No fundings for birth control

This is Matt, the Runner’s political columnist. Matt thinks that political agenda’s should take a back seat to women and children’s rights. ... Continue Reading

It’s time to appreciate what we have: Earth Hour

For those of you who don’t know, and so probably didn’t participate, Earth Hour happened on Sat. Mar. 27th, at 8:30 p.m. At this time, for one hour, millions of people all over the world turned off their lights at home and at work, as a statement against climate change. This movement started out in Australia in 2007, and has since spread worldwide, with hundreds of millions of people in 4,000 cities of 88 countries participating in 2009.... Continue Reading

Canadians get ripped off by big companies

Denny Hollick talks price-fixing, cross border transactions and big companies generally sucking. ... Continue Reading

Want to talk to government? Too bad

This is Matt, the Runner’s political columnist. He is not happy that P.M. Harper is making even more effort to censor free speech and the media. ... Continue Reading

Rant: Please learn to drive...seriously!

I drive a lot! I drive to and from work, to and from school, when I am going to hang out with friends and so on. I drive regular city streets, highways and freeways. Let’s just say that I have grown many pet peeves from driving often. I am not a driving expert, but I know my place on the road. And unless you are being an absolute jerk to me, then I let you know your place on the road; that is typically behind me until you learn to back off.... Continue Reading

How real is real? Reality television is here to stay

Natsumi Oye dissects reality television and why we need it.... Continue Reading

Spring break at Kwantlen: No miami beach?

Well, it’s the third week back from the luxurious Olympic “reading break,” and I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m still hung over.... Continue Reading

BC's working poor : How do you do it?

Kwantlen student Hailey Lawrence looks at a different type of poor, the working poor.... Continue Reading

Yay or Nay? Changing O' Canada because it's sexist

Should Canadians change their national anthem to ensure equality?... Continue Reading

In the mind of a speed dater

Todd Easterbrook tries his hand at speed dating, and has a few suggestions for next time.... Continue Reading

Student election gets dirty

This is Matt, the Runner’s political columnist. He thinks dirty politicking is just plain dirty.... Continue Reading

So many dates, just enough time

We’ve all been involved, at some point or another, in the savvy unpredictable rat race called the dating world. Whether it’s at a coffee shop, bar, nightclub or even over the net, the realm of dating can seem like a zoo—an animalistic romp, sifting through appear-ances, personalities, and compatibility.... Continue Reading

Going for Gold: Your guide to Olympic drinking

If you’re like one of the many… whom am I kidding? If you’re a person, and not some weird reading machine or something, then you plan to drink over the Olympics, probably under the guise of celebration or team spirit.... Continue Reading

It’s our party and we’ll cry if we want to

The Olympics are coming whether you like it or not – so why not enjoy them?... Continue Reading

Sex Addiction 101: Is it a cop out or disease?

Is there really such thing as a sex addiction, or is it just a cop out for guys like Tiger Woods who cheat on their wives? ... Continue Reading