Non-medical Essential Workers Need More Protection Against COVID-19

When my partner asked me to be his emergency contact for work, I thought I would never actually get the call. His job is considered essential because his company supplies and distributes food across Canada, and last Wednesday, I got the call. “I’m having trouble breathing,” was the first thing he said to me. “I... Continue Reading

Sugar-Coating the Pandemic Won’t Get Us Through It

As COVID-19 spreads, we all need something positive to divert our attention from the death and destruction surrounding us. Still, too much positivity can become a dangerous thing. Preaching positivity is not inherently bad, but if you preach nothing but positivity, things can get very toxic indeed. Say, for instance, you start to suffer panic... Continue Reading

Find the Type of Movement that Works for You in Quarantine

Now that the spring semester is over, I’ve found myself with more unoccupied time than I know what to do with. Like many others, I’m unable to go to work. Both of the studios I teach yoga and group fitness classes at are closed, and condensed versions of their schedules have moved to Facebook Live... Continue Reading

How to Cut Your Own Hair While Socially Distancing

Whoever decided hairdressers aren’t essential workers never had to suffer through an unintentional mullet. The first person I see after this is over will be my hairdresser, so I understand if some of you are itching to give yourself a new ‘do. But before you run to your kitchen and grab those scissors, consider these... Continue Reading

KPU’s All White Journalism Faculty Needs to Diversify

In early 2020, the Canadian Association of Black Journalists released seven calls to action to address the lack of diversity in newsrooms across Canada. Roughly 25 per cent of the Canadian population are Black, Indigenous People of Color, but newsrooms are not representative of this number. In 2006, only 3.4 per cent of journalists in... Continue Reading

How to Make Masks and Face Coverings from Home

When the COVID-19 pandemic first began, people all over the world started wearing medical and N95 masks. Stores sold out worldwide after the virus was declared a pandemic, as people began hoarding hundreds of packs of masks. Hospitals even began to see shortages, and health workers across the country feared what would happen to them... Continue Reading

Four Free Alternatives to Zoom that Make Connecting Easy

With everyone staying at home lately due to COVID-19, Zoom has quickly become a household name. Companies and schools have been integrating online video conferencing into their workflow now more than ever. Everyone may be using Zoom, but it’s far from perfect. The Canadian government and others have banned Zoom from being used for government... Continue Reading

Getting a Prescription for Government Weed During COVID-19 Was a Breeze

I can genuinely say I don’t know how I’d be surviving quarantine if I didn’t have cannabis.Being confined to the house for the indefinite future, and without a regular to-do list to devote myself to, I could very easily descend into madness at any time. Having a daily puff of the devil’s lettuce has insofar... Continue Reading

Increasing Access to Gyms Can Help Keep Youth Out of Crime

People may be working out from home during the pandemic, but once social distancing becomes unnecessary, they’ll flood back to their local gyms. One of the demographics that could get the most out of these facilities is vulnerable youth at risk of getting involved in crime. There are several reasons why youth turn to crime,... Continue Reading

What to Do Instead of Bingeing Netflix During the Pandemic

As we attempt to flatten the curve by self-isolating, we may also become anxious about the future of our country and economy. Being stuck in the house can also feel quite boring and repetitive, even further agitating our mental health, but it also can be a time for us to focus on ourselves and maintain... Continue Reading

How to Spot Incorrect Information Online

The early hours of any major disaster, including pandemics, are often void of accurate reporting. Frustratingly for journalists and government officials, hearing, “We don’t know yet,” seldom provides comfort, even if it’s correct. And when there’s no information available, people tend to jump to conclusions. Robert Evans from the investigative journalist group Bellingcat has characterized... Continue Reading

Keep Your Distance, But Make Sure to Keep Your Sanity Too

People everywhere are going through a whole range of situations and emotions during quarantine. Social media is telling many of us to use this time wisely, leaving people with insecurities about how they are handling the COVID-19 crisis. As a person with disabilities who has battled with a great deal of anxiety and depression, I... Continue Reading

Classes Should Be Offered Both Online and On Campus After the Pandemic

I didn’t actually expect to enjoy the online-only version of my computer science class. Certainly, it came with some technical difficulties, but given the number of people who showed up and the fact we could all hear the prof and ask questions, it all worked out pretty well. The technology for holding online classes has... Continue Reading

The Interesting Ways in which Sports Are Adapting to Social Distancing

Professional televised sports such as basketball, golf, soccer, baseball, hockey, and football have gone on hiatus around the world as major events get cancelled due to COVID-19. With athletes forced to stay home, television networks have started broadcasting a different kind of entertainment: Virtual sports. NASCAR recently decided to postpone races for a few weeks,... Continue Reading

Wildfire Prevention Could be Crucial in the Fight Against COVID-19

We’re about a month into the outbreak of COVID-19 in British Columbia, and health officials are expressing cautious optimism about the province’s ability to handle the pandemic. Recent data suggests that social distancing is slowing the increase of transmission in B.C., but with wildfire season approaching, it may become more difficult to mitigate the dangers... Continue Reading