From the editors: Transit referendum - pinch your nose

On the tax boost for the sake of all-around better transit in Metro Vancouver, being a proponent of the “yes” side seemed like a no-brainer three months ago. But people have begun using their brains, and now it’s looking like “Ahhhhh no.” This new information perplexed me, for it seems logical to upgrade the system... Continue Reading

Editorial: These are my reflections

By Samantha Thompson [executive editor] This is going to be a bit of a different editorial. Usually our editorials take a critical perspective on a current event, but for this issue I’d like to borrow the space to reflect on the past semester at The Runner. This is our last issue for 2014, and I... Continue Reading
Rosaura Ojeda / The Runner

Canada needs a new post-secondary plan

Why we can relate to the student protests in London. By Tristan Johnston [staff writer] On Nov. 19, university students in London marched towards Parliament in protest of tuition fees. Thousands came out from all over, including as Glasgow, Newcastle and Leeds. Organizers claim that over 10,000 protesters came out, making it the largest student... Continue Reading

From the Editors

A new best friend for Harper. By Samantha Thompson [executive editor] Imagine my joy when Stephen Harper posted a selfie to Instagram on Nov. 15, that depicted him hugging a koala, with the caption, “With my new friend, Jumbelung the koala.” Harper seems to love animals, as he has also had his photo taken with... Continue Reading

Ottawa shooting used to expedite problematic legislation

Be wary of letting the tragedy reduce your rights. On the morning of Oct. 22 in the nation’s capitol, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau allegedly shot Corporal Nathan Cirillo, an unarmed honour guard at the Ottawa National War Memorial. Zehaf-Bibeau then walked into the parliament buildings where he certainly would have taken more lives had it not have... Continue Reading
Hailey Logan / The Runner

It’s Going Timber

Kesha’s lawsuit against former producer represents bigger issue. By JJ Brewis Pop icon Kesha re-emerged several weeks ago, but it wasn’t a catchy new single that had the world abuzz. Rather, it was a brave statement that Kesha released, shocking fans and media alike. If this whole situation plays out as it should, the entertainment... Continue Reading

The “F” Word

Colouring feminism. By Aileen Tran Let’s take back the word “Feminism” and colour it beautiful. Let’s colour it until the white privilege is covered with the strength of women of colour. We need to dig ourselves out of the first and second waves because the feminism that derived from those first two initial movements is... Continue Reading

From the Editors

The choice is in the vote. By Samantha Thompson [executive editor] In high school, I was that persistent kid that told everyone they needed to vote. All the time. My 18th birthday was a time to celebrated solely because it meant I could vote in my first election, and I was in fact annoyed that... Continue Reading

Spend your money wisely

CFS referendum at Capilano takes a turn for the worse.... Continue Reading

Legitimate democracy

Why the KSA election needs your vote.... Continue Reading

Poor word choice should not affect accepting cash

KPU should keep Chip and Shannon Wilson’s $12-million investment amidst controversy.... Continue Reading

King Harper disregards regarded research

Destroying science is not the Canada we want.... Continue Reading

The cheque's in the mail

But is anyone paying attention to the KSA?... Continue Reading

Everything seems impossible until it’s done

Remembering Mandela as a man more than his quotes.... Continue Reading

Letter: Corporate partners not worth the price

Crim student Miles Maclean takes issue with KPU partnerships with multinational corporations.... Continue Reading