudeau does not have the support to win another election

During the year-end interview, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he isn’t eager for an election but is ready for one. This is likely to happen if the opposition parties put together a vote of non-confidence in Trudeau’s government, or they hinder the Liberals’ pandemic relief efforts. Trudeau touched the hearts of many Canadians since the... Continue Reading