Give Canadian Workers the Right to Bathroom Breaks

Technically speaking, Canadian employees are not entitled to bathroom breaks. All employers are legally required to give their employees 30-minutes of unpaid break time. However, since our bodies are unpredictable, you may not be able to go to the bathroom during that period. Basically, if you have to drop a deuce before or after the... Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor: No, Canada Does Not Need to Spend More on Defence

An opinion piece titled “Canada Needs to Spend More on Defence” published recently in The Runner criticizes outdated service pistols, calls to rectify Canada’s underfunding of its NATO defence-spending commitments, and laments that some navy officers “don’t know if they will even get the opportunity to serve on an actual vessel.” Excuse me while I... Continue Reading

Uber and Lyft Deserve to Stay in Surrey

The day after Uber and Lyft finally got approval to operate in Metro Vancouver, the City of Surrey sent a letter to Uber to cease operations within the city limits. In most of Vancouver, it seems that everyone was happy about the arrival of ride sharing. Meanwhile, Uber drivers were ticketed by bylaws officers in... Continue Reading

Ways to Support Wet’suwet’en from Home

On Dec. 31, the B.C. Supreme Court granted Coastal GasLink an injunction against the Wet’suwet’en First Nation for blocking access to its planned pipeline route. Armed with weapons, the RCMP began removing Wet’suwet’en people from their unceded land last Thursday. As a result, thousands of protests and blockades have popped up across the country in... Continue Reading

Taking Out Online Trolls in Video Games

There are some people online who will gleefully feed off of your misfortune. They may say hurtful things, relentlessly make you a punchline, or try to find personal details about you to spread to the world. Regardless of which curses and negative adjectives you use to describe these people, they’re generally referred to as online... Continue Reading

How DIY Projects Can Save You an Arm and a Leg

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for new solutions to everyday problems. For students, one of the most pressing issues we face is a shortage of money. In this day and age, we enjoy an increasingly accessible and convenient lifestyle. Food from practically any restaurant can be ordered for delivery. Even grocery shopping... Continue Reading

My Social Media-Free Year: A Running Diary

Moments before we ushered in a new decade, I was scrolling through an old crush’s tweets, re-reading each one carefully, knowing I was letting them, and perhaps him, go in the new year. My New Year’s resolution was this: No more social media in 2020, and at least for January, no music, podcasts, or YouTube... Continue Reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Edibles

There are only a handful of experiences that feel worse than being too high. Edibles are now available for legal purchase in Canada, and to make sure new cannabis users are ready to try new products, the government has put out a guide for ingesting THC products. The part of this guide I couldn’t agree... Continue Reading

Leave the Royals Alone!

Truth be told, I never cared much about the Royal Family. Every time I see both Harry and Megan on the cover of HELLO! Canada for the 900,000th time, I groan. I fail to grasp the importance of the Royals in the wake of far more significant and influential matters, like the Australian wildfires or... Continue Reading

Singles, Stay Realistic This Valentine’s Day

Being single may seem like a blessing to some. Having the flexibility to make your own decisions, to decide where you eat, what you spend money on, is great. The restrictions that come with being in a relationship do not apply to the average single person, but for all its freedoms, single life can feel... Continue Reading

Other Companies Need to Follow Facebook’s Foosteps by Banning Deepfakes

“Deepfakes” are videos of computer-generated images created by artificial intelligence which show people performing acts and saying things which they never did in real life. Recently, Facebook has upped the ante, committing to a full-on ban on sharing deepfakes on the platform. However, even though Facebook has rolled its sleeves up and decided to crack... Continue Reading
Attorney General David Eby announced amendments to the BC Supreme Court Civil Rules Regulation that will put a stop to the disproportionate use of experts and expert reports currently being used in motor vehicle-related court cases. These amendments are designed to encourage earlier settlements and help reduce the costs of settling vehicle injury claims. rrLearn more:

A Breakdown of ICBC’s Financial Dumpster Fire

Attorney General David Eby blamed ICBC’s present state on the previous Liberal provincial government’s mismanagement. “Years of reckless decisions by the former government have undermined ICBC’s ability to deliver low cost insurance to British Columbians,” Eby said. Two years ago, Eby called ICBC’s situation a “financial dumpster fire” when he addressed reports of $1.3 billion... Continue Reading

The Death of Sexism in Hollywood Cinema is Long Overdue

Hollywood’s most elite award show faced issues again this year due to its failure to be inclusive towards people of all races, sexualities, and genders in its nominations. The public wants to see more diversity, but it seems that the Academy is heading in the wrong direction. Through their nominations, the Academy failed to acknowledge... Continue Reading

What I Learned from 24 Hours Without Technology

If I could invent a Facebook relationship status for everyone obsessed with their phones, I’d create one that reads, “in a relationship with my phone,” and change my status to that. It’s sad, but very true. Lately I’ve found myself checking my social media the very moment I get up. In fact, I’ve become addicted... Continue Reading

Cutting Toxic People Out of Your Life Is Hard But Worth It

I was playing Red Dead Redemption 2 when it happened. The phone rang, I picked it up, and a lowly voice answered. “I’m tired. Can I speak with your mom?” Not knowing what to expect, I put my mom on the phone and went back to my game. In the back of my mind, I... Continue Reading