Bad press is bad press

Kwantlen Polytechnic University has been all over the news in recent months. The KSA’s Beat the Bus race, wherein both cycling and running proved to be faster than taking transit between the Surrey and Langley campuses, prompted a spate of media coverage about TransLink’s shoddy bus service south of the Fraser. ... Continue Reading

Three cheers for The Zalm

Since former premier Bill Vander Zalm started his crusade against the Harmonized Sales tax, B.C. has seen a grass roots political movement that has been desperately needed in this country.... Continue Reading

Letter from the editors

We at The Runner value maintaining the integrity of the newsmagazine that we work so hard on. To do this we must remain as transparent as possible, since you, the student population, are the only reason we are here.... Continue Reading

KSA flushing dollars down the drain

One thing caught my eye during the big Sodexo controversy of the last few weeks, something that slipped under the radar, that no one seems to have really commented on. A single line in Emery Warner’s contentious polemic: “The Grassroots café is a yummy food provider that does not seek to gain profits over people. They hire students and purchase locally. They were snubbed out of the contract to occupy the space that Sodexo is currently in.”... Continue Reading

The Young and Penniless: Generation Y

I am a member of this enigmatic group of youth, and I have to admit much to my chagrin, I reek of the stereotypes that have been bestowed upon our once cradled inflated little heads. I am stapled to my cell phone, I know my way around a computer and I have the attention span of a pigeon.... Continue Reading

Lets say no to Sodexo

So we might have noticed something new at Kwantlen, and that is our previous food provider, Chartwell, has hit the road, and Sodexo has moved in.... Continue Reading

Vuvuzela: horn of the Devil

I don’t mind hearing the roar of the fans after a goal, or the songs they sing when they are winning a match. But why are vuvuzelas constantly being blown?... Continue Reading

Pride more than a parade

In Canada, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people have fought long and hard for and have won many of the same legal rights as heterosexual citizens. 
For many Canadians, Pride celebrations are just a reason to party and to have fun.... Continue Reading

The great G8 (and G20) debate

With the Summits just weeks away, and over a billion dollars in taxpayer money funding the thing, The Runner decided to weigh in if this is just one big circle jerk or a meeting of the utmost importance... Continue Reading

The cost of MP Hiebert

Teachers are losing their jobs all over B.C., the world is in a global recession, our health care system is begging for more money to keep up with demand and still, Hiebert, Conservative MP for South Surrey – White Rock – Cloverdale, was able to rack up an expense account of $637,093.... Continue Reading

Dancing with the stars: No fear for the underdog?

Natsumi Oye looks at the underdog effect in Dancing with the Stars.... Continue Reading

Get-up-and-go! Try something new this summer

By Denny Hollick [Coordinating editor] Now that the spring semester is over, many of you may have chosen to take a light course load, or might be taking the Summer off all together. Either way, many people choose to take the Summer to work, save up some cash, or loaf around. That being said, there... Continue Reading

HST meets Democracy

The Liberals have told us the implementation of the HST is a done deal. The opposition has told us that we have a voice and we can call for a repeal, but how does the fight against the HST really work?... Continue Reading

Video games lead to crime? Only if you’re stupid

Can video games depicting crime really be blamed for real life criminals? Only if you’re an idiot, says Christopher Poon.... Continue Reading

Examining the media’s examination of the seal hunt

This is Matt, the Runner’s political columnist. This week he examines the media’s portrayal of the hotly debated seal hunt. ... Continue Reading