In the mind of a speed dater

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Student election gets dirty

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So many dates, just enough time

We’ve all been involved, at some point or another, in the savvy unpredictable rat race called the dating world. Whether it’s at a coffee shop, bar, nightclub or even over the net, the realm of dating can seem like a zoo—an animalistic romp, sifting through appear-ances, personalities, and compatibility.... Continue Reading

Going for Gold: Your guide to Olympic drinking

If you’re like one of the many… whom am I kidding? If you’re a person, and not some weird reading machine or something, then you plan to drink over the Olympics, probably under the guise of celebration or team spirit.... Continue Reading

It’s our party and we’ll cry if we want to

The Olympics are coming whether you like it or not – so why not enjoy them?... Continue Reading

Sex Addiction 101: Is it a cop out or disease?

Is there really such thing as a sex addiction, or is it just a cop out for guys like Tiger Woods who cheat on their wives? ... Continue Reading

Nash 72: A take on student journalism in Canada

Guest writer Brady Tighe from the Vancouver Island University Navigator writes on his experience at the recent Canadian University Press conference.... Continue Reading

The Runner: still on a short leash

Why The Runner needs autonomy, and needs it now.... Continue Reading

Proroguing government: Is there a leader in the house?

Runner contributor Michael O’Morrow examines Canada’s current lack-of leadership... Continue Reading

Why are Kwantlen students not voting?

In the last year’s general election only 555 students cast ballots, that is from a student body of over 17,000. Are we too lazy to vote? Too uninformed? Too completely ignorant to the fact that the people we vote for spend our money?... Continue Reading

Dear Steve: In response to the launch of the iPad

Our Media Editor writes a letter to Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs regarding the newly announced iPad.... Continue Reading

Texting behind the wheel: more dangerous than drinking and driving?

Students share their thoughts on the new cell phone ban while driving in BC... Continue Reading

Would you like a bit of capitalism with that?

By Michela Fiorido [Sports Bureau Chief] You open your presents Christmas morning and, while outwardly happy and seemingly thankful, the wheels are turning in your head: “I wonder how much store credit I can get if I return this heinous sweater grandma got me? I’m gonna buy a new dock stereo for the iPod I... Continue Reading

Behaving at the Christmas party

Our guide on how to avoid making a fool of yourself at the company Christmas party, and remaining employed.... Continue Reading

Star Wars Episodes I-III: concentrated trash

By Jeff Groat [Entertainment Bureau Chief] In May, 1977, moviegoers were stunned with the release of George Lucas’ Star Wars and its beautiful characters, music, and storytelling, not to mention its special effects.  Years later, we would all find out that the first release of the series, Star Wars (later named Star Wars: A New... Continue Reading